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    NVIDIA: RTX GPUs, High-Refresh-Rate Monitors Can Improve Your Kill-Death Ratio

    Anybody that doesnt think there is an advantage in shooters to high refresh rate monitor players are in denial. I do not even own a monitor over 75hz at 2k but it is easy to test if you know someone that has a 140 or even better yet a 240hz monitor, not tv, monitor. If the rest of my system...
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    This pansy shit makes me sick. If the vehicle has enough power to do high speeds it doesnt take very long to get there. I have been over 200mph on public roads so many times that I think I went back in time. And to the person that said a pothole at anything over 85 can cause fatality...
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    San Francisco Uses Computer Algorithm to Dismiss 9,362 Marijuana Convictions

    Most likely many of the people this affects have way more on their record that what is being expunged so this means nothing.
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    Politically correct lazy blanned writing to appease the social justice scum on this earth to the point nobody is breaking any boundaries. Every game has to have a female, asian female, black female, newly formed female, weekend female, asian man, black man, mixed asian black man, it goes on and...
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    Battlefield V on PC to Include Profanity Filter

    Posting here is as close I ever get to officially complaining about anything digital. That being said, they are catering to a base "OFFICIALLY" not supported by it's age restriction. Which just shows they do not care if 10yr olds play the game. Do they really think it will help? Like it is...
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    SHOCKER - Coinhive URL Shortener Used for Crypto Mining Attacks

    I do not find it any more mischievous than many pay walls that get a user in the door and then slam it shut. Then there are the layered annoyances that are enabled on the list site this article references.
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    Valve Dev Jess Cliffe Arrested for Child Sex Exploitation

    he was using an app to hook up. paid chic for time. a few times. took small video on phone. chic didn't like it. turned him in. her age was never discussed. he turned himself in. most likely she found out how much he was worth or her parents found out she was a prostitute and theyfound out how...
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    6 Charged With Making Fake Pac-Man Games

    I cant believe how scared people are about being politically incorrect. There are a certain type of person across the entire USA that do this type of crime time and time again. Not with just tech either. Anything that can be counterfeited and profited from is being so. Im surprised any of the...
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    Logitech Gaming Software Broke Intel Speedstep

    Yes, the Discord app is the cause. Thank You
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    Logitech Gaming Software Broke Intel Speedstep

    The latest version of logitech game device software 8.94.86 broke intel speedstep. I can reproduce the problem every time I install the drivers. I am running the g502. There is no fluctuation, drivers installed speedstep will not decrease clocks from my 4.3 oc. Drivers uninstalled my system...
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    Amazing Photo of the Day

    the type of photos are taken on cameras that cost as much as a new very nice car or even a small house. many of the nasa images are taken with a really nice camera mounted to some of the worlds most advanced telescopes. this image in particular is composed of 200 individual photos. its...
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    Star Citizen Selling A $900 Ship

    The business model these devs are using will not work. They are putting allot of effort into something bound to fail. Up until today I had never heard of this nonsense. Kinda makes me sick to my stomach.
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    William Shatner’s $30 Billion Kickstarter Campaign to Save California

    please please please build a wall around california 50ft high and 50ft below ground and put a million cameras within the state so we can televise the dehydration of every person in that worthless state. especially the so called famous people, including shatner. what we are going to have here...
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    Bulldozer project - AMD Tribute

    this is a great idea. you have put allot of thought into what you want. however, man, you should practice welding and setting up the welder for your specific application. those welds look very bad and weak.
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    Warning: EpicScale "Riskware" Silently Installed With Latest uTorrent

    i absolutely read through it. the silent install has been debunked by more than just me. whoever started this rumor was either being lazy while clicking through the install or grabbed an altered version of the installer from an untrusted source.
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    Warning: EpicScale "Riskware" Silently Installed With Latest uTorrent

    ads have nothing to do with this thread.
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    Warning: EpicScale "Riskware" Silently Installed With Latest uTorrent

    this is bs. the installer clearly allows the user to opt out of all 3rd party crapware. i have the latest version installed and it is no different than it has ever been since utorrent monetized. i see that isnt stopping people from jumping on the bandwagon though!
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    Oculus Rift Game Will Scare the Crap Out of You

    i have to come out of forum retirement for this nonsense. oculus rift is going to fail, and fail big. if this tech would have came out twenty years ago it would have done alright for awhile, now, no way. there is nothing they can do to make it successful, nothing, no application can save it...
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    EA’s Worst Company In America Reign Comes To An End

    ea might have won it again if the results would have been determined after they delayed the latest bf4 dlc, naval strike, indefinitely.
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    nice build. what keyboard is that between the recliners?
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    Massive Water Cooling Setup Suggestions Welcomed

    these setups make me sick to my stomach. everyone wants something for nothing. if something seems to good to be true then it "always" is! i cant wait until this nonsense gets shut down!
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    Microsoft in Talks to Buy Shoutcast and Winamp from AOL?

    foobar does just fine with over 400gb, so thats not a problem. however, if m$ get a hold of winamp im done with it for sure.
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    Activision and Infinity Ward Will Kick off the First Clan Wars

    we would prefer to play bf4 if it wasnt as broke as it is. in one 64 player conquest match i seen nine players get kicked for various pb violations. on top of that you have the diehard unlock exploiters that have every unlock available that are untouchable. then on top of that some of us have...
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    I've got the itch again... (help with w/c)

    i would never consider doing a single loop incorporating a gpu as hot as the 290. it defeats the purpose of wanting to get the most out of your cpu. i would do a dual loop system in that case. you will also need a full block for that card as i hear everything about them is hoooooootttttt.
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    I've got the itch again... (help with w/c)

    just the cpu yes. thats more than enough to get good cooling. if you start getting into solid copper or nickle fittings, solid nickle block and such then you will be pushing it at 400.00. there are just so many choices now its mind numbing.
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    I've got the itch again... (help with w/c)

    it comes down to what you want to spend. in 2006 there was a kinda level standard for water cooling components, now the sky is the limit. if you have enough cash for high end water parts then my opinion is i would rather have a phase change unit.
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    How Old Is Too Young To Go Online?

    parental controls LOL!. people that say that either dont have kids or are eventually going to learn a lesson the hard way. you will find that when a childs interests are blocked it makes them want to get around the barriers even more. if they cant get to whatever they want at home with no...
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    How Old Is Too Young To Go Online?

    i can say from first hand experience that a child is a child even online. if they dont know the meaning or the presence of something then they dont go looking for it. it still falls back on instilled values. this is how it gets messy. {true story} everything was fine with my eight year old son...
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    N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption

    i dont like the idea of thinking my home network is safe from intrusion but might not be even when im securing it correctly. i can deal with that better than i could deal with having some suicide bomber running into my kids school. this is the new world and its not changing any time soon. just...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 SLI Video Card Review @ [H]

    it just bums me out that the 780's and titans coming out killed the resale value of my cards. in real world gaming there is no advantage for me or anyone else with a 680 single, if thats all you want, or sli like im comparing here. yes i know 6gb vram and boost 2.0.....whatever. these...
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    Need to Activate Windows 8.1? Use your Windows 8 Key

    as others have or will dx 11.2. there has never been a game to date that has ever came close to fully utilizing dx9 or dx10 capabilities because the game devs have to dumb down iq so people on lappys and 200.00 pos systems can play without whining. im supposed to worry about dx 11.2...
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    Need to Activate Windows 8.1? Use your Windows 8 Key

    i can honestly say that i gave win8x64 a fighting chance. i took the many hours of personalization it takes on win8 to make it function how i want and to make my account a true administrator account with full control of system files. then i gave it two months or so. after that it just became a...
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    The Government Sells Your Personal Data

    none of this is new. these invasive tactics have been used by the government for a very long time. it is just now we have people dedicated to outing these systems. in todays world once something is found out the information can immediately be distributed world wide. the government doesnt have...
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    Mark Rein Responds To "Consoles Better Than PCs"

    consoles are for a tamed mind. a mind that dosent care how it works only that it does, even if the end result is less than desirable.
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    Mark Rein Responds To "Consoles Better Than PCs"

    even my sons rig that is based on whatever parts i upgrade and is hard to put a value on will smoke the new consoles coming out. i believe its an i7870, 8gigs 2133 cl9 ram, and a gtx560ti soc ed. if i were to sell it whole i would ask maybe 350.00. so im assuming this is the type of pc theye...
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    Watercooled Gaming System - 3x GTX 680

    obviously in todays world you will end up parting. might as well start sooner rather than later. every minute wasted selling electronics gets closer to the release of newer tech that will lower the resale price of every part in this rig.
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    i7-4770 $313 + ship @ rakuten/

    looks legit to me.....:eek:
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    Is My GTX 680m Underperforming in Stock Speeds?

    the misunderstanding about mobile vs desktop hardware comparison ruins so many online games for me that i have went from an avid competitive gamer to almost strictly a lan player against people i know. i blame the hardware manufacturers for this. mobile hardware should not be labeled the same as...
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    680 vs 680 Classified (3dMark scores)

    obviously its an os differential. with systems this close in specs it is the obvious culprit. get a cheap ssd or hdd and make a dedicated benchmark drive out of whatever os you want and you both run benchmarks from the same drive and he should smoke you with the classidied. i pull 11213 in...