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    AAA Study Claims Cold Weather Significantly Shortens EV Range

    This. When you temp gauge stops moving your thermostat is opening and your engine and water are now 'heat soaked' and is operating at optimum temperature. Also, the reason why your mileage is going down, as well, is because the colder air is way more dense to a combustion engine than 70-90...
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    Texas Man Dies after Vape Pen Explosion Severs Artery to Brain

    Yeah, they never seem to report this part of it.
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    Here Is the ASRock Phantom Gaming X AMD Radeon VII 16G Graphics Card

    They might be be able to say because of NDA things.
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    Ford Is Developing a Powerful All-Electric F-Series Truck

    Fucking hell man, thats like running 2 or 3 5-ton residential AC units at once. Fucking ridiculous.
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    Researchers Fabricate 2.5 Nanometer Transistors

    So the width of this thing is like 2 to 4 atoms? Fucking nuts. You have to be grateful for the people who have built modern times in the past 70 years, there are people sitting in a room somewhere where they have dedicated their lives to calculations and trial and error to make this shit work.
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    Microsoft Commits to Providing the U.S. Military Access to All of Its Technology

    You can tell he almost slipped up when he mentioned the distance of how far you can see your wingman, hehehe, OPSEC BRO.
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC Catches Fire in Spectacular Fashion

    I'm thinking about making my wall socket 240v for efficiency purposes, all you need is a circuit breaker that connects to both legs of power in your breaker box, the correct wire and maybe a 3 prong wall socket thats made to handle it.
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    Valve Planning VR Headset with "Knuckles" Controllers, Half-Life VR

    I just almost shat my pants at the thought of those damned head crab zombie things running at me full speed with those blood curdling screams of theirs in VR. YEESH!
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    Frank Azor VP of Alienware Interview @ [H]

    Its always cool hearing success stories such as struggling in a small office to being a 3 billion dollar business. Its crazy to think how the stars align for some people.
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    Tech to Blame for Ever-Growing Repair Costs, AAA Says

    That higher compression will help in low rev situations. I'm not sure what you are worried about. You might want to look into a silverado with a 4.3L vortec in it, but I dont think they offer that motor anymore in those and most of the time it had a manual transmission in it, it would be ideal...
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    Capcom Finalizes Deal to Turn "Mega Man" into Live-Action Film

    They will make MegaMan an African-American (BLACK). Bet you a bajillion dollars that is what will end up happening.... And holy shit, had a idea while I was typing that........It's a woman who wants to be a man and they perform an experiment on her that makes her a MegaMan, this is like the...
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    Threadripper Air Coolers-Silver Arrow TR4 vs. Wraith Ripper @ [H]

    I would love to have one of these systems......but I would never ever use them to the extent they are made for. I just love coming here and seeing what these beasts can do (CPUs). I really do love the no bullshit style and straight up facts when it comes to reviewing products on this site...
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 4K Preview @ [H]

    So when the graphics are mainly GPU dependent, the 2080TI is a ~50 percent performance gain for double the price of a 1080TI and thats at 4k.......damn Nvidia is smart. They know people will buy the hell out of them now but its such a fine line when it comes to it being overpriced. After seeing...
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    Official Final Fantasy XV Benchmarks Feature the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti

    I agree with your pricing explanation to an extent, the shit part is is that Nvidia is pricing their cards like they are ultra rare lambos. Which it isn't, they are price gouging at this point but no one is challenging them and they know they have the fastest thing right now so they do it. When...
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    Yusaku Maezawa is Going Around the Moon

    BUT WHY HAVEN'T WE GONE BACK!?!?!?!?!?!?! Neat story I hope comes to fruition.
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    Metro Exodus: GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Traced Global Illumination Demo

    You can tell it is dropping to damn near 30 FPS when Ray tracing is turned on.......that is not good. :sick:
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    Official Final Fantasy XV Benchmarks Feature the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti

    True, true. Im not denying that but I was just talking about the cars themselves which is why I said omit status. Other than status there isn't much difference when it comes to performance in most (and I emphasize MOST) supercars nowadays (for instance corvette vs Farrari) except price. If the...
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    Official Final Fantasy XV Benchmarks Feature the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 & 2080 Ti

    What other benefits? Besides status. I mean the pricing is VERY shitty, Nvidia shouldn't be charging THAT fucking much for these cards.....BUT....since they are a generation ahead of the competition now once these things officially release and no one else is challenging them, then this is to...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 "Blackout" PC Open Beta Ongoing, Ends Tomorrow

    just played a couple of rounds....I despise the battle royale gameplay with what everyone else is doing like PUBG and Fortnite but for some reason this was stupid fun.
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    The Verge Ridiculed for "How We Built a $2000 Custom Gaming PC" Video

    Man some good laughs reading this thread, so much wrongness. Something I noticed was how he said it didn't matter what slot to put the graphics card in......yeah, like there aren't different PCIe speeds.
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    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Season Pass Contains Episodic Content and Surprises

    Same. I think its because it wasn't ALL about the revolution like that made it out to be before the game came out, and Connor wasn't a good character for a main top tier assassin, he seemed like more of a side character to me, still liked the game though. Just my 2 cents.
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    Madden Tournament Shooting Survivor Files Lawsuit against EA and Venue it really unreasonable to have some kind of security at a video game event? You can look at videos LITERALLY all day long that show people freaking out and destroying things over a video game loss. You really don't think physical harm could come into play? Do I think he should get...
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    Samsung Announces QLED 8K TV for Consumers

    Shocker at foreigners telling the US population how bad we have it. So tired of hearing that shit when it isn't true. And you can't compare any other country to Japan when it comes to electronics and the availability of them. Except to maybe South Korea. PROPAGANDA EVERYWHERE.
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    After 24 Years, Doom II’s Final Secret Has Been Found

    That is really nuts. Just probably one of those things lost in time.
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    The Future of Warfare Will Be Fought over Information

    Until they manage to do that without maintaining near absolute zero temps constantly then I will believe them...... Unless something has developed that I have missed.
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    Battlefield V Real-Time Ray Tracing and Graphics Options Explained

    I love how we have been warned by someone who has been in the business for decades about how we aren't going to see real performance numbers until later because of an NDA yet you see people freaking out over numbers on BETA drivers. (long winded sentence) Man, some of you would fuck up a wet...
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    You Can Now Run Windows 95 Inside Windows (or Linux or macOS)

    "Ah shit Bob well there's your problem right there! You have 13 devices on IRQ 3!"
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    DICE Made Nvidia’s Ray Traced Gaming Dreams a Reality in Just Eight Months

    Well it does say they went very "wide" to offload the work. Probably made it that way as a fail-safe I guess to get it working since they didn't have the actual hardware. Kind of like "regardless what the hardware can specifically do this will work". Thats what I took from it anyway.
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    I would pay a lawyer a couple of hundred bucks to really see what all it says down to the T. I personally cant say anything either way though, this is a tough one. :-/
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX & 2950X CPU Review @ [H]

    Don't see how companies can still not buy AMD for workstations at this point, AMD should take over the damn market with this kind of pricing and performance at this level. Unless Intel has them in some sneaky iron clad contracts paid for with their souls. Yeah....that's probably it.
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    Speedier Broadband Standards? Pai’s FCC Says 25Mbps Is Fast Enough

    hey Hey HEY NOW! Stop with those damned facts of yours, they don't like to hear those you know. To be fair though he was appointed commissioner in Obama. LUL Appointed to Chairman by Trump last year. It's just so damned weird how things look when you have the whole story...
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    Unmasking The F-15X, Boeing's F-15C/D Eagle Replacement Fighter

    Sounds very similar to what we have, maybe refined a little bit. It was structured almost exactly the same, organizational, intermediate, and depot. We called our support units "backshops". Crew Chief "backshop" were the phase inspections of the aircraft. You had Electrical and Environmental...
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    Unmasking The F-15X, Boeing's F-15C/D Eagle Replacement Fighter

    And the damned suspenses in IMDS that was never cleared a year ago when it was on another jet to go along with it....ugh, dont miss those fucking headaches.
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    Unmasking The F-15X, Boeing's F-15C/D Eagle Replacement Fighter

    Thats weird, in the AirForce we would actually schedule a jet to become a CANN jet and they would rotate them out because how long it took parts to come in but it was normal practice in the AirForce. They would try to make them FMC/MC again before a month went by so it wouldn't go hangar queen...
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    Unmasking The F-15X, Boeing's F-15C/D Eagle Replacement Fighter

    And you would be surprised at how much that happens on the Enlisted side of it all too. Fudging the mission capable rates a little is standard practice among a small percentage of squadrons.....its gives the maintenance group commander warm and fuzzies so he's not making people work every...
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    Unmasking The F-15X, Boeing's F-15C/D Eagle Replacement Fighter

    There is more to owning an Aircraft than just the pilot sitting in it and what his opinion is. It is MAINTAINING the Aircraft is what is so shit about it.....or was anyway. Before you question my knowledge of it, I was an F-16 crew chief and while I was in Kunsan, befriended someone who went to...
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    Unmasking The F-15X, Boeing's F-15C/D Eagle Replacement Fighter

    Just from what some of you people think you "know" about the F-16's mission is showing a lot of ignorance.