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    AMD’s Navi GPU coming July Radeon RX 5700 OFFICIAL

    I was interested until I saw the Verge. Screw them!!!
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    WD 10TB My Book $79.99 @ Amazon + more

    Yup, same here guys, I got a $20 credit and order was cancelled for the 16TB. At least they didn't wait 2 months to take care of it. As much as I think they should make good on a mistake they made, I respect the fact they openly admit they made a mistake and offered at least some compensation...
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    WD 10TB My Book $79.99 @ Amazon + more

    Yeah mine hasn't been canceled either.... Hopefully, they make good on it... A few months is unacceptable!
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    WD 10TB My Book $79.99 @ Amazon + more

    Did anyone get shipping confirmation on the 16TB duo unit? I ordered one but they put it on back-order, guess I was a little too slow...
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    GeForce FX 5800 Ultra vs Radeon 9700 Pro

    I was pretty much the same, starting with TNT. I bought a new card pretty much every time they launched one for years. TNT, TNT2, GeForce 256, GeForce2, GeForce3 skipped GeForce4 then jumped to 9700 Pro. Since the 9700Pro I stopped buying every launch and skip back and forth based on value...
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    Zen2/Navi conference in August, So no Zen2 till then?

    Agreed, if these chips are even close to the rumors they are going to sell like hotcakes! I personally plan to buy 2 at launch. Hopefully we don't see the same board supply issues that plagued the original Ryzen launch.
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    GeForce FX 5800 Ultra vs Radeon 9700 Pro

    The 9700 Pro was pretty much the best video card I have ever owned. At least nostalgia wise, I have extremely fond memories of that card and playing any game I wanted to play with all the settings cranked.
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    Navi Rumors v2.0

    He flip-flops more than a Clinton! Didn't he say late last year, maybe early this year that initial samples showed better than expected power and performance? I also agree on the power. I will accept the noisy cooler and extra power draw but only when loaded. It needs to idle at reasonable...
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    AMD: 7nm ‘Navi’ GPU & 'Rome' CPU to Launch in Q3

    I used to daily Anandtech, just went back to check this out and remembered why I stopped. How do you get a 20+ year everyday reader to stop visiting your site? Embed auto-play videos!
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    An annoying downside to PC building.

    I was a notorious box saver. I stopped because the clutter was just too much. I have found that only a few companies want original packaging and most of those are odd shaped delicate items like LCD panels. Now I keep a box for 30 days and toss it. If something is going to fail it's typically in...
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    High-speed 4-pin PWM 120mm case fan

    That sounds like it's gonna take off!
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    High-speed 4-pin PWM 120mm case fan

    120mm fans that spin more than 2000rpm are not common. I have a Nidec GentleTyphoon on my H60i that spins at 2150 max and I thought that was fast. Great fan btw, so quiet and moves so much air! I found a Scythe 120 that spins at 3K but it's not PWM. You might just have to find a way of fooling...
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    Stability issues running a quad core (775/750 SLI)

    I had a C2Quad Q9400 it was solid as a rock overclocked to 3Ghz with 4 x 2GB sticks of RAM @ DDR 800 and then one of the memory channels went bad. Just out of no where, no mater what I did one of the memory channels would produce errors. I tried a different motherboard that had a fully...
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    Tesla Model S "Spontaneously" Erupts

    I was going to say the same exact thing!
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    UCLA Researchers Invent a Way to Generate Electriciity from Snow

    Nope... This facility is run by First Light Power Resources. No Duke Energy in this area.
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    Student Fried $58,000-Worth of College Computers Using 'USB Killer' Device

    Funny, I bet you won't see this in mainstream media!
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    'The Witcher' Netflix Show Hits This Fall

    Not soon enough!!!
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    UCLA Researchers Invent a Way to Generate Electriciity from Snow

    That is the problem with almost all alternative generation methods. About 10 miles from where I live there is a small mountain with a reservoir on top. During the day they use solar panels to pump water from the nearby river up the mountain and at night they use that water to turn generators and...
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    Ubisoft donates 500,000 Euros / Assassin's Creed: Unity free for a week after Notre Dame fire

    Yes, unbelievably all the cathedrals in France are owned by the French state. In essence, Ubisoft has donated the funds to the French government. It's kind like someone donating land or money for a park, a religious park... Strange but it is an icon of France and is frequently considered to be a...
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    Eliminating smoke stink from a laptop?

    Someone hit the nail on the head earlier. The fan and heat sink are probably loaded with soot from the smoke. At least consider blowing it out even dad doesn't mind the smell, house fire soot is generally loaded with nasty crap. Not healthy to be breathing in.
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    UCLA Researchers Invent a Way to Generate Electriciity from Snow

    Just my opinion based on the information presented, I could be very wrong.
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    Assassins Creed Unity May Help in Notre Dame Reconstruction

    I was thinking they were going that direction with things but to me anything beyond World War I era weaponry makes a large portion of the game play completely unrealistic. Even WW1 era weaponry makes most hand to hand combat irrelevant. I like the fact that the games insert the assassins into...
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    Dropped CPU on floor, chance that it is damaged?

    Maybe my thought process was a bit naive. I didn't read the OP as inferring a return. I frequently forget many people buy from Amazon and return items half the time because they can. When I think returning a CPU I think RMA. I'm pretty sure Intel doesn't accept RMAs without testing first or for...
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    Dropped CPU on floor, chance that it is damaged?

    You should get a job with Intel, Apple or Microsoft and teach them about ethics, it seems to be your thing.
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    Biostar adds Windows 7 support for a number of their MBs

    If you think Windows 7 is incredibly quick try XP on a modern platform. That being said, I would never recommend anyone use XP on a machine that is used on the internet in anyway. The usage scenarios I have in mind for XP are industrial in nature and involve primarily legacy applications that...
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    Dropped CPU on floor, chance that it is damaged?

    This is true... I'm just not sure why anyone would bring ethics into a conversation about anything to do with Intel. Well that is unless your goal was to share an example of how not to act ethically as a business. In this case there could only be an assumption of ethical action unless physical...
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    Biostar adds Windows 7 support for a number of their MBs

    I appreciate companies that support as many OSes as possible. That being said, I still won't be purchasing any Biostar products anytime soon. Now if they decided to take up the Windows XP banner, that might be a game changer.
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    Dropped CPU on floor, chance that it is damaged?

    Yes, because Intel has made a history of being a very ethical company right? They deserve all their customers to be completely ethical in return... Of all the companies to take the pulpit for on ethics, you choose Intel? Wow!
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    UCLA Researchers Invent a Way to Generate Electriciity from Snow

    This will never produce any meaningful amount of electricity. Still it's a cool idea...
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    Assassins Creed Unity May Help in Notre Dame Reconstruction

    I love the AC series but they pump them out so fast I can't keep up... Playing as a basically superhuman assassin is fantastic but the whole obstergo / animus side story is down right annoying. Historical accuracy is definitely not their strength but they weave things together creatively. I...
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    Ryzen 1700 system woes

    Good to know, I'm holding out for Ryzen 3xxx(Zen 2). Hopefully, it is as RAM friendly as Ryzen 2xxx(Zen+) apparently is.
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    Does anyone still make money from selling PCs/repair?

    Nope the race to the bottom ended that... Home PCs are disposable now. Most people who are into PC gaming, CAD or video editing know their way around a machine at least well enough to get by. That basically leaves businesses. Most will have their own in house IT or a manged contract. I currently...
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    What is the recommended amount of RAM these days?

    I'm not video editing or doing massive CAD simulations so 16GB is more than enough for my needs. I rarely see more than 6GB being used and I regularly fill my entire browser with tabs so small they are hard to click on. Two windows on dual displays to boot. I'm often amazed at how little RAM is...
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    Shocking: Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

    Wow, that would be awkward. I would spend all day beating the women at work off me... No but really, I respect your right to privacy in anyway you see fit. I personally don't care if people are listening to my day to day BS. I'm sure there is some sort of scenario that I wouldn't want someone...
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    Ryzen 1700 system woes

    Okay, this thread is about a Ryzen 1700...
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    Shocking: Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

    I don't have anything to hide so why the hell should I care if someone is listening. The worst thing they will hear is my wife and I having sex. Maybe some rumbling farts in bed at night. I can understand why businesses wouldn't want their strategies and product developments listened to. I just...
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    Falcon Heavy making only second flight, but it’s already changing the game

    Yes, landing the two boosters in near synchronization was an amazing engineering feat! I was totally blown away. I was showing all the engineers at work saying basically if they can do that, we should be able to make our crap without an issue.
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    Ryzen 1700 system woes

    I agree, Ryzen is RAM picky. The default Corsair mem voltages are too low bump that up a bit and bump soc voltage a bit and the ram will be more stable. You can also just get a Ryzen approved RAM kit. I got the G.Skill kit after I had issues getting the Corsair LPX 3200 kit to run at 3200...
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    EVs outsould fossil fuel powered cars in Norway

    I'm not an electric car owner because the crappy cold winters and absurd electrical rates where I live. That being said all this hoopla about energy usage is plain silly. The math proves it, even crappy electric cars are more energy efficient as compared to ICE. The most efficient ICE engines...
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    Windows 10 right click bug

    Holy crap, my old X201 has 1809 on it, explorer is hitting 40% CPU utilization just from right clicking on the desktop a bunch. After a few times it starts slowing down how quickly it comes up too. Looks like you found a nice bug in explorer.