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    Skateboarding games?

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 runs great on Dolphin - even with the Mayflash adapter so you can use a wavebird ;)
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    Home use linux gui

    I'm a fan of Gnome. It gets hate in some groups, but 3.14 is amazing. Also an Arch fan due to the wonderful AUR, but IMO distro doesn't really matter as long as you can get your patches/packages.
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    Anyone getting good preformance with a AMD video yet?

    I had a really good experience running the open source AMD drivers (xf86-video-ati on Arch) with my 6950. I recently upgraded to a GTX 970 and switched to the proprietary nvidia drivers (better game performance). Generally the open source drivers work best for software support (ie. gdm, gnome...
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970

    Not sure if this helps or not (hard to line up with one hand), but I took it last night before installing the card.
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    Saitek X52 Not Detected (Windows 8.1 x64)

    My windows 8.1 pc has been randomly bluescreening when unplugging my x52 pro, but not every time... That's new.
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    Playing Origin off nas or server? any one got it to work?

    Do you have a link for this? I'd love to consolidate multiple pc's steam installs to reduce patch sizes. I've often wondered when steam would introduce some sort of btsync like functionality for distributing game patches over the LAN to other machines w/o redownloading off of the internet.
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970

    Thanks for the pics. I've got a G1 GTX 970 in the mail arriving today to go into my 650D case. Glad to see there is plenty of room.
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    Elite: Dangerous

    What size is the download for the full game? Anyone have an image showing the default X52 Pro bindings? I played the combat tutorials this weekend and had a good time - can't wait to get in and give the full game a go (was not in beta).
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    Elite: Dangerous

    I went ahead and preordered (something I rarely ever do). I figure that I've already got an Oculus Rift, X52 Pro, and Pedals -- I need something to play on it, especially with DCS not really working correctly on AMD cards. I'm out of town now, but if the combat demo runs like crap I'll probably...
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    TriFire 290x Arch

    What is he trying to play?
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    TriFire 290x Arch

    There are so many caveats here. Depending on his desktop environment, etc. running the proprietary driver may break things. IE. gdm (part of gnome) breaks on my config using catalyst unless I manually roll back to an outdated version of xorg. There is a ton on the Arch wiki and forums about it...
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    HOT? Star Craft 2 WOL and HOTS $9.99 each.

    Worth it for the campaigns alone.
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    Witcher 2 free from GoG, and more

    I'm replaying this for the alternate acts right now. Act 2 is supposedly entirely different depending on your choice at the end of Act 1. It will also be a nice update on the story before The Witcher 3 is released. Really enjoyed this game the first time, and have enjoyed my replay so far (just...
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    Top games you're played in 2014.

    Dota 2 Zelda: Wind Waker XCOM: Enemy Within The Witcher 2 (playing it again for the alternate act 2-3) Metro: Last Light Dishonored Rogue Legacy (still playing) The Walking Dead Season 2 (still playing) Halo 4 Mark of the Ninja BioShock Infinite Sleeping Dogs Saints Row IV...
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    970/980 Coil Whine

    So there are actually nvidia branded (reference?) gtx 970s? It has the blower design, etc.? How's the noise? What kind of connections does it have? I would like one with 3x DP ports and currently think the only one that fits is the Gigabyte model.
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    Intel 720 480 and 240GB SSDs

    In for a 480GB - root hdd on my server is in the process of dying. This will be a great upgrade.
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    What GPU for ARMA 3 @ 2560x1440

    Something to bear in mind is that in multiplayer your framerate may dive due to the server being cpu bound (this was the case in Arma 2, not sure about 3). Watch your GPU loading.
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    Congratulations Ubisoft, You're The New EA

    This. The announcement of DLC makes me less likely to buy your product until the complete edition is released. Until that point I work on my huge backlog. When game companies announce games w/ "all DLC included", ie. Witcher 2, I buy. When games like Civ Beyond Earth come out following over $100...
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    Traveling In 2014/2015. Best VPN?

    This. Easy to use Android app as well. Supports openvpn.
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    Vid card under $200 @ Q6600 & Q9550 ?

    I still run a q6600 @ 3ghz as my "steambox" in the living room. It has a 6950 in it. I will say that I run into cpu limitations in some games. BF3 for instance will never be very playable in multiplayer with a q6600. I have a 6950 in my main desktop (with a 2600k cpu) and the difference is quite...
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    Upgrading to nVidia's new graphics?

    Probably in for a 970 (coming from a 6950) whenever my Rift DK2 ships and I can find one in stock with 3x+ DP connections.
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    Keep Antec 900 or Replace?

    I recently bought a second one for a server build. Fit 3x 5in3 SuperMicro hotswap bays in it. 15x mechanical drives and an OS SSD fit very nicely. Pretty awesome case.
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    free graphics intensive game?

    Probably a benchmark. Uningine Valley/Heaven would be a good start.
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    What "Contraband" can IT actually detect?

    I would discourage anyone from ever charging their phone on a computer (or USB port) that they do not own and trust completely. If you absolutely must then you should look into charge only USB cables.
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    New router! Advise please.

    Have you considered running some PoE ubnt (or the like) APs? The N66U is still very current. I wouldn't expect much better range simply replacing it with another all in one.
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    Prevent torrent traffic if VPN drops?

    I don't torrent, but I do push all of my traffic through a VPN... I even run connected to a VPN on my phone so that my cell provider doesn't snoop on my traffic. I consider it good practice for protecting my privacy to route all traffic that doesn't require a very low latency connection through...
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    8x 1TB 840 Evo? why not.

    Beautiful. Let's hope SSD prices continue to fall!
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    surveillance web cam setup

    I use IP cameras with ZoneMinder. There is probably more user friendly software out there, but ZM does work well enough.
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    Warm? Plex for Android $0.99

    Make sure you have patched up your Asus router if you are using AiCloud:
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    Busy time for OpenSSL users

    Ugh. I was expecting a few 0days today (Windows XP death day), but not this....
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    remote desktop for playing games over network?

    Steam in home streaming is your best bet. Before that I would have said Splashtop.
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    20TB RAID with Truecrypt

    You can setup ZFS on top of full disk encryption like dm-crypt/luks (linux) or Geli (BSD). TrueCrypt would probably, but I'm not sure why you would go that route...
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    DCS titles 70% off

    I had no idea that I could add these to my Steam acc. Thanks for that info! I had bought most of these a year or so ago during a sale. Still only really flying A-10C though... Great game.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    How necessary is all-resist at T1+ difficulty? My pre-expansion items all had +int/+vit/+all-resist (wizard), but almost every rare I've found lately has more +int/+vit, but no all-resist. I can't decide if it's worth losing my resistances to deal more dps and have more vitality/toughness.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I feel like this has to be worked out for users in portrait mode at a minimum. Hell they support the retina macbook pro @ 3840x2160. There is no "unfair advantage" when you are running portrait mode other than having a lot of pixels.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    As a landscape eyefinity user, I wish there was a way to lock the resolution at 1920x1080 either windowed or borderless windowed. As it stands if I want to play I disable my eyefinity group. I have not played post-expansion, but borderless windowed mode would work at 6048x1080 for me prior to...
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    ZFS Mirror Array - only 30MB/s

    Have you tried commenting out your socket options in smb.conf? I seem to remember that fixing my issues.
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    Sharing Macbook Harddrive with Windows 8?

    Doesn't OSX have samba built in through the sharing control panel? I haven't used OS X in years, but it definitely did during the G4 era of OS X.