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    CLOSED [W] Jonsbo n1 / n2 or similar case. 4-8tb HDDs *Purchased one*

    If you need a low drive count, for how much those cases are going for I'd look at a 2U for $60 shipped instead: You can fit four 3.5" drives in it. It also fits mATX motherboards and ATX power supplies which are way cheaper...
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    FS: More Basically Free: Wireless Routers, Motherboards, SATA Cables, Heatsinks, Fans, Etc...

    Bump. Added some items to the original post as well as trimmed what has been given away and e-cycled.
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    Wtb: am4 motherboard

    I was honestly fighting with the same issue last night in putting testing three AM4 motherboards. Two were brand new MSI X570s and one was a previously used ASRock X570. The order they were tested in was; new, used, + new. The first brand new ones kept giving me, "D6" as the post code for, "No...
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    Thermalright FS140 CPU Cooler $31.79 - $28.90 updated

    Same, I have it on an LGA 1700 system that just finished. The system is rather basic, but this was the best heatsink for the money, and keeps the system silent.
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    Scorching hot! Roccat Vulcan 121 both Tac and Linear $39 Amazon

    It appears the deal ended on the linear one and the tactile is available at $39.99. I might jump on this... Hmm.
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    FS: i7-6700k, 2x1080s, waterblocks, ram, bricked mobo

    Honestly, there's probably something else wrong with the board if the bios flashback isn't resolving the issue. The bios chip can be removed with needle nose pliers in about 5 seconds going slowly. You don't need to unscrew or remove anything on this specific motherboard to access it.
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    Kingston Hyper X Fury Beast Expo 6000 - 2 TB kingston Fury NVME PCI 4.0

    That sounds like a good time if that's the kind of thing you're into. ;) There's a, "Y" missing in your title. It might help search results although the unintended humor of it might get more clicks.
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    FS: Anthem Statement P5 home theater amplifier (325w x 5 @ 8ohms)

    Then, you get to lug all 150lbs of it and the rest of your equipment into a new place. I'm sure this would be super popular in an apartment complex.
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    WTB: Asus AM3+ Backplate, mounting clips and screws (FOUND)

    They're $6.99 shipped on ebay from the US or $5.18 from China. It's going to cost someone at least $3.8x to $4.1x to ship one without the cost of any shipping supplies. Type the numbers into the ebay search. US: 165728170270 China: 193925781329 Honestly if you're looking for basic computing...
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    Humble Bundle: 100 years of Warner Bros Bundle ($15- Amazing Deal)

    It'll take me 10 years to play any of these, but it was too good of a deal to pass on.
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    LG V60 are about $100 used / $160 new on ebay. 6.8" screen, expandable storage, and has a dual screen case you can purchase separately.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Post a photo of what they look like. I have some Dell carcasses of different models that are getting recycled soon. Alternative scenario order a cheap set of felt floor savers that you stick on the bottom of furniture. You can get some that just come in a sheet and you cut them to fit. You can...
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    FS: HP zbook 15 G5 with dock

    Just run something like HWiNFO (Hardware Info), it'll give you the part number of the memory, and google the result.
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    FS: More Basically Free: Wireless Routers, Motherboards, SATA Cables, Heatsinks, Fans, Etc...

    Bump, offers accepted. Most of these items are going to end up getting e-cycled soon if they're not claimed.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Use HWIDgen or massgrave. As previously mentioned Windows 7 keys work as well.
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    WTB Windows 10/11 key

    What if I told you, they've available for free and if you're paying some key company they're more than likely just using a keygen to make them?
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    Premium code purchased and redeemed. Thanks again for an easy transaction.
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    For Sale (FS): eero Pro 6E Units - $110 Shipped Each

    Having a different Deco system, I wasn't familiar with that TP-Link part number, Googled it, saw the price, and call me anti-[H], but your wife is right. Holy early adopters tax.
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    WTB: AMD Ryzen 5900 OEM aka non X

    Is there a specific reason you need that CPU rather than just purchasing the X version and enabling the 65w TDP option in the bios? There's four listings on ebay and the cheapest non-X is $318.25 with all of them coming from China. The cheapest X CPU is $229.20. At the price difference between...
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    Made a newer/Updated post

    Last heat transaction circa 2013, no forum posts since 2/4/2018, and photos have a different forum's username on them. I'm not waving a red flag, but that might throw some up for people. Perhaps it'd be best to take photos with an accurate username for verification purposes.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    PM these two members:
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    Friendly FYI. That PSU isn't 240v only, it just uses a cable with a C20 (PSU) side and runs to a regular C19 plug that you'd use in a 5-15 or 5-20 wall outlet. Even if you don't have that cable type, but have the normal one you can either cut the end off or use jumper wires, and just attach the...
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    FS: More Basically Free: Wireless Routers, Motherboards, SATA Cables, Heatsinks, Fans, Etc...

    Bump... RGB fans are on the way to their new owner. Negative.
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    FS: More Basically Free: Wireless Routers, Motherboards, SATA Cables, Heatsinks, Fans, Etc...

    Bump lots of new items added. One box of the fan favorite SATA cables are back.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    You need it for certain Intel sockets:
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    WTB: 10Gb ethernet adapter

    Is the sheathing on the wiring labeled? This is anecdotal, but every box of CAT5e I've purchased says, "CAT5e" on the side amongst some other things. If your house is over a certain age, I doubt it has CAT6 and if it's that new you can probably contact the builder to clarify. If it's older...