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    Need a Socket A motherboard that supports ECC

    You mean official support? I'd look into boards using the AMD 760 chipset. As I understand it, many boards unofficially support ECC RAM. Plugging it in probably won't break anything :D
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    Installed a 15K Cheetah SCSI on DELL Dimension.......slow?

    Which Cheetah model? X15? 60MB/sec is probably about where you want to be, though ATTO is not an optimal hard drive test and not representative of real-world usage. Sequential transfer rates are only a small part of the picture - what a 15,000 rpm drive gets you is high STR's in addition to...
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    Sennheiser Owners Domain

    They are very good for the price, particularly for portables, but I'd say "usually under $60". Also, auditioning them before buying is a good idea since some people have comfort issues
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    Sennheiser Owners Domain

    A very exciting claim based (I'm sure) on dispassionate measurement of all extant Panasonic portable products rather than anecdotal subjective evidence compiled from an obsolete model or two and extrapolated to an entire product line. Do you have any empirical measurements to vouch for this...
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    Whats next for AMD, FX-55 then what?

    Socket A Sempr0n will probably be closer in performance to the Celeron D than previous Durons were to Celerons (that is Celerons have sucked so badly for so long that there was not much comparison in gaming). The Socket 754 Sempr0n on the other hand, will probably be a really good buy since...
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    Sennheiser Owners Domain

    My experience with Panasonic and Sony CD portables suggests the Panasonic output quality is very good, the battery life is excellent, and the durability is superior to comparable Sony models (outside of the Sports/Shockwave lines). Sony's output volume tends to be louder. The last Panasonic I...
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    upgrade sound card now?

    Let's put it this way: according to what I've read, Doom3 is going to use software positional audio completely. Too bad A3D 3.0 never made it and Creative bought up the IP and locked it away.
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    Re: "Dear Apple" article linked form [H]

    The higher scores with 2003 are probably because 2/3 of the tests were "flyby" tests. The actual botmatch has much lower scores. Apparently they are not doing flyby benchmarks with 2004. It's amazing to me that they could get ahold of so many different Macs and then put them up against...
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    Prescott Ready Motherboards?

    Any motherboard with a 775 contact CPU socket is designed exclusively for Prescott. Or are you wondering what socket 478 boards are capable of accommodate Prescott? No. The motherboard has little effect on the absolute temperature of the CPU under load, all things being equal. What it...
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    FX-53 + 10k raptors + RAID 0, worth it in gaming system?

    The RAID 0 part of your setup is not worth it unless your data is completely disposable and you are only concerned about boot time and the games that benefit from RAID 0 (and the particular stripe size). See here for game loading time comparisons in four different games and several apps at...
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    Re: "Dear Apple" article linked form [H]

    The Mac is forced to run in OpenGL with UT2004, which is actually much less of an issue than the BareFeats reviewers seem to wish it was. In OpenGL mode, UT2004 runs well on Radeon9500's and up, and probably better on comparable nvidia hardware. If they were truly concerned about...
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    Help me pick a low budget, reliable motherboard

    Shuttle AN35N Ultra (plus a cheap Radeon for video). And you're done :D The integrated audio and LAN are quite acceptable, and the board is absolutely rock solid. It supports both a 400MHz FSB (not that you care) and the Barton core. No cheap little northbridge fan to start squealing and...
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    will my msi kt3 ultra-aru support a barton mobile 2600+ after a bios update?

    I believe the KT3 Ultra has multiplier adjust and FSB adjust in the BIOS. Unfortunately the KT333 chipset only really supports a 266MHz FSB (or around there) stably and has no FSB/AGP lock. You want as high a multiplier as you can manage with a 133MHz (266) FSB and a mobile chip. Be sure to...
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    will my msi kt3 ultra-aru support a barton mobile 2600+ after a bios update?

    It will not be "supported" but it will probably work.
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    Hello Kitty Speakers

    I'm willing to bet those speakers will produce sound.
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    RAID 0 and performance

    In what precisely? Surely not game loading times?
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    Do Sennheiser HD-497 headphones come with in-line volume?

    No. Additionally, In-line volume controls tend to suck pretty bad. You don't buy Plantronics headsets to listen to music, and you don't buy the HD497's to sell insurance over the phone.
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    using two bookshelf HT speakers with Gigaworks s700?

    The amp in the Gigaworks is probably quite capable of driving a larger pair of HT speakers through the front stereo outputs, but you might not want to. There are two considerations, impedence and efficiency (typically measured as XX dB per 1 Watt of a tone at 1 meter). If you buy highly...
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    Anyone know of some good headphones?

    Maybe they take a big hit on on their tube preamped car deck? ;)
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    AMD XP 2100+ running unknown

    I suppose it could be a more modern core stepping (and microcode) than is recognized by the BIOS of the Soyo. This is exactly the same POST message you get with AXP-Mobile chips on modern boards, and I actually like it myself. An "unknown CPU type" is cool :cool:
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    RAID 0 and performance

    The MTBF of the array not the individual drives, which will remain the same. The array integrity is based on the combined failure rate of both drives and the controller rather than a single drive alone. :)
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    Re: "Dear Apple" article linked form [H]

    I think a G5 cube would be a bit tough to do until low voltage (notebook) G5's hit the market. Otherwise you'd probably need a compact power supply inside the case rather than an external power brick like in the original... and definitely a fan. An SFF G5 that didn't have an integrated...
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    onboard audio nForce 3 250 neo plat problem.

    That's unfortunate. Have you tried flashing to the newest BIOS for the board? You might also want to e-mail MSI tech support and check out the PCPerspective MSI forum.
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    Re: "Dear Apple" article linked form [H]

    That's what I'm sayin! ;) If Apple can appeal to our crowd enough, they can make disproportionately large gains due to our far-reaching influence in telling everyone we know what they should buy with their X dollars/dinars/rupees/euros. Apple isn't going to be able to do that with their...
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    Sennheiser HD497 - Just bought a pair..

    Don't listen to this man, he can only give you answers! You can only properly burn-in headphones by playing a specific Barry White vocal with a Vanessa Williams track mixed in, all on top of a mixture of Simon & Garfunkel and Prodigy. This custom burn-in mix is only availible through me...
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    Re: "Dear Apple" article linked form [H]

    There was a time (about 95-98 PowerPC era) when Apple "opened up" to allow competition to license their software and BootROMs, hoping it would increase their marketshare (and I believe it did), but they were so poorly managed at the time that they almost went bankrupt because they could not keep...
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    onboard audio nForce 3 250 neo plat problem.

    Huh, sounds a bit like something got screwed up during install. You might want to consider uninstalling every audio related driver (in Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager, as I'm sure you knew), then reinstalling the newest Realtek driver. I'd tell you to triple check your...
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    Friend wants to digitize 1000's of tapes.

    Tape player to line input. Record.
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    Re: "Dear Apple" article linked form [H]

    It's very exciting and all that Apple thinks they have it figured out, but I don't give a damn what Apple wants to sell me, I just know what I want to buy. But Apple doesn't want to sell me what I want to buy. They'd rather sling shockingly overpriced vowelMacs with last generation...
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    Promedia Headphone jack quality?

    The integrated promedia headphone amp is very good for an integrated multimedia speaker headphone amp. Depending on the efficiency of your headphones,plugging into the sound card may be slightly better (potentially less noise) overall. Be sure to read the forum rules...
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    Anyone know of some good headphones?

    Exactly what it sounds like. Closed or sealed headphones are closed to the outside world, while open headphones allow substantially more noise to escape (and to come in). Open headphones usually sound a tad better at any given price point, all else being equal.
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    Ordered a dual 1.8 GHz Power Mac...

    Absolutely not HL2 barring a massive bribe of Valve by Apple, which isn't going to happen. It's a DX9 game, which explains it all :)
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    Re: "Dear Apple" article linked form [H]

    $1300 and up is pretty damn obnoxious for a single 1.25GHz PPC 7455 with a 9000PRO, an 80GB HDD and a paltry 256MB of PC2700. But we all knew that already. I keep wishing Apple would sell less expensive barebones kits (mobo, chip & case) for those of us who aren't thinking "so differently"...
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    Quad Processor Mobos

    Yow! $1600 for the board :eek: I still want one anyway.... ;)
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    Anyone know of some good headphones?

    Sennheiser HD 497 (open), HD212 (closed), PX100 (open) Grado SR60 (open) BeyerDynamic 231 (closed)
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    HDD Configuration, OS on seperate drive? IDE or SATA?

    Check out Ice Czar's informative FAQ. In it he links to this here article on partitioning. Otherwise I agree with most of the other posters. You can run some of your games and your OS off the boot drive, for which a Raptor740 would be absolutely ideal. If you need more space, dump your...
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    Yes, ASRock is the budget spinoff division of Asus. It is Asus' attempt at competing with ECS as theinquirer article mentioned. I would probably buy one over an ECS if they were the same price, but these days many manufacturers make solid, inexpensive boards. Often such boards are made for...
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    Cheap comp...

    Dear AMDXPCottonFire22, If you want to pay too much for too little because you're too lazy to build it yourself or unsure how to mount a heatsink properly (secret tip: make sure it's seated in a level fashion before you clamp it down), well that ain't [H] at all is it? We can still give yo'...
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    intel extreme audio

    It's also known as "HD-Audio" and "Azalia". All it means is higher resolution onboard audio CODECs. It is better than the AC97 standard, yes. It is not better than most 24 bit standalone cards because the dynamic range of an onboard CODEC is typically somewhat limited. All tests of the 915...
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    M-Audio Revo CPU hit, for real.

    Such boards are an unbelievably tiny minority or current boards and so essentially irrelevant to any discussion about anything except oddball boards that no one bought.