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    Best bios for K8N Neo2?

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    9800Pro borked

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    Performance-PCs Gallery

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    First Ever Case Mod - Project A - Lian Li

    I think the A just ruined the entire look of the case, you should have etched a A on the window or something just my 2 cents
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    Karma: Valvoline Racing Super Coolant

    Hook me up :D
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    Thinking getting Thermaltake Big water SE as my first WC kit

    Bigwater SE + TT GPU Block has worked great for me
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    Just got my new toy from NewEgg (Pics)

    no wonder the shipping cost is so high :rolleyes:
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    Counter strike source...

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    Using 24 Pin on a 20 pin - Stability?

    Im running a DFI NF3 s754 board, and im wondering if using the extra 4 pin plug that is on the atx connector on the 4 pin p4 connector will provide more stability since you are using 2 rails instead of 1. My PSU is a Antec Truepower2 380w.
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    New NEC 20WMGX2!!! (Pics inside 56K)

    got a WoW ss?
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    My New Completed Watercooled Machine...Finally...(pics)

    take a pic of the side directly please, then i'll make comments, cuz i can't see the whole thing, and the angle you shot from might be hiding a rats nest of wires :P
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I'll take one!
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    Love your socket 754?

    What motherboard are you getting?
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    Conroes in hands of a few

    Welcome to xtremesystems, the forum where all we do is "play" 3dmark and RMA our parts because they dont OC correctly :rolleyes:
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    Project: Liquid LanBoy

    looking forward to seeing this!
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    get this 6200??

    That probably wont unlock as it doesnt have the older 6200 core. You want to find one with a bridge chip on it.
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    3 Pentium Options (which will be best?))

    Go with the 3.4
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    Where to get some sweet posters?

    I dont want movie posters. I want posters from computer hardware manufactures to display in my computer room as decorations.
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    Where to get some sweet posters?

    Anyone got any contacts on how I could get some cool computer posters to decorate my computer room with?
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    worth upgrading 9500Pro?

    best bet is probably to mod it to a 9700np and save the cash you had for the new video card and put it towards a bigger upgrade. My modded 9500 is running all my games nicely while I wait for ATI to send me my 9800 back :(
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    Come from China!Thanks!

    nice!!! sorry, you just sounded really sarcastice thats all :D
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    Come from China!Thanks!

    I hope that isn't a joke. Anyway, AWESOME job SCF, welcome to the forums!
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    RMA'ed 9800... What should I expect in return?

    Alright, all I play is WoW anyway and a 9800 runs it mint
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    RMA'ed 9800... What should I expect in return?

    I just RMA'ed my BBA 9800 to ATI due to its recent death... and I was just wondering since 9800's are not in production anymore, what should I expect to be sent back to me?
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    Love your socket 754?

    Whats the best slots to use on the DFI NF3? 1+3?
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    The Things Wrong with my TJ07-Pics

    dude hook me up with some cash, my super lanboy is mint! :cool:
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    The Things Wrong with my TJ07-Pics

    perhaps rotating your drives the opposite way would fix your wiring issues
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    FS/FT: OCZ GoldVX PC3200 DDR

    FS/FT: OCZ GoldVX PC3200 DDR Price: 190$ O.B.O, No Lowballers, Please. Willing to trade for: Decent 2x 1gb kit. Not expecting something that is better than my VX obviously... willing to trade tight timings and 1gb for loose timings and 2gb. Contacts: AIM: Peach Is L33T - E-Mail...
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    Is this guy computer illiterate?

    he seems to be extremely bias towards linux, espically how he mentions how third-party software is "expensive"
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    Distilled Water + Few Drops of Bleach, good enough?

    I'm only 17 :rolleyes: and in-between jobs and needed a quick fix, i understand that anti-freeze is the way to go, i'll try to pick up some this weekend, until then im running it with a little less than a cup of isopropyl alcohol + distilled water + blue dye, it looks alot better than those...
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    Distilled Water + Few Drops of Bleach, good enough?

    how about some isopropyl alcohol?
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    Distilled Water + Few Drops of Bleach, good enough?

    i dont have antifreeze available + I don't have enough money for it, i dont drive :P a friend has told me that all i need to do is make the water toxic, so nothing will grow in it
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    Distilled Water + Few Drops of Bleach, good enough?

    Is distilled water + a few drops of clorox bleach along with some blue food coloring good enough to keep my loop algae free?
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    Advert on the side of the forum

    Anybody else think this is annoying because it makes everything off-center? I think it does, maybe you guys should move it to the bottom or at least the right side.
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    iMac and WoW

    well if its a universal patch it should be able to run on linux... after all, OSX is linux
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    iMac and WoW

    does this mean we can run WoW on linux?
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    MSI k8n neo2 chipset thermal paste.

    thats pretty funny considering my old Neo2 had quite the opposite amount of thermal paste on it, it took me a good 15 minutes to get it all off with rubbing alcohol...
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    Love your socket 754?

    I'm currently trying to decide between the EPoX SLI s754 board, and the DFI NF4X Infinity, I heard both OC about the same, the EPoX has a better chipset, looks better, but the layout sucks, don't know what to do :(