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    Anybody out There Still Listening to Music on AM or FM Radio?

    NPR only. Other than that, all music listening is done through a bluetooth connection and Spotify on my phone. I have access to just about any album I could ever want (other than Tool) and have pre-made playlists that are 40+ hours long. Radio can't come close to touching that, and the "Dingo...
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    Grand Theft Auto V is Now the Best-Selling Game of All Time in the US

    Buy it solely for the single player. This is the rarest of rare games where I'm truly sad when I've finished the sp story.
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    E-Cigarettes with Nicotine Can Damage Your Heart with Just One Puff

    Sorry, what do you mean with that last sentence? You made it sound as if cigarettes grow on plants... Your damn stogie bush is leaving butts in my yard again! If you want truly pure tobacco without chemicals, give a nice cigar a go.
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    Minnesota Woman Fatally Shoots Boyfriend in Failed YouTube Video Stunt

    And maybe.........without him holding it? Look at us, fixing shit.
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    HTC Hints at Less Expensive VR Headsets

    If I could have the "perfect" vive in the next couple of gens (perfect res/refresh, wireless, better controllers, etc) I'd honestly pay up to $1K for it. But there'd need to be quite a few more good VR games/adaptions out at that point as well.
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    2018 Camry Using Open-Source Linux Infotainment

    I had a 2013 4Runner and Entune was absolutely awful, and the app was even worse. Anything is a better option than that pile of crap.
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    [H]ardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    Another HTPC guy here. I've got the following set up in my living room (yes, I am single...) and don't know if I'll ever go back to headphones: HTPC: core i7 with a 1080 vid card, BRD, 32gb of ram, 8.5 TB of HD space, etc. TV: 65" Sony 4K (XBR65X850B) Receiver: Denon 3313ci Speakers...
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    Senate Votes to Kill FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules

    What kind of wild ass porn are you watching?
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    Windows Vista Has Just 30 Days to Live

    Yup. I suppose it set the table and helped to make 7 look amazing to me by comparison. I'm having a hard time understanding the Vista love here. Vista is second to ME as the worst OS I've ever dealt with. But then again I don't go as deep down the rabbit hole as some folks here so ymmv.
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    Most Netflix Customers Would Be Willing To Pay More

    I'd not pay more than $10 a month, but I'm more concerned with a decline in the quality of available movies.
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    China, Fears That Pokemon GO May Aid Locating Military Bases

    Uhhhhh, we have U-2's and satellites that are already taking those pictures....and have been for a long time.
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    Man Sued For $30K Over $40 Craigslist Printer

    "Zavodnik, a native of Ukraine who moved to the United States in 1987 under a grant of political asylum" Sounds like a 1 way trip back to the Ukraine is in order....
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    Obsession With "Female" Digital Servants Needs To Change

    Just got my first iphone a month back (save the hate for another thread), and the FIRST thing I did was go into settings to change Siri's default voice, as the one on TV all the time drives me nuts. I immediately saw options for American, British or Australian accents, and male or female voices...
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    SXSW Restores Canceled Talks On Gaming Harassment

    My point is that there are already solutions in existence. Muting harassing players. turning off voice chat entirely and using cell phones or TS with friends instead, reporting systems currently in place in games, etc. It's not that hard to say, "fvck this guy, I'm not going to hear his...
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    SXSW Restores Canceled Talks On Gaming Harassment

    I use this magical feature, available in most multiplayer games, that allows you to mute people you don't want to hear/ are "harassing" you. It's magic I say!!
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    Vimeo Introduces Monthly Subscription Service

    It's basically Youtube with the worst search engine I have ever seen anywhere.
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    Uber Seeking $1B Line Of Credit

    LOCs are the equivalent of a giant corporate credit card. You can spend and pay off as much as you want, within the limit until it expires. They technically don't ever have to borrow a dime from it.
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    What Is Silicon Valley’s Problem With Gender?

    Well run companies understand that talent comes in all different shapes, sizes, sexes, etc. I work in the world of finance, and my boss happens to be a woman, and also happens to be the best boss I've ever worked for. Our company is truly a meritocracy, where those who provide the most quality...
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    Microsoft Announces Debt Offerings

    They have about 6.5B in cash as of their most recent quarter. Leverage, measured as debt to total cap was about 7% for Microsoft, compared to a peer average of about 16%. So they're a good 9 percentage points lower than their peers in regards to leverage. That means they can take on...
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    Microsoft Announces Debt Offerings

    True. Though that's what any good investment grade company would do when rates are this low. I honestly don't follow the financial side of the tech market that much, but I can say without a doubt that commercial RE companies have tapped into a record amount of debt offerings over the last few...
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    Microsoft Announces Debt Offerings

    Gar, not enough coffee. I have China/ the Yuan on the brain. TY sir.
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    Microsoft Announces Debt Offerings

    You couldn't be more wrong. First off, MSFT's senior unsecured credit rating from both S&P and Moody's is the highest rating possible, at AAA. Junk bonds are classified as having a rating below "investment grade", which starts at BB+ on the S&P ratings scale. Hell, MSFT has a better credit...
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    Microsoft Announces Debt Offerings

    Why Chinese Yen? Euros would give you a lower lending rate, but China would not. I think Prime is a full 2%+ higher in China than the US. I guess they are active there, and it would be a good part of their overall hedging efforts. MS's debt to EBITDA and interest coverage indicate that they...
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    Call of Duty 2015 Is Scheduled for This Fall

    I can't recall ever seeing.....well anything really.....on the Korean War. That'd be a nice change of pace. And I can say with 100% certainty that I won't be buying anymore COD rubbish. Nooooo thank you.
  25. J

    HP CEO Gets $2M Raise Despite Laying Off Thousands

    You can read alllllll about their executive compensation practices and payouts by clicking on the "investors" link at the bottom of HP's website. You can then search their "SEC Filings" for "proxies", or have a peek here...
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    A couple crappy pictures of my home work station (I hate my phone camera...) My Denon 3313 is on the bottom left, and my HTPC is on the bottom right. HTPC is an i7, with 32GB of ram, 8TB of caviar black storage space, 500GB SSD for the OS, and a 770GTX video card. All speakers are Polk...
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    Men On The Internet Don’t Believe Sexism Is A Problem In Science

    Sigh.....more wasted e-ink. I work in the world of finance, and our company hires solely on talent. I've seen guys come here who appeared to be bright.....but when the SHTF, they are the ones running for the door b/c they can't handle the workload. My boss is a woman, and is the best person I...
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    This Is Not An Oculus Killer

    For another $500 bucks you can get a rather nice 3D screensaver....
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    Post Your Workstations 2015

    Shitty picture of my work desk. The keyboard, mouse, monitors, headphones and headphone amp are all mine. I refuse to squint at 19", 10 year old monitors for 8-10 hours per day....
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    Last-Gen Gamers Are Being Left Behind

    Minecraft anyone? My nephew might as well have that game injected directly into his veins.
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    An App That Uses AI To Pick Your Outfits

    LOL. Little is probably incredibly accurate, considering the constricting impact of those hipster skinny jeans. My nuts cringe at the thought....
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    Patch 1.5.0 for the PC Version of Far Cry 4 Has Been Released

    Since the slide isn't locked back, I can only assume he dropped his previous mag with a round or 2 left in it, hence one left in the chamber=already cocked? But agreed on the finger. Anyone who shoots regularly (and safely) moves their finger away by instinct on reloads...
  33. J

    GTA 5's Misogyny Must Be Addressed By Its Creators

    This. No one is safe when I'm playing GTA5, haha. And I hate to break it to the author, but...........It's just a game.........Don't like it? Don't play it.
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    Reddit CEO Resigns

    There's a heck of a lot more to it than that to be honest. One simple example is access to talent. If the best and brightest are in SF proper, and you build an office "just outside of SF" (which could be a 45 minute or more drive each way depending on traffic), how much of that top level...
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    Comcast Sued By Customer They Had Fired From Job

    And my math was bad. At $500 an hour that's over a million a year. No sir, no way. And on topic, I sure hope this guy wins....
  36. J

    Comcast Sued By Customer They Had Fired From Job

    Accountants don't make $500k.........Audit manangers at PWC make less than $200k a year. If accountants really made $500k, I'd have chosen that over finance. :D
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    Amazon Workers Want To Be Paid For Waiting In Line

    Exactly. The solution is so simple it's mind boggling. Because there's nothing better for our Supreme Court to address................Ridiculous.
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    'Mental Forces' To Blame For Bending iPhones

    Dammit. Now I officially have nothing to say. You win the internets today sir.