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    Google’s Project Fi: “I’d Switch To It If I Could”

    I been using Fi since July. Its been GREAT so far. I do the 2GB pre-paid plan and hardly go over it...actually they usually end up refunded me $5 to $8 a month as I don't use all 2GB (yes...thats right...they refund you what you don't use). I live in a area where both TMobile and Spring have...
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    PS4 Remote Play Coming To PC

    I am all for this. Sometimes the G/F may be playing a Xbox One game and now I can spin up a PS4 game on the PC if needed and vice versa with the Xbox One.
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    Another Kickstarter Disaster: The Coolest Cooler

    Same thing is happening with the Ghostbusters Board Game. Backed it a while ago...played it at GenCon....and saw the board game in my local comic store the other day...but none of the kickstarter people received theirs.
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    iPhone User Blames “WiFi Assist” For $2,000 Phone Bill

    After reading the article...AT&T refunded the money because they sent the warning text to the son and not the primary owner (parents). That is awfully nice of them (probably because of the publicity). Honestly...this is one time I would defend the carriers and say they don't own a single cent...
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    Sweep Your Patio With A Drone

    This and then for the holidays...a drone that can hang the Christmas lights so I don't freeze my ass and hands off climbing up and down a ladder with wind trying blow the ladder over.
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    Steam Controller?

    Anyone with the Steam Link experience the following issue: Sometimes when I choose "Stop Streaming", the screen on the TV will go black, but the audio still plays and acts like its on the main Big Picture Mode menu. The computer on the other hand exits big picture mode and returns to normal PC...
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    Steam Controller?

    Went home at lunch and the Steam Link and Controller has arrived. Will be setting this up tonight. Have Fable 1 HD, Deadspace, and Diablo 3 to test out. Probably will end up getting a Bluetooth keyboard for Diablo 3.
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    Amazon’s First Ever Prime Day Breaks Global Records

    While most of it was junk...I did snag an Xbox One 1TB Halo Edition, with 12 months of gold, and Borderlands Handsome Jack collection for $ im happy with that deal.
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    No Star Wars Battlefront Split Screen on PC

    Steam Machines/Steam Links could also be changing some of this too. I signed up for a Steam Link when they are released and I could see some setups where split screen on a PC may be beneficial in a few scenarios.
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    Warner Bros. Knew About Batman: Arkham Knight Problems?

    Its probably safe to say...that was the case. They postponed the release a few times....guessing the PC version was probably the last version on there list to fix.
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    I honestly don't see Verizon ever allowing this service to work on their towers. Verizon has the biggest coverage in the country and to them that is probably an advantage and they are gearing up to roll out Voice LTE this year (I think it may be out already in certain areas?). Or less Verizon is...
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    And that's fine..first cruise so didnt know what to not like I want people calling me anyway!
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    Update: Arrived at work where they have have a open guest Wifi. The phone connected to it automatically and everything is working as expected. The phone claims it established the secure VPN connection as well.
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    Here are my initial thoughts after a weekend of using the service: I am not going to get into the Nexus 6 itself as there are many reviews already out on the device. Ill leave it at this...its a 6in phone that I wish was smaller and will probably sell and get a 5in model if one ever becomes...
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    Well looks like ill be receiving the phone today. I selected the free 3-5 day shipping...but im guessing this is coming straight from Moto itself and being in the Indianapolis area...was able to be shipped down during the night....not complaining! Ill post my thoughts later this week. Looking...
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    Ah...that doesn't sound bad then. I fully expect it to have glitches and some issues being the first iteration of this service. Final questions...regarding the Hangout's integration. So from what I read...calls can be made from the classic Phone Dialer app or within Hangouts...when receiving...
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    For the 2-3 that all seamless to the user? Or does it hard fail and you have to click the contact again? How long before it times out and you have to retry? How about receiving calls? Any issues there?
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    That was one of my con's. Ill deal with it now and just switch the phones at a later date if a 5in form factor comes out.
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    Signed up for Project Fi

    Has anyone else got an invite...trying it out? If so...thoughts so far? Got an invite today for Project Fi and decided to give it a try. My Verizon contract ends at the end of August and this will give me a few months to decide if I want to renew it. On average...I use about .75GB -...
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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    Ultimately...I think Doom will be a failure.....but not because its not good. This game looks like it going back to the roots of FPS gaming/ cover system, none of the Call of Duty/Gears of War/Battlefield mechanics....just a straight up Health/Armor system (100/100) with 8 or so...
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    Amazon Reveals That Its AWS Cloud Service Is A $5B Business

    Our company is building a cloud service utilizing stuff.
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announcement Trailer

    Looks great! Hopefully the boss battles aren't outsourced again (believe that's what happened) and are a pain in the butt to beat.
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    Powershell Error

    Sigh....of course that would work. Yeah I copy and pasted it, and all was fine. Something about how it was spaced in ISE or something.... Oh well...all is good now.
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    Powershell Error

    Had a Powershell script working for some time now and noticed this morning it isn't working. I am seeing this error: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: length At C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\UserAudit - 4-2-15 Backup.ps1:202 char:5 + $EventLogQuery = @" +...
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    Exchange Question

    Simple Exchange question. If a user is deleted from Active Directory directly and there mailbox is not cleanup before the removal...what does Exchange do? Will it even notice the user has been deleted from AD? If it does notice...does it mark it as a "Disconnected Mailbox" and then its up to...
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    LACP between two switches

    LACP is the vendor neutral standard. Etherchannel is Cisco only...if thats what you are thinking of and if it work between two different vendors.
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    Multiple wifi AP act as one

    Most likely this. Since those are consumer grade and there is no controller in the backend to manage those AP's....doubt there is any kind of roaming capability in the firmware.
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    VCP5-DCV Certification Renewal?

    These are my thoughts on the subject as well. Oh well....ill just wait until VCP 6 is out and work on that track. If I loose my current VCP5, not a big deal minus the annoyance.
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    VCP5-DCV Certification Renewal?

    I am a little confused on this subject. I been VCP5-DCV certified since 2013 and when I took the mandatory course, the instructor said that there are no cert renewals/expirations once you are certified. The VCP5-DCV cert is good for all 5.x releases until 6 and above come out. He also mentioned...
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    Server 2012 R2 RDS question

    I would look over this article: You are probably going to want to purchase some certificates or at least one wild card, so you can properly secure it, if this is production.
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    subnet management/utilization product

    What are you looking for in these cans? Just hostname/IP? Solarwinds IP Tracker does this. Not sure if you want anything else...if so you start getting into Inventory Asset Management software.
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    Best books for learning AD?

    I would argue and say the books are a good stepping stone into AD if you absolutely know nothing about it. I would only use the books for concepts though. To become proficient in AD, it is hands on from the rest As others have mentioned, once you know the concepts, its a hands on system to...
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    Install from USB and SSD's

    Yep...followed the Windows 7 guide and this worked like a charm. I guess that solves this mystery thats been annoying me for so long. Is it safe to assume the Windows 8 one will work with the Windows 10 Preview?
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    Install from USB and SSD's

    I have always ran into this with SSD's, but now trying to figure out the root issue. I have a laptop that has no optical DVD Drive. I have a SSD hard drive in it as well. When I try to install Windows 7 from a USB key, the Windows 7 installation does not detect the SSD hard drive. If I...
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    vSphere 6 released today!

    A surprise in my inbox this morning...vSphere 6 is official today. I knew it was in beta and that VMware was doing a 28 days of February thing...but I still figured this would be official in August when VM World happens. I for one am excited for it...Fault Tolerance finally gets past the 1...
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    Powershell and Security Event Logs

    I added this after my EventLogQuery filter statement and it works! Confused on one part though: What is statement "-Value $eventXML.Event.EventData.Data[$i].'#text'" saying? I get the IF statement, but how is it getting the value of 'TargetUserName' ? Slowly learning the ropes of...
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    Powershell and Security Event Logs

    I am working on a Powershell script that will go through the Windows Security Logs and parse the the user logon events, so I can keep an audit trail of who is logging into each of the servers. I have the Powershell script working to the point where its getting each individual unique logon...
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    IGMP and Cisco ASA

    Having some issues getting IGMP working with a Cisco ASA. The objective I am trying to accomplish is setup Microsoft NLB using IGMP multicast. Yes I know NLB isnt preferred, but for the purposes of what I am trying to accomplish in this test environment, it will work well. The setup is...
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    Understanding something in AD CS

    I did discover errors in the Event Log: Event ID: 82 - Certificate enrollment for Local system failed in authentication to all urls for enrollment server associated with policy id: {61B8511A-9BFE-46A8-90D5-FB1709DADB2D} (The RPC server is unavailable. 0x800706ba (WIN32: 1722...