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    Will Alder Lake ever support PCIe5 SSDs?

    Why is that an issue? even a 3090 can run on PCI gen 2. For years now the gpu port on consumer board is over provisioned with bandwidth.
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    LHR for current gen cards are a horrible idea

    I wouldnt rely on proof of stake, you correctly realised there is other coins to mine, but not only that the thing seems to be in perpetual push back, it was supposedly coming soon back in pascal, yet here we are years later and its still not done. Best bet is a founders edition card, Nvidia...
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    Wont be any time soon, the entire world seems to have decided to jump on "we got shortages" bus and as such prices going up on all sorts of things. I managed to get a 3080 FE at MSRP and feel like I got the timing golden, same as when I got a new 1080ti at heavy discount just before the...
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    Beware of Exploding Gigabyte PSU's being Dumped by Newegg in Forced Bundles

    Pretty much this, no company is immune to a bad run of products, and its how they react that makes me judge them.
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    SSDs from untrusted seller testing.

    Yep pretty much, the 1TB is raised a bit off the line like mine is and the number 860 is not as thick as the EVO wording so thats a mirror. I didnt do the full write test, I finished cloning the older ssd's about 20 mins ago and the 860s are in use now.
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    Great news everybody! RTX 30 series hashing limiter partially defeated!

    How is this good news? It is interesting that FE models are apparently not LHR but AIB's are as if Nvidia has lost confidence in their board partners.
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    Fractal Torrent

    All I can say is i am glad they still making the R5's, all these new cases with no or cheap hdd bays are horrid for me. :( I like to stack drives in my system with easy access as well, not hiding behind motherboard and other tight spots.
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    SSDs from untrusted seller testing.

    Hi guys little update. SSD's arrived, packaging on the outside compared to my older 860 evo uses non bold font for the size on the seal label, vs bold on my older 860 evo, I say older but these two 860 evos have a older manufacturing date of early 2018. Upon opening, and comparing labels, I...
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    Is hiding SSID's still a security risk?

    Well you may get your wish, I think if it was viable and the drive was there from vendors to make it go away we may have seen it by now on the advent of WPA3. Wifi has been fortunate that there has been no awareness campaign to highlight just how weak it is from a security standpoint, as I said...
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    SSDs from untrusted seller testing.

    So I have that moment again, brought a couple of 256 gig evo's to arrive later this week. The price wasnt unrealistically low, about 30% cheaper than what 256 gig evo's usually sell for. So I am aware I can fire up samsung magician for a quick serial check. To confirm authencity. I can check...
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    Is hiding SSID's still a security risk?

    I agree a knowledgable attacker can get round whitelists, but they are still useful enough perhaps to prevent people who dont know how to circumvent it. The reality is though that wifi security is a joke, I enabled the whitelist as its still better than not having one but I am aware its a...
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    Is hiding SSID's still a security risk?

    Microsoft prevent the xbox connecting to hidden ssid's on the same principle, they believe its a false economy security wise. So I ended up making it visible but also adding a mac whitelist to compensate. Point #3 doesnt compute with me however, one can setup a ghost AP to grab things like...
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    zfs raidz vs mirror 2-4 disk configuration

    Thanks on the expandability note I think I will go the mirror route.
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    zfs raidz vs mirror 2-4 disk configuration

    Hi guys, to me storage isnt cheap so I am trying to find the most affordable way to do this but also taking into consideration risks. Not buying a NAS, using my 2600x rig as the storage unit. Peformance is not important other than maybe resilver speed. The load on the system will be writes...
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    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Discusses Chip Shortage and Xilinx Acquisition

    Unsold stock is bad for a business. Stock shortages ensures everything made is sold, and also makes it easier to increase prices.
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    Microsoft Nier: Automata port is a marked improvement over the Steam one

    I am glad you like the ff7 mods, I maintain ESUI (one of the menu/battle theme mods) and also had input in the new 7th heaven development. The ff7 steam port may not have existed without the modding community community, a member called aali developed a modding driver for it which also allowed...
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    Microsoft Nier: Automata port is a marked improvement over the Steam one

    Thats why I listed them below a comment saying other japanese devs as well. :)
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    Microsoft Nier: Automata port is a marked improvement over the Steam one

    yep, what I listed is just touching the surface, there "will" be many many more examples. :( Also of course been someone who wanted to support them, I have the delisted version on steam, I get a measly 20% discount on the proper full version called "defenitive edition". (discount is a sale so...
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    Microsoft Nier: Automata port is a marked improvement over the Steam one

    As soon as I read the publisher is square enix it was like no surprise. They are notorious, for making newer builds after releasing on a platform, then will publish a newer build of a game on a platform that gets the game later, without patching the first platform's release. I am surprised its...
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    I think I was one of the lucky people, it was during January I decided outright to buy a 3080. Had no luck in various AIB drops, plus most AIB drops were scalped prices. I missed out on first 3080 FE drop in UK but it felt like I was close. I pre logged in to the Uk retailer (scan) ready for...
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    eBay Bucks Program 1% earnings is ending

    I sold my 1080ti on a forum probably for 25% less than what I would get on ebay, but ebay is a buyer scammer paradise, just wasnt worth the risk.
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    they got their existing cpus to go up against it.
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    Confused about my NVME upgrade choices. Sabrent Rocket 4 vs Samsung 980 vs Samsung 970? Regular vs Pro? PCIe 3 vs 4?

    So if I understand right to swap out a pcie 4.0 ssd you need to remove cpu cooler? In terms of options. For starters if you have decided 970 evo plus is in your budget then you may as well get the 970 pro, the 980 qlc drive pushed up price of evo plus to the point its a bad buy vs the 970 pro...
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    Dont know why intel are releasing this, they need a release when somthing is worth releasing motto instead of to a schedule.
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    SMART errors not caused by bad drive.

    I wasnt able to make the pending sectors change to reallocated, instead they went back to 0 on a full format. subsequent chkdsk /r's have yielded no errors. Very odd. The m.2 still has no new errors or change to spare sectors.
  26. C ICC Profiles don't seem to work?

    Bear in mind ICC barely affects anything. Thats why sRGB modes or at the very least good factory calibration are important.
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    They dragged their feet, but better late than never. Prices probably wont be pretty though considering what they charge for nano IPS.
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    SMART errors not caused by bad drive.

    One could argue luck is catching up with me, I dont think I have any drive fail whilst in my main rig for over a decade before these issues, I have usually only seen drives fail after I retire and later try to reuse or demote them to 2nd rig. My situation is scary, the drive causing issues...
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    Nvidia region restricted the sales due to American's flooding the EU FE retailers, so no. But I assume is a designated US FE retailer? They also to be fair added limits per ip, address, card etc. as well, they seem to be the only card supplier putting some kind of effort in, thats why I called...
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    In the UK the FE is the easiest card to get. About 60-70% of 3000 series owners here own a FE, which is really high compared to previous generations where it would be low single digits, I think the AIB's are selling to miners. FE is like the consoles, only sold at RRP at approved retailer, no...
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    SMART errors not caused by bad drive.

    Well you wont necessarily notice anything odd, but might hit you at a later date when you try to read a file and the OS or app tells you that it cant be read. In nearly all my cases I only really notice when something has gone wrong. e.g. with my 850 pro my OS locked up with the i/o light...
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    Are we going to see good Intel processors anymore?

    Intel will come good again at some point, they been here before when they had pentium 4, inefficient high clock speed processors. Then they came good after that.
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    How is it possible that TLC gets more endurance than MLC

    There is different binnings within each Nand type e.g. there is good TLC nand and there is junk TLC nand. Also there is the size of the manufacturing node (smaller means less endurance and performance). Also 3d nand vs planar nand. Then there is dram vs dramless, which affects endurance of...
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    SMART errors not caused by bad drive.

    I have made some progress on this, I remembered the ssd problems were first noticed within months of upgrading my cpu, so I compared the voltages (took a photo of bios screen on phone), and I made some adjustments, retested ram again as well. So here is a summary. Ram swap didnt change any...
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    SMART errors not caused by bad drive.

    Thanks, what I am going to try is simply swap in the ram from the ryzen rig since thats easy enough to do for diagnostics, and see if the behaviour persists, although its pain swapping the drive itself (hate the little finicky m.2 scews). I feel very uncertian about this, as the errors are...
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    2 TB Samsung 980 Pro Now Available

    It is sad samsung have moved their TLC drives to MLC pricing and QLC to TLC pricing, I see their 970 evo plus e.g. is almost as much as the MLC 970 pro. Plus the fact both my SSD's with issues are samsing (even if they not caused by the SSD itself) and that samsung has tiny SLC caches, I think...
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    SMART errors not caused by bad drive.

    So bit of background story, first it started with this. The above thread I made when my SATA samsung 850 PRO started behaving oddly, including been unable to boot, I sent it to samsung for RMA after all the problems and...
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    nano ips and blacks, is it worse than other ips

    The biggest issue with the screen really is the wide gamut. The general consensus seems to be people like saturated colors and only HDR matters, the display does have sRGB which makes it useable for tv/movie content, but it still isnt the same as a sRGB native screen. If I play a game with...
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Tempted to selll my 1080ti and have consoles tie me over in mean time, the only way 3080 becomes a bearable cost is if I sell my 1080ti for silly money.