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    Russia Announces Plan to Build New ISS with NASA

    NASA is quite surprised to hear they're building a new ISS with the Russians. Perhaps they mean upgrading older modules?
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    More Than Half of All IE Users Face Patch Axe in 10 Months

    Which would be great if my Windows 7 Pro Laptop could upgrade from 9 to 11, but it always fails (can't do 10, either) during the update with an obscure reference (and no, it's not pirated). I contacted Microsoft a year ago and got back a boiler plate that didn't work, and a "Make sure you use...
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    Uber Hopes New Programs Will Help Riders Feel Safer

    Ooooh.... sorry, I see a major typo, Steve: Personnally, I know I'd feel safer if the stories kept coming at the rate of 1 per incident, but the actual incidents didn't.
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    FBI Blasts Apple And Google For Offering Encryption

    "That ship has sailed". If the FBI and the rest of the multi-letter groups had behaved, and followed the social compact (that Constitution thing that some folks keep bringing up) and the rule of law, then we wouldn't be having this discussion. But since they can't do things The Right And Legal...
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    Spy Satellites Fighting Crime From Space

    So the satellite can see a rabbit hole under a bush? I bet the thing it's going to be looking for the most is a beaver in the backyard. ;)
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    Amazon Unveils The Fire Phone

    I thought with Apple and the exploding batteries there were already Fire Phones?
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    Staring At Screens All Day Causes Strange Eye Secretions

    Maybe that's what's going on with my eyes the last four months. Been to the Opthmalogist three times, emergency room twice, regular doctors four times on it. Have to have special drops, and I STILL feel like I'm losing my vision due to this stuff (when it dries further, it hardens to a crust...
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    Microsoft Strips Some Windows 7 Users of IE11 Patch Privileges

    I wish I had that problem. I'm stuck using IE 9 on my (home) laptop because, for some reason, IE 10 and IE 11 both fail during the installation process. I can get the OS updates, but IE itself won't install, and doesn't tell me exactly what I need to do to get it to install. I do have IE 11...
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    Facebook Now Shares Your Browsing History With Advertisers

    Okay, I'm still trying to see how either Zuckerberg or Facebook can be converted into 666. But this is pretty much right up there on the creepiness meter.
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    EPA Official Caught With 7,000 Porn Files On Work PC

    That would be a negative. As a "public sector jerk off", I save the US Navy $200M over the next twenty years with my work the last four years (and we're in the process of patenting it). Last summer, on a lark, I figured out a way to save another $20M over the next 20. This week, I've worked...
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    Windows 8 UX Pack and Windows 8 Transformation Pack 8.1 Ships

    You just can't handle the glory that was Windows For Workgroups 3.1.1 running on MS-DOS 3.3 with QEMM. Glory Days, indeed. Bruce Springsteen would have been proud.
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    Project CARS vs. Real Life

    Beat me to it, the trees and buildings on the side with the overly shiny white roofs give it away. Doesn't help that, while the asphalt looks "more real" in a non-motion shot for the game image, in moving images, the first thing that hit me was "where's the sun bleaching?" as the left has...
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    Apple Wants To Block Users From Texting And Driving

    You lose that bet. I've never texted and driven, primarily because I've only ever sent 6 text messages. When I realized what they cost, and how little value texting was to me when I could just use the stupid phone as a (wait for it) PHONE and actually talk to someone, and then texts cost $.10...
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    Apple Wants To Block Users From Texting And Driving

    It's even been mentioned IN THESE FORUMS over the last few years (I know I've mentioned lock outs of anything other than voice commands, GPS, mapping, and pure audio from cell phones moving over 10 mph here over three years ago). Also fails the obviousness test.
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    The Face Behind Bitcoin

    Yeah, it said I'd reached my quota limit of 5 free articles per month. I don't believe I've EVER been to Newsweek before, much less 5 times this month.
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    A State-by-State Look At Who Controls The Internet

    I don't know about you, but living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I've never been able to get Comcast; it's all Cox in Hampton Roads (except for Chesapeake) which is the largest Metro area in Virginia (Northern Virginia is part of DC Metro area, and we're twice the size of Richmond, at ~1.6...
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    Google Official Guidelines: Don't Be A Glasshole

    Easiest way not to be a Glasshole? Don't use it in public.
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    HP To Charge For Updates And Service Packs

    Hmm... time to release Casanova Frankenstein with his Psychodefraculator. But in seriousness, I know that we were just getting ready to start looking at alternatives to the old IBM Bladecenters now that IBM sold out to Lenovo (nothing against Lenovo, per se, just that Lenovo is owned and...
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    Today Is 'The Day We Fight Back'

    We'll be watching this movement quite closely to see it's effectiveness. Signed, The NSA
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    Carmakers Keep Data On Drivers' Locations

    And here I thought it was easy to track a driver in a car... they're in the front left seat.
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    Woman Ticketed For Wearing Google Glass While Driving

    What part of Global Positioning Device is not equal to Global Positioning System, which is specifically exempt? :rolleyes:
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    The Navy’s Newest Warship is Powered by Linux

    Touch screen technology is standard on most combat systems. See Q70, CDS, etc.
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    The Navy’s Newest Warship is Powered by Linux

    WTH are you talking about? We ONLY use Linux in the combat system.
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    The Navy’s Newest Warship is Powered by Linux

    Except, contrary to what the article seems to imply, all of the major US Navy shipboard combat systems use a form of Unix (and all are moving to Linux) for their major computation. Some older installations use HPUX or Solaris, but all of the current ships use Red Hat or a real-time kernal on a...
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    What Comes Next After Windows 8.1?

    I'm not looking for the exact same OS into perpetuity. I'm looking for the same kind of OS into perpetuity, with a similar, but improving and evolving, interface that allows me to continue to use the same type of applications that I've already invested so much time, energy, money, (and brain...
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    Google May Stop Using Cookies to Track Users

    "Google may stop using cookies to track users" May switch to Brownies. "Brownies are much more effective", Sergei Brin, founder of Google said. "Cookies can get old and boring, especially the peanut butter/sugar cookies we've been using recently. Brownies, on the other hand, never get boring...
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    Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans

    Just as long as the girls walking down the street can't suddenly read my thoughts, I'll keep from getting slapped five hundred times a day. And propositioned twenty.
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    Iowa High School Delivers 1,425 MacBook Airs to Students

    "Before being given their own notebook, each student must agree to a list of terms." And what happens to a student who does not wish to agree to those terms? The school system still has a legal requirement provide education to those students. So the notebooks can't be "required" for the...
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    Instagram Cracks Down on Use of ‘Insta’ and ‘Gram’

    And my question is (literally, no sarcasm) What the heck is an Instagram? Don't know what it is... is it like Twitter or something? I don't Twitter tweeter twit either, if so.
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    The U.S. Has More Internet Porn Than Any Other Country

    So, per capita, The Netherlanders are the biggest pervs in the world? And the US is the second biggest?
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    GPS Jammer Accidentally Jams Up Newark Airport

    It's also illegal to own one, to build one, or to use one. And yes, I know you were being sarcastic.
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    Google Glass Expected to Retail for $299

    Glassholes was first generation. Future versions will be more diverse, including: Glassbags Glassheads Glookers Gpervs GPs (pronounced "Jeeps".... the automaker, alas, will see their product go the way of Hormel's Spam) Gluser Glower Gwits
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    Australian Man Building 3D-Printed Car

    Aston-Martin Is Trademarked, So Austin It Is......
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    Apple Sued Over Mandatory Employee Bag Checks

    As I said, I am a CIVILIAN Scientist for the Navy. I work directly for the US Navy, and have worked for it long enough that I could have retired from the Navy if I had been enlisted or an officer long ago. However, I am a CIVILIAN, in the Department of the Navy.
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    Apple Sued Over Mandatory Employee Bag Checks

    That's actually called "On Commission".
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    Apple Sued Over Mandatory Employee Bag Checks

    All non-SES employees are "Hourly" even when in fact we operate as if we are salaried (I'm technically not GS, as I'm in a special pay grade outside that, but it equates to GS, and while OPM likes to display GS rates as Salary, they compute as Hourly). Therefore, I'm "owed" Comp-time when I...
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    Apple Sued Over Mandatory Employee Bag Checks

    US Navy CIVILIAN Scientist. They didn't Furlough the Military, only the Civilians who work directly for the Military.
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    Apple Sued Over Mandatory Employee Bag Checks

    The US Navy is my employer, directly, as I'm a US Navy Civilian Scientist. The US Navy is the owner of the base, directly. The US Navy employs either the Guards or the Military Personnel who man the gate, directly. So, yes, yes it is indeed the EXACT SAME THING. You're "They're searching...
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    Apple Sued Over Mandatory Employee Bag Checks

    I work on Base. Pre-911, it took me 10 minutes to go door-to-door from my home to work (2 1/2 miles). Post-911, on some days it takes 1 hour, all because of backups at the gate for security inspections (even leaving can be a chore sometimes; I've had forty minutes to get OFF base, less than...
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    UK to Google: Delete Street View Data Or Else

    Wow that article is poorly written. I mean, I KNOW what he's talking about, but he's not spelling it out, which means many, many people will think the UK is telling Google to delete all the pictures from Street View UK, while in reality it's just about the WiFi monitoring they were doing.