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    How Much Would It Cost To Run The Millennium Falcon?

    I'd trade it in for an X-Wing and mitigate the operating costs.
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    sandisk ssd plus 240GB $55 @ Amazon

    I think you could break the giga-nano-barrier if you put 8 of those on your transducer. (I hereby reserve the right to avoid all retorts about how pragmatic of decision that it would be.)
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    Car Dealers Don’t Want To Sell Electric Cars

    The identification that people have with gasoline is odd to say the least.
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    Stolen Tesla Tracked Through Mobile App

    Automakers will install GPS theft tracking on everything,
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    Legislation Seeks To Criminalize Warrantless Data Collection

    It isn't always unwise to overlook someone else's "wrongs."
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    Legislation Seeks To Criminalize Warrantless Data Collection

    I think one thing both constituencies should be able to agree on is that we need privacy laws for ourselves. Bills like this are the beginning.
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    Is Smartphone Addiction Real?

    If you don't think smartphone addiction is real then you are probably brain dead.
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    Parliament Voted To Grant Asylum To Edward Snowden

    This is a nice turn of events.
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    Time Warner Cable Plans For TV On The Internet

    This is funny. I tried to use one their CableCards to avoid that box, and it turned into a 6 week journey of cableless life. They respond to declining numbers and prospectives not to the desire to please customers. I laugh a bit each time I see them advertising their specials to new customers...
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    Facebook Goes Slooow With '2G Tuesdays'

    Is Facebook on the Internet?
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    Ballmer: Nobody Wants To Work At Amazon, Only Microsoft Can Compete With Apple

    I guess Balmer fails to realize that Microsoft continually fails at attempts to create new products lines with longevity and that their structuring (i.e. mass of employees) seems to be the primary culprit.
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    Homeland Security Will Now Get Warrants For Stingray Surveillance

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    Stephen Hawking: Aliens Could 'Conquer And Colonize' Our Planet

    Do we actually need someone to tell us this? Of course, aliens could turn the Earth into a harvest zone, among about a zillion other possibilities... ;p
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    Video Game Kickstarter Disappears With Over $30,000

    If you think personal responsibility is a tradition of the past, you may want to take a history course.
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    My two cents on EVGA. This is my last EVGA product.

    Truth is that just about all video cards are made poorly hence all of the failures, both AMD and NVIDIA.
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    A Conversation With Edward Snowden

    He came out because the US government is using our money and consent to spy on us without telling us about it. Is this a government for the people and by the people? In this case, clearly not.
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    Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie Spoon

    Because the world is ruled by idiots? :p
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    Humans “May Accidentally Send Aliens A Computer Virus”

    I know this was one of my main concerns this morning. I'm not certain what I'd do if I accidentally infected an alien PC. The guilt would be perpetual.
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    Microsoft Is Downloading Windows 10 To Your Machine "Just In Case”

    I think you're proving his point. :)
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    Red Pill or Blue Pill?

    The only cure is to be yourself, Neo.
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    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    This is a strange question. I would be more concerned about the present moment of my children rather than drifting into a question so far off. Vehicular innovation of this sort is much further off than many anticipate since it requires public consent.
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    How Apple Is Preparing For The End Of The iPhone Affair

    This is a hashtag free zone. :)
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    Why Security Experts Are Using An Ancient Email Format In 2015

    (and I think we'll get around to establishing privacy laws before too incredibly long..)
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    Why Security Experts Are Using An Ancient Email Format In 2015

    I decided Orwell was paranoid and it isn't all that big of deal. I do understand people desirous of privacy though.
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    Math Shows That Fewer Roads Lead To Less Traffic Congestion

    I was thinking about this the other day. It would also be neat to see towns exclusively use one-way traffic patterning to reduce passenger risk but it is too unconventional for most people.
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    How Apple Is Preparing For The End Of The iPhone Affair

    Streaming will reach a tipping point, and Apple would be intelligent to be on the wave.
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    Windows 10 Installed 75M Times In One Month

    Microsoft needs to unify themselves in terms of customer support and technology. They still lag behind Android and iOS in terms of simplicity and certain types of efficiencies.
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    PC Gamers- doesn't it bother you that you dont 'own' games on Steam?

    Yes, I'm tired of the Web being an actual web; that is something that snares me.
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    If I liked sky rim will I like witcher 3

    Fight real dragons.. they are so much more difficult than games show them to be.
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    Mad Max (2015)

    Looks less interesting due to the "money grab" factor.
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    Fake Swatting Is Now A Thing

    A thing is a thing now? :p
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    Competition? 99% Still Rent Cable Box

    I got a CableCARD and Time Warner ran me around for a couple months while it didn't work correctly. They do not care about supporting them for obvious reasons. It took forever for me to even get one, then the one they sent did not work, then they took forever to send me a second one finally...
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    World Population Expected To Reach 9.7 Billion By 2050

    Is that your scientific conclusion?
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    World Population Expected To Reach 9.7 Billion By 2050

    The point was that the Europeans are newer than the original human inhabitants on this land.
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    People in Withcer 3 are very flexible !

    Must be a monk.
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    Windows 10 Solitaire Requires A Subscription To Remove Ads

    The road to heaven is paved with advertising.
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    Google Refuses French Order To Apply 'Right To Be Forgotten' Globally

    It is literally impossible. You clearly do not realize the scope of your personal information that is on the Internet.
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    Google Refuses French Order To Apply 'Right To Be Forgotten' Globally

    (P.S. It is impossible to keep shit off the Internet.)