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    HFM & web generation

    This was for Windows to a Linux server.
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    I'm hot on your heels. You had better fire up the toaster and get it folding!

    I'm hot on your heels. You had better fire up the toaster and get it folding!
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    Do you have the Unknown Projects Blues?

    Thank you for this, very helpful. For those of you who like to make sure that your clients are running while away from home, here is how you can use HFM to create the web site for you and then have it uploaded to your web server. There are several ways that you could do this and Windows to a...
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    Gimp: Move selections contents.

    OMG i dont understand
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    Tis the season for giving

    All of the text I typed went missing, that's strange. Yes, this was a reference to get relic to 100. Relic always managed to keep his CPU count under 100 but it was not from a lack of trying.
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    "The 0x0 and 0x1 errors are unknown errors - all errors that are known will end with some other error code and message, but those errors that Pande Group hasn't seen before or did not know about, will end with error 0x0 or 0x1."
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    King_N, YGPM
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    Standard loops

    I have not heard if that flag will work on the GPU client or not but you can throw it on there and if it is deprecated, it will not hurt anything. Cheers! Haha, I got distracted. There is no SSE on a GPU. This would still apply to the CPU based clients however.
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    Standard loops

    It means that the assembly optimizations are not in use. When standard loops are used, SSE is not enabled. You should close your client properly and then start it back up. This will allow the core to use optimizations and generate the points that are normally obtained. [22:07:08] - Looking at...
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    Im about fed up....

    Yes, but that is what we are folding for...:D
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    [H]ard|Mowed Over Club..

    It was a trifecta! Flattened by: IcedEmotion gwarren007 tkheadcase Soon to run over again by: Wesleynator Continue on…folding!
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    The Official Test Your Badge Thread

    Images are not allowed in the sig area. Create a bookmark and then right click on that bookmark and change the properties to this code below. javascript:document.vbform.message.value=document.vbform.message.value + '\n\n'...
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    Who still uses case badges?

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    Who still uses case badges?

    There are not many of those left. I know Red still has a pristine one tucked away!
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    One q9450 or two q6600s?

    I cannot take credit, unfortunately.
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    Who still uses case badges?

    I have the orange one on the!
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    One q9450 or two q6600s?

    You can do that, you just have to hook it up to your pool pump and run it through the filter system. You always know if you need more water and you maintain the PH so you don't have to worry about stuff growing in the system!
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    Help needed - Suggestions on moving boxen into the garage

    Just been busy with work and school and not having time for other things. Gratz, sounds like you have a roomie now... or two! on topic: I would not put them outside in the garage unless you water cool and keep the radiator inside the house. Its just too hot here. Best bet I think is to use...
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    Help needed - Suggestions on moving boxen into the garage

    All that and a pair or legs...oh my!!! lol
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    SMP client

    Sorry, I do not know anyone getting it to work. Telling the program to not scan that folder does not seem to work.
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    SMP client

    Take a look at this software if you are using NOD32. It can cause that error.
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    SMP client

    It will take a bit for it to complete the first step. I think you just have to be patient with it. If you have not made a step in 30 minutes or so then you should worry. You should see th CPU being used though. The SMP client does take a bit to engage.
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    An omen....

    That is cool, I never realized that was there. First WU: 05.08.04
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    I finally did it

    Man you have been waiting a long time for this Smoke. Congratz!!!!
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    Best way to fold on a q6600?

    Here is a way that may help with this issue.
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    The ugliest [H] Folder

    You just had to let him out didn't you!!:p
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    Noob question!

    This will get you started.
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    Q6600 and Freezer 7 -- Booooooooo

    i have reseated the HSF twice using AS5, temps stay the same. it sure looks like the pins are all the way down. i do install it with the board out of the case. you should stop after the first crunch of the pin push right? it does not have another level, right? i pressed those pins down hard...
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    Q6600 and Freezer 7 -- Booooooooo

    I bought this cooler due to the $35 price tag. The cooler is always room temp even though CoreTemp shows 75 Celsius. I need a better cooler. B3 folding 24/7 besides other duties. What would you recommend? I know about the Extreme 120 and this I believe is doable. Just looking for some feedback...
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    Just for kicks on the highway

    yellow is the auto deep cycle but they like to be charged slowly over longer periods of time. blue is marine really the same as yellow. red handles the faster charges that an alternator would put out on a drive to work and back with out the shedding that is experienced with the fast charge on...
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    Just for kicks on the highway

    I would use separate batteries to power the setup. a pair of Optima red top batteries carry a lot of power and they charge faster than the yellow tops. if you car sits for 2 days at a time you could use a trickle charger with auto regulation to keep the batteries going during those 2 days. you...
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    Project: F@H Tie-dye Shirt

    you are sooooo dated now! :p
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    Slower 2610s?

    You are correct, Intel has the upper hand right now. I had always run AMD since the P3, and now i have a q6600. ICE_9 is a good guy and just making some fun around here is all, I have met him personally. He is just trying to make some entertainment is all.
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    Slower 2610s?

    Intel guy.....thats all! :D
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    FahSpy questions and anomalies

    I think that would be a personal choice to make. I do believe that the data itself can still be of use but I do not know that for sure. I think you would also have to consider how much time you are willing to spend watching this. I hope that Standford is working on refining the client a bit...
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    FahSpy questions and anomalies

    If it is giving the error code 7b, it is one of those anomalies that the SMP client still has. They do not know the cause of it. Here is some info about the error codes . Its useful to determine how close you need to watch the client.
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    FahSpy questions and anomalies

    There is a newer version 1.4.5. I would download that. I also use FahMon as well as FahSpy. There are features that I like on both. SMP work units do have short return times. The one that I am working on right now has a 4 day window.
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    Project: F@H Tie-dye Shirt

    @ MN Scout I forgot to mention that the rainbow shirt is very cool. Nice work on that.