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    Would this setup be better than my current laptop?

    Bad idea. I would not buy a new AM4 desktop build at this point, especially since that Ryzen 5 5500 is just a lesser-performing Zen 3 APU (the Ryzen 5 5500G, in this case) with its integrated GPU permanently disabled, and that all Zen 3 APUs have only half the amount of L3 cache than their...
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    Full System or Video Card to my GF

    If you can afford it, my recommendation is a completely new system to retire that 7th-Gen Intel system. You see, Intel itself can, and will, terminate all support and driver updates for older parts. The 7th-Gen CPUs' support will end completely, outside of archived drivers, this coming March...
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    Build Issues

    Until you are able to get a self-built system stable at the specs that you think it should have, and you are willing to spend thousands or even millions of dollars just to replace parts, then I would completely suspend building and instead buy a custom pre-built. You will have the exact same...
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    AM4 Reaganomics: Retire 1700x, Swap in old 3700X, Purchase a new 5700X3D

    To tell you the truth about AM4 BIOS updates and compatibility: Be very, very careful! Some AM4 motherboards have BIOS versions that do not support both the 1000 series and the 5000 series CPUs at the same time! So, you may not be able to update your board's BIOS to a version that supports a...
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    build check

    In addition to the suggestions from chameleoneel, is there any reason why you're planning to get only 2.5" SATA SSDs? Are those the only storage devices and OS disk that you're going to use? If so, then I would change both of them to m.2 NVMe SSDs.
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    7600/MB combo for $325 or 5600/MB combo for $210.

    With DDR5 prices as low as they currently are, it's a no-brainer to get the kid 32 GB of DDR5-5200 or faster RAM for that build as that amount of DDR5 RAM now costs just a few dollars more than the DDR4 RAM that you would have gotten had you chose the 5600 instead of the 7600.
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    New PC build (mainboard) - can i just swap the old SSD with OS, or do i need to format&clean instal Windows?

    Updating my post: MSI is not to blame, in this case. Microsoft is. You see, since about 2021 Microsoft has closed a loophole that allowed free upgrades from an older OS to Windows 10 or Windows11 – and this software change has screwed up the activation of all “free” copies of Windows 10 or...
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    Old computer running slow

    You all have some good points. However, some of the suggestions would still leave the thread starter's parents with an obsolete PC that will not receive any security updates at all whatsoever. 6th-Gen Intel parts have gone completely EOSL (End Of Support Life) back on December 30 of last year...
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    Help me upgrade a vintage 2020 quiet build

    Congrats on your graphics upgrade! Although the Turing architecture which powered the GTX 1660 Ti was sound enough for its 2018 vintage, it is now becoming a bit long on the tooth by current standards. On top of that, you doubled the amount of VRAM on your GPU so that it would be ready for more...
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    5700x vs upgrade 7700x vs 7900x

    Actually, without a GPU upgrade, the OP is better off staying put. That 1080 Ti will heavily bottleneck any CPU that's anywhere near a worthwhile upgrade from that 5700X. Instead, I would upgrade the GPU before I would upgrade the CPU. Unfortunately, the GPUs that are worth their upgrade cost...
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    ryzen 5000 real consumption?

    It is due to the constantly active I/O die of the Zen 3 (and Zen 2) CPUs. And that separate I/O die within the CPU package, which is manufactured on an older 12 nm process node, is drawing a lot of power (relatively speaking) from the PSU. So, all Ryzen CPUs from Zen2 onwards that are not APUs...
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    About to do a system upgrade, need clarification

    Actually, none of the current GPUs are PCIe 5.0 compliant. Your RTX 4090 still runs at only PCIe 4.0 throughput levels. Thus, you do lose a very small amount of performance by going from PCIe 4.0 x16 down to PCIe 4.0 x8. No PCIe 4.0 x16 card can be set to run at PCIe 5.0 x8 at all - but if...
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    Raptor Lake refresh

    Only with the official Intel power limits set manually in the motherboard BIOS, IMHO. The trouble is, most if not all good Intel motherboards have their power limits set to "unlimited" or a very high value by default.
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    Any point to using 2 video cards nowadays?

    The advantage to having both comes into play with certain video-centric software that takes advantage of both GPUs for different tasks (such as video editing software that decodes H.264 and/or HEVC and/or AV1 via QuickSync while also rendering effects via the discrete GPU).
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    Desktop Mobo to re-host Ryzen 3500U + Ram

    Much easier said than done, I'm afraid. Especially since there are absolutely no desktop motherboards at all that are compatible with the pinout of that particular CPU. And what's more, as the responder above my post had posted, all of those Ryzen mobile CPUs are permanently soldered onto their...
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    Upgrade from i7-4790 to...? (AM4 or LGA 1200/1700 i3)

    Like GoldenTiger said. He cannot carry over his old system's existing RAM to the new build as they are completely incompatible with one another.
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    Upgrade from i7-4790 to...? (AM4 or LGA 1200/1700 i3)

    In your case, I would recommend upgrading only if your current CPU platform is no longer supported for security fixes. Any CPU upgrade will be limited by your budget. And costs for such low-end parts have crept upwards of late even for a downgrade in overall performance. What’s more, you’d be...
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    new 7700x/6700xt build sucking too many watts

    The biggest problem there is AMD"s implementation of the chiplet design. The memory-I/O controller that's part of the CPU package sucks up more than 20 to 30 watts on its own even when absolutely nothing at all whatsoever is going on. Whereas your old Intel system's CPU package eats up less than...
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    New PC build (mainboard) - can i just swap the old SSD with OS, or do i need to format&clean instal Windows?

    I’d hate to tell you this, but my Windows key was purchased at full price directly through the Windows Store. This purchase will never give you a key that you must enter before you can activate it, but instead links the key directly to your Microsoft account.
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    And to add to my post in this thread, my 230T case can barely accommodate a triple-fan GeForce RTX 4070 Ti without having to remove the case's drive cage.
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    CPU/mobo/RAM upgrade results in BSOD

    The Z is the AMD-optimized (EXPO) version, while the C is the regular XMP version. At any rate, the OP had the CPU replaced. CPU memory controller defects are rarer than faulty RAM modules.
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    New PC build (mainboard) - can i just swap the old SSD with OS, or do i need to format&clean instal Windows?

    Unless you pick certain motherboards from MSI. You see, MSI actually stores the Microsoft account activation key within its firmware that cannot be easily retrieved, and that the MSI BIOS apparently doesn't like any key that had been previously used on another PC. Thus, when you transfer an...
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    Can't decide if I just need to build a new PC or if I can save some money by upgrading mine to be faster at video editing/rendering.

    For that, I would strongly recommend an entire new system build. You do not have to go with the absolute fastest CPU or GPU on the consumer (mainstream) market. Your current system is already obsolete or near-obsolete in terms of manufacturer support and security updates [in fact, all 6th-Gen...
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    Samsung 990 Pro Win11 file copy seems slow

    Here’s the reason: Cost. NAND flash chips that can sustain more than about 2 GB/s on extremely large file writes remains exponentially more expensive than those that can’t come anywhere close to meeting it. And had the SSD makers continued to use such super-fast NAND, SSDs would not have cost...
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    AMD K6-2 500 benchmarked against Ryzen 9 7950X

    Worse than that, even. With the water pressure turned all the way down to a trickle. at that. The 4090 would not have worked on a 32-bit PC no matter what at anything other than a fixed, very low, fail-safe resolution (say, 800x600) with a total of only 4-bit color (16 total colors).
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    AMD K6-2 500 benchmarked against Ryzen 9 7950X

    Don’t even think about it. The 4090 will not work properly on any 32-bit PC to begin with. It absolutely requires a 64-bit PC to even work properly because Nvidia has completely discontinued all driver support for all 32-but PCs after the early part of the GeForce 10 series (Pascal) era. And...
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    Upgraded from 5800X to 7800X3D and my scores....don't make any sense?

    Actually, you misread the CPU test. It's actually 3.8% better than the 5800X. The CPU test measures the amount of latency within the CPU, and lower numbers are better.
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    Upgrade / Buy New?

    That was when PCI-e was still in its infancy, and DDR1 RAM was still common. PCI-e 1.0, which that system has, will heavily bottleneck almost all of the newer GPUs that are currently on the market. And good luck finding even used DDR1 RAM modules larger than 1 GB in size.
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    WD Blue vs Seagate Barracuda, trying to choose a 2TB HDD

    I forgot to mention that it’s the random access performance that suffers greatly here. The real-world (as opposed to benchmarked) random access write speeds of those drives are much, much slower than even a 30-year-old drive that spins at only 3600 RPM. As a result, transfers of multiple files...
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    Upgrade / Buy New?

    ^^ that, as well. There is absolutely nothing at all whatsoever that can be salvaged from that rig. You see, the hardware manufacturers have completely discontinued all support for those particular components many years ago. That means that you might not be able to access the Web with that...
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    WD Blue vs Seagate Barracuda, trying to choose a 2TB HDD

    The problem with current consumer desktop HDDs, including the ones that you listed, is that they are far slower than even 20-year-old HDDs in terms of write speed. And they are much more prone to failure than older or more expensive HDDs. That said, I will disagree with the advice to get an SSD...
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    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    The only problem with the above post is that prices of motherboards of a relative quality that's comparable to a $150 motherboard of a decade ago have crept significantly upwards. You see, today's mainstream CPUs are much, much harder on a motherboard's VRMs than a six-core HEDT CPU of a decade...
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    Arctic Silver 5 (aka Old Gray Beard) vs Arctic MX6 (aka Young and Hung) - The Big Show!

    AS5 is considered "ancient" due to its extremely long required curing time, not because of its performance per se. It requires a minimum total of 200 hours (more than eight full days) of curing (this means intermittent on and off cycles, with no heavy loads whatsoever on the CPU) before it will...
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    New Build -12900K vs 13700k, 12th gen cheaper

    endlesszeal, If your Intel motherboard is going to be running DDR4 RAM rather than the newer DDR5 RAM, then the difference in performance between the i9-12900K and the i7-13700K will not be great enough to justify the price difference, especially since the higher-end 13th-Gen CPUs will be...
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    USB Flash Drive Generation - does it improve transfer speeds? Need a fast one!

    The USB standards specify only the maximum transfer speeds. Devices using that interface may perform substantially slower than that. For example, I have had USB 3.0 flash drives read up to 150 MB/s but only write at up to 16 MB/s. In fact, a very recent SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 flash drive read at...
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    My clocks stay at 5.0GHz at all times on default settings, why?

    I knew it! Windows 10 and Windows 11 sometimes have a habit of resetting the power mode to "High Performance" or "Ultimate Performance" unexpectedly.
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    My clocks stay at 5.0GHz at all times on default settings, why?

    Here’s the reason: Almost all “gaming” motherboards, such as yours, have the “enhanced turbo” (also known as the “multi-core enhancement”) feature enabled by default. This will make the all-core turbo clock speed equal to the maximum single-core turbo clock speed given sufficient CPU cooling...
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    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    For that, normally not. But it also depends on the chipset that the motherboard has. And obviously, you would not want an H610 motherboard for anything that remotely approaches even an i5-12600K CPU in power since such cheapie boards also cut corners on the VRM quality as well. Those boards are...
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    Upgraded from 1700x to 5600 and now mobo does not post

    Pretty much. None of the BIOS versions for your board that support a 5000 series CPU support any of the CPUs older than a 3000-series CPU. It's a limitation of your motherboard's BIOS ROM.
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    Upgraded from 1700x to 5600 and now mobo does not post

    That board might not permit you to upgrade directly from a Zen 1 chip to a Zen 3 chip at all. You will have to find a Zen 2 CPU (aka Ryzen 3000 series - and one of the original lineup of Ryzen 3000s such as the 3700X, at that) in order to upgrade CPUs to a Ryzen 5000 series, based on all of the...