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    FS: Asus K53SV XR1 Gaming laptop, 15.6" i7 Quad, GT540 1GB Nvidia

    Listed on ebay as well as here. Just bought this new under a month ago, and unfortunately due to my finances being this extreme I'm listing this on here to my extreme dismay (plan to rebuy one after i'm more stable) Asus K53SV-XR1 (B1) Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM Quad core at 2.9Ghz TB2 (second...
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    WTB: Atrix 4G phone

    Looking for an Atrix, in good to great condition, missing parts depending on the part is ok(battery cover). Not looking to pay 500+ for one as there is a seller on ebay selling new ones just the phone, for 439 shipped. If you've got one for possible quick NON CC paypal cash, PM ME. Thanks...
  3. J

    FS: HP DM1Z Laptop / Netbook / Notbook

    Would take at 380 non cc paypal if interested. Gracias
  4. J

    FS: CarPC (7" Touchscreen, GPS, OBDII)

    This is awesome , LOVE IT. With I needed it!
  5. J

    FS: Maxed-Out 11.6" MacBook Air

    hm. Nice.. Would take at 1000 !. But a little low for this little mac
  6. J

    WTB: Laptop / System / Toys / something for $1000 even ! Show me what you got !

    So I have a grand to spend, but I want to find a great deal on something I don't have. Would love to see what you guys have that you'd offer for 1k. PM or list some things for 1000 big ones below ! ---~~ super laptop ? Super macbook ? couple gaming systems ? Camera ?
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    FS/FT: 4.3u Soft Mod Black Wii Package

    the 'Natsi Mods are comin for ya, how dare you list something remotely close with a hint of piracy involved! They got me already !
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    JFX Sell my * thread, updated with stuff as I go!

    All prices are with shipping included, and usually priority mail (2-3 days) with tracking if you want it. I have just so many things and parts I am partially overwhelmed but after buying so much on this forum and spending years on here, I finally need to list my collection of stuff and...
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    WTB: 2 samsung Captivate phones, around 200 each.

    Looking for captivates, one for me one for someone else. Looking to spend around 200 each. PM me with your captivate ! I have heat and paypal verified premium NON cc. Thanks
  10. J

    WTB: 7800 GTX laptop card

    Looking for this card for a dell laptop upgrade, They are still selling for almost 400 on ebay, just ridiculous, so I'm trying on here. If you've got one, PM me and let me know what you'd part with it for,
  11. J

    WTB: 17" gateway P6860 replacement screen,

    Needing one of these, not sure if it has to be exact model or maybe just similar to the gateway p6860 FX laptop. My screen is half shot, so needing a new one, ebay sells it for 95, so anyone got one for less? PM me here or email at [email protected]
  12. J

    WTB: Gateway 17" Laptop LCD FX series

    I have a P 6860 FX laptop., and today I have really fucked up. While trying to minus a new line that was appearing on my display after a nice drop this morning, I must have messed something up badly, because now half my screen is white, so I have half a screen. I'm thinking I need an LCD...
  13. J

    WTB: Grim Fandango

    I have it, but it's a copy of the original I managed to burn before my original was totally destroyed. Works great on vista. As well as the entire soundtrack,
  14. J

    WTB: C2Duo T9300 or similar CPU mobile c2d

    Looking for a used preferably since would be cheaper, T9300, or X7800, or similar processor. PM me your offers please!
  15. J

    WTB: T or X series Mobile P CPU for my Gateway Laptop

    I have a P-6860 laptop with the T5550, looking to sell this CPU and buy one at least 2.0 ghz 3mb cache or better. X7900., X7800, T9300, something like that. PM me your offers.
  16. J

    FS: 2.13 Ghz 9300 Modded > XPS w 7800 GTX

    Before I list on Ebay as I need to sell this stat, and a sad truly sad parting it is for us. I'm looking to sell my 9300 beast, which has been pinmodded to 2.13 Ghz, ram is upped to 2GB, 60gb HD, 17" flawless screen, and both the GPU and CPU have artcic 5 applied. The best part is the 7800 GTX...
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    WTB: PC Grand Theft Auto IV GTA 4 Game

    Burn it first I don't care, but I'm looking for GTA IV (the latest one yep) for PC, it's on ebay new for 16.50 shipped but from Thailand, I'd pay 20 for it not from thailand. Used or New, whatever. PM me !
  18. J

    WTB: Thermal paste, arctic silver 5

    I would like to find someone with a tube or more of the arctic silver paste. If only one, that's fine too. I'll pay $5 for a tube even if it's a little used, we'll negotiate. Since I'm going to order it online anyway I mine as well ask here first.
  19. J

    WTB: Your used Motorola SLVR L7

    L2 ? Sell for 30
  20. J

    FS: E8400 - $150 shipped

    Is the girl included
  21. J

    Wanted- 3dfx related stuff for website!

    Did you note that you had Voodoo 3 3000s or not? I have two.
  22. J

    WTB: Laptops, between 100 and 300 dollar laptops broken and working

    List me what you've got, by PMing me preferred. Looking to buy your laptops, depending on how big the problem is I'll consider anything working or not. I fix and sell laptops so I know the honest worth, no absurdly high make-you-rich-fast prices please !
  23. J

    FS: Sprint HTC Touch

    EXcellent price, great phone, if this is still up in about a week I'll probably get it from you.
  24. J

    WTB: Nintendo 64 and Quiet 40mm Fan

    I've got an N64 system working perfect still, lots of games and 4 controllers, all working great, still springy.. Just throwing it out there, not really sure I wish to sell though, for that price.. They are like gold now, love my 64
  25. J

    WTB: F1 Pro Exilim, 7800GTX Go, ATT Tilt,

    Looking for all three of these items. Especially one of the F1 Pro casio Cameras. Looking to spend about $800 for the F1. The 7800 GTX go also looking for, as well as a TILT smartphone in great condition.
  26. J

    WTB: ATT Tilt Tynt II 8925 smartphone

    Looking to buy one, used or new, since I recently am having issues with mine, I need a new one and to sell this one, anyone with offers PM me.
  27. J

    WTT: My 2 months old ATT Tilt For Iphone

    Will you sell your tilt?? with or without card?
  28. J

    WTB: External 500 GB hard drive,

    Looking for one of these ASAP, prefer western digital but other brands are ok, some are selling on ebay for 70 and up but I prefer to buy on here so looking to spend around 70 shipped. PM me!
  29. J

    [FS] iPod Nano 4GB with Accessories!

    Hi, is that Ipod still for sale? I'd like to get it from you
  30. J

    Ticket from Ny to San diego

    I've changed my mind completely about going to California this upcoming week, from the tenth to the 20th of June, so I'm looking for someone who will buy it off of me, I'll take 30 off what I paid, from 300 to 270, which is a killer price, and is round trip.. The flight is leaving from Syracuse...
  31. J

    WTB: Mario Party DS

    I am looking to get this, if you've got it and want to sell it, PM me or reply here.
  32. J

    FS: Inspiron 9300 Gaming Laptop

    If interested in parting it out I will be interested in the card.