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    Choosing an Internet Merchant Account..? Chase PaymentTech Paypal: Website Payments Pro. Payflow Pro - although it appears they are beginning to phase this out as it used to be a verisign app.
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    Q6600 @ 67C

    I'm wanting to overclock my B3 Q6600 at home. I made a thread about this previously, and to some people, my CPU seems to be running warm at stock. I have an arctic freezer 7 pro, and my idle temps run at about 47C, 62C or so at load. Granted, I put in new thermal paste over the weekend, so...
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    CPU overheating problem

    sounds like the problem I had. What I did the 1st time around is buy some new thermal compound since the stock stuff didn't apply too well. Temps went down from there.
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    MS Office Ultimate 2007 $60! 4 Days Left!

    no sir, it's the full version. Since I already had office 2007 professional, I went ahead and got this for my wife.
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    I think my Q6600 is running slow..

    I have an older Chieftec Dragon case, so compared to today's cases, the airflow isn't all that good. The office in which the PC sits also happens to be the warmest room in the house come afternoon, as the sun directly hits the room through a single-paned window (ugh, i know). I have 5 case...
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    I think my Q6600 is running slow..

    I just installed the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro: Running Prime95. I'd say it's doing a lot better, wouldn't you guys say?
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    I think my Q6600 is running slow..

    About 26C(80F) right now. It probably gets to 22C in the evenings. But it's not summer here (in Texas), so it's likely to get warmer.
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    I think my Q6600 is running slow..

    UPDATE - I reapplied the heatsink with some new thermal compound. I set the multiplier back to 9x, and idle is now about 40c. Load is about 72c max. I like what I am seeing, but I'm still going to get a new heatsink this weekend when I get a chance to mess around. Thanks, guys
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    I think my Q6600 is running slow..

    Okay guys, it looks like the multiplier in BIOS was only set to 6x. I set it to 9x, and the temps were not running good at all. It's running 44c now in idle, but when I ran Prime95, the temps went above 80C. I was going to look in getting a new heatsink anyhows, hopefully I can run better...
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    I think my Q6600 is running slow..

    For some reason the core speed will never go above 1600 MHz. This is a shot I took when running Prime95. Could anyone tell me what gives? Running stock cooler. EDIT: mobo is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
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    Q9300 + 2GB Ram $250

    hell of a deal. does fry's take returns on opened processors?
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    Gatorade 32oz. 10/$5 Kroger B&M

    that's cheap! Now if only I drank gatorade.....
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    Logitech Harmony 550 $49.97 shipped free, brand new

    I have the xbox360 version - this thing is great. One button to turn on three devices. Yes, the Scientific Atlanta boxes and motorola boxes (TWC, Comcast) do work with this remote.
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    Rockband for 360 $149.99 shipped!

    I like how people now factor in gas in total cost. :D
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    The BUDGET 8600gt thread.....

    I jumped on this deal too. My current card is a Radeon X600 w/ Hypermemory.. :o of course I haven't been gaming for much lately.
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    keeping logins from being remembered

    the autocomplete=off flag is irrelevant based on the OP's question. The user needs to go into browser settings (in IE, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, look for any Autocomplete stuff) and turn it off. iansilv - Just because you wants autocomplete off, it also doesn't mean that...
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    Which is YOUR Favorite Web Design Software?

    When I first started off in web design, it used to be Dreamweaver. As I started doing some programming, then I moved to Homesite. It was pretty old, but it had support for ASP, Javascript and cold fusion. Now I use Visual Studio 05 exclusively.
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    2405FPW lag shots

    I am going to assume that the 2405FPW is not running at native resolution. Doesn't the monitor resample (maybe more like reconvert) the image displayed?
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    Web suggestions/critiques

    I'd consider redoing the banner. The Arrow logo needs to be sharper, and the images make the banner too busy. I'd also get rid of the "Since 1930" subbanner, and incorporate that into the main banner. As for the nav on the left, I'd put at least alt tags on those images to improve search...
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    So...What music do you guys (and gals) listen to while you program?

    For me, anything. Usually when I get deep in coding, I drown out the music anyways.
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    What do you do with dual monitors?

    As a current web developer, 2 screens are very benefical to me. It effectively increases productitivity by 50% in my case. I use one screen for coding, Photoshop, and Flash, and use the other for Outlook, website testing, running databases (Access, SQL Server), and server access.
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    my new 1080p dlp tv

    One of two things: (provided the mitsubishi can take 720p, which it should) If the xbox 360 is set to 1080i, then the 360 upconverts the game into 1080i, which in turn gets upconverted again into 1080p by the mitsubishi. If the xbox 360 is set to 720p, then the game outputs at 720p, only...
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    Two quick 2405FPW questions

    I have a 5200 here at work, supports the 1920x1200 res. Yours should, too. Personally to me, the games on the original Xbox in 480p look like crap. 720p is better (for the games that do support it). Get the 2405 for the workspace, not for you to play Xbox games on.
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    Parsing string variable in vbscript

    Here's a dynamic solution: <% dim str str = "See-Tom-Run" ' Returns first character position of the first dash mod1 = InStr(str,"-") 'mod2 eliminates all characters (including the first dash) before the dash mod2 = right(str,(len(str)-mod1)) 'mod3 figures out the string position...
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    CDO Question

    First, check for the file, and follow appropriate logic thereafter - then you write to the file dim attachfile ''''the path of the attachment file attachfile = "C:\MyFiles\mystuff\myfile.ext" IF NOT fs.FileExists(attachfile) fs.CreateTextFile(attachfile) '''write to file logic ELSE...
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    Experience with Dynamically Creating Forms (JS)

    What do you specifically need?
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    CDO Question

    Oh yeah, you'll probably want to delete the file after you've sent the message.
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    cdo .addattachment?

    see my reply in your other thread! :)
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    CDO Question

    .AddAttachment(path_of_file) You can't use the request object. Use the FileSystemObject in order to write the file to a directory, then recall that file name using the code above.
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    What DON'T you like about your 2405?

    needs more cowbell.
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    ASP / Access Question

    There are different ways to do this. (I am assuming that all questions will be on one page?) 1.) Use Javascript and the onClick event to write the answer to a temporary table. 2.) Throw the answers into session with the onClick event...
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    How big is your video game collection?

    I have like 20 or so Dreamcast games, mostly fighting. 3 PS2 games. 4 Xbox games. 3 360 games. About 10 scattered PC games.
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    Is it possible to block hotlinking to all but one directory?
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    Dell 3007 and 2005fpw side by side

    holy crap.
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    What have video games done for you?

    I've been a part of a particular game community for a long time; so I've received numerous benefits from it. 1.) By throwing game tournaments (and being the director) - I've learned to mulittask better, become a leader in making the decisions, and learn the process in making an event...
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    Display Gaming Poll

    16:10 (1920*1200 on a 2405FPW) Benefits: 1. Better field of view - you see more going on 2. Games like WoW - they offer more real estate for mods and stuff 3. More attuned to natural human perception.
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    New PC or Keep Xbox 360

    I was a WoW player, once. I even got a 2405fpw for that reason alone. But I found out that WoW took up my time; TOO much of it. So I quit. I wasn't going to pick up a 360, but I bought into the hype, and luckily, I was able to score one before Christmas. Glad I bought it. I have three...
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    Coldfusion thoughts?

    Hard to say. I currently develop in both ColdFusion and ASP, and we're going to take the move to ASP (and .NET) because ColdFusion can't handle a large amount of websites like we do here and would choke several times a day (yes, with optimized code). With Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia...
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    Can ws.Run call batch files?

    An alternative: download the object ASPExec (it's free) from the link provided use the example for reference