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    Google Fiber Scaled Back, Hundreds of Employees Lost

    I'm in Doraville and since Google isn't connectiing to houses/duplexes/etc and only expensive apartments, I was able to get AT&T fiber. As much as I want to suck on Googles chesticles and drink that koolaide, I am fine with a flat $70 a month and these speeds: But anyways, fuck Cumcast. As...
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    Buying Ryzen? Share w/ us your upcoming build!

    Well considering I want to replace my current dying mobo and the i7 3770k (and the DDr3), I want to know what the best bang for the buck will be. I don't want to spend over $300 on a CPU (although I might go to 350ish), but would prefer 250 or so + new mobo + 16 gig DDR4 and a new PSU as well. I...
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    The Race to Gigabit Internet Taking Off

    Sorry, bullshit. The only way gigabit speeds come to the masses is when congress and local governments stop lobbyists from filling their coffers.....and Google....Only ONE company has the power to do it and its slow going. But other than that, local governments are too busy bending over for...
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    Battlefield: Hardline

    After playing the beta for a few hours I have come to the conclusion that this is nothing more than a mod, one that is designed stupidly for the very simple reason that both cops AND robbers have helicopters with GATLIN guns. Not to mention it's nothing more than a reskinned BF4 with a ctiy...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    I really wish they would show some footage of this game besides what's been shown. I think at this time, the game is probably going to be Summer 2015 release I bet. If it was going to be sooner, I think we would be seeing a lot more footage of the game. If I can shoot JarJar or Ewoks, I will...
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    This was the main thing I was hoping to hear at E3 this year, GTA5 coming to PC. Now I can play it the way it's meant to be played, not on scrub 480 res and 30 fps /rolleyes. I was close to buying WatchDogs, but held off hoping that E3 would give us news of GTA5 coming to the PC, and I am so...
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    No Mans Sky, Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, this is good time for space combat games. Although I am fine if they release this first on the PS4 (I am sure Sony are giving them mucho dollars to do that), this game is going to be played by me on the PC, and PC only. As long as they don't pull a...
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    Distant Worlds on Steam

    I agree 100% on the font, it's my biggest pet peeve of Distant Worlds. But don't let that pollute your opinion of the game, it's pretty much in a league of its own today. The GUI looks older, but there are several mods out there to help with that, and this new version is especially made for...
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    Distant Worlds on Steam

    Yeah, Distant Worlds is a very in-depth game. But unlike most, just about everything can be automated, all depending in your playstyle. I suggest checking out some of these videos before you buy the gqame to make sure it's up your alley.
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    BF4 gpu question

    I play the game @1080p with high settings on my 660ti and i7 3770k. I get 60+ FPS (vertical synch on). So I assume 2 of those cards would do fine, especially with the overclocked CPU.
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    DICE Unveils Naval Strike, the Next DLC for Battlefield 4

    NB4 the "fix the game first!!11" crowd.
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    What Comcast Really Thinks About You

    Tell that to the people in the areas where Google is laying fiber. ATT just increased their speeds by a huge amount in Austin, and they say its because of "demand" but everyone with a double digit IQ knows its because Google is now competing with fiber. Who gives a fuck about the "norms"? Norms...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    If there was ever a case of false equivalency, this is it.
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    Comcast Customers: Change Your Passwords

    Are you an idiot or do you just play one on the interwebs? Executing someone because they stole your pixel passwords? How about not being subhuman and just change your password like all people with IQ's above 90? 1st world problems :rolleyes: OT: the only "password" I use with Comcast is for...
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    eve online - multi client

    When I last played EVE, I ran 3 clients all of the time on a C2D 6750 and 8 gigs DDr2 and a ATI 5850 and ran with medium settings just fine (aka 40-60 fps) on 1080p. Ofc, I assume they have increased the graphics quite a bit so maybe a better videocard will suffice. ps, EVE Online is for BoB
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    Youtube's Response to Content ID claims

    This is why I am now doing the majority of my video viewing on superior services like Dailymotion/Twitch/Viemo/etc. 90% of the "claims" are from NON-copyright holding entities. Just look at the amount of crap Totalbiscuit was flagged for by a company that has ZERO copyright claims. If Youtube...
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    Battle Worlds: Kronos

    I find that the Total War series strikes the perfect match between turn based and real time. Personally, I prefer turn based because I like looking at the big picture and sitting back into my pipe-smoking posture. Sort of like Chess, except fun :D
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    HL3 Conf......

    I would love it, LOVE it if they made it SteamOS/Linux exclusive for the first 6 months. Oh man the tears of the non-technically inclined would be legendary.
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    Indeed. Games are the only reason I have Windows. Everything else I can do on Mint 15 (or any distro for that matter). I don't see why more people don't use linux: most people don't use the PC for anything but browsing/emailing/content/spreadsheet/word processing/etc. You can do all of that on...
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    Galaxy 660 Ti 199.99 MIR and w/ Batman

    Qurstion: if I want to SLI cards, do they have to have the exact same memory? I am thinking of getting another 660ti to SLI (3 monitors and ARMA III need a lot of bandwidth it seems :( ).
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    No Windows 8 or 32-bit For Battlefield 4 Alpha?

    I could care less about Windows 8, but I FULLY support them going 64-bit only. Who the FUCK has 32-bit Windows and why would they? Seriously. Why would anyone use a 32-bit OS on ANYTHING made in the last 6 years. If you don't have the hardware to run 64-bit OSes, then you certainly shouldn't...
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    Grid 2.

    Then we won't need forums. Forums are not a "lets all suck each others dick" arena. And by voicing our opinions strongly about something, we hope to show that we want the game to be better than it is because of dev bullshit. Maybe if devs actually read forums, their games wouldn't tank like the...
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    Which games benefit(in game) from installation on ssd?

    Don't know why everyone keeps mentioning Skyrim, even on my old dual core and 320 gig WD HD the game loaded superfast. Even ARMA2+DayZ. Now any of the new Total War games, especially Shogun II, now THOSE need a fast drive.
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    Grid 2.

    Yeah, Codemaster's "data"...these are the same bullshit data "arguments" like Microsoft's "data" that showed people don't use the "Start" button. It's a bullshit copout. "Careful consideration"....yeah when a corporation with a history of being pathetic (aforementioned dropping support 4 months...
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    CD Projekt: DRM is 'worst thing in the gaming industry'

    Amen brother. CD Projekt: HURRY UP AND RELEASE CYBERPUNK@@@!!!!@!221211
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    Ubisoft: Gamers are ready for always-online

    Gamers: Ubishaft are ready for the darwinian cycle of dying out to make way for superior companies.
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    Grid 2.

    Glad I read this thread. No cockpit mode. Fucking cum dumpsters. I won't even buy it on a 75% steam sale. Console shit. Going backwards...And it is cheap devs, not lazy. It costs money to create the cockpits. Fuck them. Fuck them along with the inferior subhumans at EA. GRID was their last good...
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    will be buying a Surface pro, Jump now or wait? yeah.
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    will be buying a Surface pro, Jump now or wait?

    I doubt the market will be saturated with the Surface Pro considering it's sold a 1/3 of what they planned on :p
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    Intel CEO: Windows 8 Touch Devices To Drop to $200

    Well said, couldn't have said it better myself. For a tablet, I have zero use for Windows 8, don't care for the Metro UI, no need to run Windows based software on a tablet (except games but tablets aren't made for high ended gaming).
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    Intel CEO: Windows 8 Touch Devices To Drop to $200

    No, only interested in a Windows tablet if I can run some of my windows software, i.e. games. Other than that, the Nexus is superior to it. We won't even go into the display which is even better than the iPad display.
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    Intel CEO: Windows 8 Touch Devices To Drop to $200

    Indeed. I said it last year, if the Surface's weren't $400-500 (Pro, not that inferior RT shit), no one was going to buy. The problem is, now that everyone is buying tablets, they are buying them with iOS and Android. And now they see that "Hey, I can do all of the things I want without...
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    Well Comcast (which I have) suspended their data caps...for now. But everyone knows they are going to be going with the following plan: 300 gigs base, and charge you $10 for every 50 gigs thereafter. Thus resulting in overages. And guess what? Atlanta has NO competition. Only option is ATT...
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    I'm not stealing anything. I have a FAMILY. They watch Netflix and Amazon prime constantly. The TV in the living room is rarely turned off. Last month alone I hit 750 gigs, and not a single torrent was used in the process. Netflix/Amazon/Youtube/Steam/MMO's, you name it. I am sorry if I am...
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    Agreed 100%. But it's not just the speed of google, it's the most important thing of ALL: NO DATA CAPS. Data caps is the real issue. What purpose is high speed if you can max it out in a day? No, people are too busy talking about speed, when they need to talk about data caps. That's the real...
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    Considering most smart people who have Comcast are giving up cable TV and going streaming, they can encrypt their TV all they want. Who cares? Who wants to watch 100 channels of utter drivel that only troglodytes watch? Streaming is the future, fuck ancient mid 90's "push" technology...
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    StarDock CEO's Open Letter to Their Customers. Interesting read!

    Yeah, but people are still buying in vast quantities and still playing in mass quantities those games that require good hardware. Battlefield 3 being a good one. We could talk about what the vast majority of people have hardware wise, but then again the vast majority don't play PC games. Ergo...
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    StarDock CEO's Open Letter to Their Customers. Interesting read!

    There is ZERO, and I mean ZERO reason to have a 32-bit OS today. FACT: every desktop CPU that has been made in the last 5 years or so is 64-bit capable. If your CPU is a multiecore, your 64-bit capable. End of discussion. I have been running 64-bit OS's since Windows XP 64 bit....and I never...
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    Supreme Commander 2 updated 3/15/2013.

    Wonder why Wargaming bought them? And also: I totally forgot I have this game on steam. I played it and was bored with it, was too simple compared to the superior FA and the economy of that game.