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    Thermaltake Urban S71

    IMHO, they meant "Urbane": urbane [ɜːˈbeɪn] adj characterized by elegance or sophistication [from Latin urbānus belonging to the town; see urban] urbanely adv urbaneness n
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    What's with IN WIN selling their D frame with a crappy PSU?

    No images yet, but in the details it states they do come with them... at least it's $100 cheaper - again, you could still recoup some money by selling the tan 800W PSU. My favorite part of the case's design is the skeletonized motherboard tray. If I had cash to burn I would snap one up!
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    Corsair Obisidian 350D mATX

    I'd say be patient, mumbles of a 650D replacement have been heard... ;)
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    What's with IN WIN selling their D frame with a crappy PSU?

    Sell the PSU to a Corsair C70 Vengeance case owner? ;) It would look great in their military green version...
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    Case mod help!!

    Hello, Rashiga - I hope you don't mind me sending people to look at your unique and interesting mod for inspiration!
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    Will the latest PSU's crack my acrylic C3 case?

    Have you tried ordering the D-Frame direct?
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    Fan Cover Enquiry

    Same thing, available here:
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    Question about ATX and micro atx Cases

    The PSUs that come with most cases are not good quality, or high wattage, or fully featured. You would be better served by buying a case and a separate PSU. Most (but not all) modern ATX cases will also support mATX motherboards. Try for cases in your price range - they will...
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    Corsair 900D Sneak Peek Photos

    Of course you don't want to miss out on the ultra-limited version of the 900D: :p
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    New Silverstone FT02

    If you have a smartphone there are free Decibel Meter apps. Not the most accurate, but easy to use and perhaps helpful. ;)
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    Casing Enquiry

    It is not necessary to have a top vent. A rear exhaust fan is all that is needed. Many, many cases are built without top vents. Top vents are more often used these days for radiators in a liquid cooled system, because they can be larger than 120mm or 140mm - they can be 2x120mm or even...
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    Antec P280 vs Fractal Design R4 vs Corsair 550D vs {-others-}

    Hmmm... here's my reasoning as to why it would be better to mount the PSU with the fan down. Seasonics thermally-controlled PSU fan will come on when temps & load increase, and if it is drawing from the warm interior of the case this is likely to happen more often. Also, the case will...
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    Casing Enquiry

    If I am understanding your question - Yes, a case with ventilation on top lets more noise out than a solid top panel case. You could also block the ventilated area from inside with a panel of some sort to fix that.
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    New Silverstone FT02

    I had asked about modding for an 8th expansion slot somewhere before, got no answer - do you have any links to where help on this can be found? I also love the FT-02, but I need that extra slot for my particular mobo PCIe slot configuration and SLI.
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    Antec P280 vs Fractal Design R4 vs Corsair 550D vs {-others-}

    He's mounting to those mounts to avoid using the removable HDD cages, giving him better airflow from the front fans. Kindasmart, I'd definitely mount the PSU with the fan at the bottom. This keeps your PSU cooler overall and prolongs its life. As it will run cooler, its fan will come on...
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    Fan Cover Enquiry

    Ouch - the rest of the case looks fine, but that top is awful: I'd go to someone like these guys and blow some money on outside grilles to hide that :
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    Nicely done, sir!
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    Fan Cover Enquiry

    What case do you have? I have seen covers by Lian Li that are simple black brushed aluminum panels, but I've forgotten the website... You should also be able to easily make some out of various materials - anything that is an acceptable color or that can be painted as you'd like could be...
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    Fractal Design R4 Black Pearl

    In the beginning of the review, Guru3D states : "To date there has been one chassis that somehow slipped through the mazes of all review materials here at the Guru3D LAB. So yes, Fractal Design has had the R4 on the market for a while now and we still had to test the Black Pearl edition...
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    Fractal Design R4 Black Pearl

    They're really only out of stock - Newegg will occasionally screw up the explanation as to why you can't order it when it's temporarily out of stock...
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    Antec P280 vs Fractal Design R4 vs Corsair 550D vs {-others-}

    I believe the fan controller rating is 0.3A, 50V DC, 5w/ch. There are owners using more than one fan per channel. Also, using Velcro to mount SSDs is simpler than screwing them to mounting holes and allows for easy removal & replacement. HTH! ;)
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    Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Case

    Last I heard was Newegg would carry them starting sometime in January, so there's obviously been some sort of delay.... I read that in multiple places, too.
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    Fractal Design Define R4

    The R4 has 26mm (over 1 inch) of space and 2 SSD mounts on the back of the motherboard...
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    Help me pick a new case - silent with good dust filters

    Sounds like a great choice of hardware to put in there...
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    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2

    Likewise on the R4... there are mounting holes. Just remember to install them before the motherboard! But really, any case with as much space as these have between the motherboard tray and the side panel will take SSDs back there, just use Velcro... In fact I'd use Velcro just to avoid the...
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    Antec P280 vs Fractal Design R4 vs Corsair 550D vs {-others-}

    The results here seem to agree with the 30-40dB numbers, although they didn't change the fans from the stock configuration. Systems had an i7-3960X @ 4.25GHz & a reference-cooler GTX 580 installed ...
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    Antec P280 vs Fractal Design R4 vs Corsair 550D vs {-others-}

    I say go Fractal Design Define R4 - every comparison test I read shows it beating the others in the cooling to noise reduction to price metric. However, another to consider is the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1, supposed to arrive at Newegg any day now. It's very similar to all the above cases and...
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    Side Panel Mod Question

    I'd look at the rest of the filter options here then:
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    Side Panel Mod Question

    I used these back when I had a vented window: They make them in multiple colors. The mesh is a fine aluminum screen and can be removed from the outside for...
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    Any issue with putting a computer inside an open cabinet?

    So where are all your cables going to exit the cabinet?
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    Any recommendations for 5.25 drive cage for HAF 932

    I like this one by Akasa, identical to the Xigmatek but cheaper: Xigmatech...
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    Fractal Define R4 Mid Tower Case

    The motherboard plate is drilled for 2 SSD drives so that you install them on the backside first, then your motherboard (otherwise you can't get at the screw heads). Many people today just use Velcro strips to place SSDs wherever they want, they work fine and take the hassle of screw mounts...
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    Scorm Scout 2 and SLI?

    Used to keep mine on my desk, but I moved it to a nice thick wood butcherblock plank on the floor. It's quieter when it is down low instead of being right next to my head! I don't recommend placing any system directly on carpet, you will get more issues with dust and fibers clogging your...
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    Scorm Scout 2 and SLI?

    Case with upper HDD panel removed: Shouldn't be a problem at all... Heck, I even wedged 2 GTX580 video cards in my Scout (original) that has a lot less room:
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    Help me pick a new case - silent with good dust filters

    I vote for the Fractal Design - it's quieter and has surprisingly good airflow for a case that seems so closed-off in appearance. It will handle your planned usage very well - and check the results of this comparison test (part 3 linked, you can navigate to parts 1 & 2 from within) that it won...
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    Lian Li PC-A75X

    No love for the Corsair 900D at $40 more? That modded Lian-Li is a nice case, but more rad space and features are present in the 900D.
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    Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Chassis

    Still prefer the DS-1... I like the additional features. But - yeah, not available in the US, so top choice for my next enclosure is still the Define XL R2. New review here:
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    Switching case, moving pre-installed PSU

    It's brand new, and no Nanoxia cases are yet available in the USA. The reviews have been very good - but I'd get the Deep Silence 1 as it has more features and excellent reviews. My next case will most likely be the Fractal Design Define XL R2, just released and scored even better than the...
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    Switching case, moving pre-installed PSU

    I would think that the PSU should move over no problem... As for cases - do you prefer subtle clean designs or are you looking for a more gamer-style model? There are so many...
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    Poll: Which Scratch Build Case Cover?

    I second the third! :p