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    running monitors and sub together off pc soundcard

    So one of my klipsch bookshelves is blown yet again. That leaves me to using my Swan monitors again, which means i can't run them with my denon receiver, which means i am stumped on how to use my sub. If i'm using my PC soundcard, which has a channel for a sub, would that works for outputting...
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    3 monitors extended desktop mode

    i have a 6900 series ati and 3 displays 1x Dvi display 1680x1050 1x DP display 1080 1x hdmi display 1080 I want to use all 3 in extended desktop mode. Plan is to plug dp into mini-dp, hdmi into hdmi, and dvi into dvi. Will i have issue? Not looking to do gaming or anything, just...
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    I add a link, and it gives me the recommended tags automatically -- wonderful. Next, i want delicious to automatically show me other links with a similar tag bundle. To me, that is the #1 reason you would use something like delicious. The only way i see to do this now is to look at the link...
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    windows 8 grey login screen

    Any way to change the login screen for windows 8. It is currently an ugly grey -- can't seem to change it.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    holy crap. guess im not getting this keyboard anytime soon
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    COOL what kind of keyboard is that.
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    Google Apps Help

    try this: It claims to have this as a feature: "Entering events in a Google Spreadsheet which are then pushed to Google Calendar and optionally Sites." I was also looking to do something similar at one point. Never got around to testing it...
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    Flash crashes in Firefox

    bleh. I switched to chrome last night -- for what it is worth, it is a better browser. I just dislike how google does aggressive datamining
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    Flash crashes in Firefox

    Everything updated -- Firefox freezes randomly and 40 seconds later flash plugin crashes. I don't expect a solution here, but would be interested to see if anyone else has similar issues. I don't really care to use chromewwdwadawdawdwadwawdaw
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    Replacement battery or whole new laptop

    I have a thinkpad t500 which, while a little on the heavy side, still does the job for me -- with the exception of battery life. The 9cell I bought with it back in 08 gives me only about 1.5 hours. Bought a cheaper 6 cell off Dr. battery and it is just as worthless. New official thinkpad 9cell...
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    Issues with WHS destroying disks?

    Huh? Never heard of an OS eating drives. What is your hardware?
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    metro in the living room - needs tablet companion

    Thanks. Smart glass led me to this broader concept: "Smart glass" - Second screen idea applied to xbox. Last time i tried to use an xbox 360 as an htpc platform i found it too restrictive on which formats i could play. Basic requirements: 1) meta...
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    If Windows 8 fails...

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    metro in the living room - needs tablet companion

    Hi guys, I just got windows 8 installed -- first time using metro. First impression on metro: I like it. It is an appealing visual experience versus the dull point and click experience i'm used to. I can definitely see myself using the mail client, news aggregator, and weather. I don't do...
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    picked up guild wars 2 -- first time mmorpg besides lineage 2 i played ages ago. I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to figuring stuff out -- is there a strategy guide out there that will help me build the best character as fast as possible. like how to build weapons etc. Which items i...
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    iis http binding question

    Hi all, I'm running an SBS 2003 domain with a windows 2008 server being used for sql and sharepoint. To get to the sharepoint site locally, i type http://myserversname and it takes me there. What i want to do is be able to make my own http addresses so for example, if someone types...
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    CRM Software suggestions

    single user, nothing too complex, but should be able to interface with outlook. Looking to keep it under $150... any suggestions?
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    vga adapter

    what kind of vga -> dvi adapter do i need to use my vga monitor with the ati card in sig? I have one but i'm guessing it is missing pins because it gives a blue tinged screen on my vga monitor. Thanks in advance.
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    corrupted WHS 2003 install, want to recover data from whs 2011

    I'll give that a try thanks. Another question: What would account for only one of the partitions of a WHS 2003 drive being mounted. The rest of the data stays as unallocated space. I.e. i plug the drive into my computer, and i only see a small partition on it. It is a 2tb drive, the partition...
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    corrupted WHS 2003 install, want to recover data from whs 2011

    i had whs 2003 installed with 2 drives, 3 tb off an hp mediasmart. The os must be corrupt cause i cant get into it. I have whs 2011 installed on another computer. Is it possible to restore the whs 2003 data from whs 2011? I understand the data is spanned over my 2 drives -- that's why i can't...
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    play video on motion detection

    motion sensors are more $
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    play video on motion detection

    anyone know of any software that can use a webcam to detect motion and play a video (mp4) when the detection happens?
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    PC Alan Wake coming soon?

    Cool! This game is sexy. Gameplay: good, but not quite as fun as max payne 1,2 Narration/Story: Very well done. Graphics: Beautiful (very nice lighting, surreal environment) and it is scary (gives me goosebumps)! Happy to enjoy a game after dropping $25 on arkham city and only...
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    two questions: 1) link to walls? I want the one from the login screen as well 2) why would u want that classic start menu? Don't u use windows search? setting up the start menu like that takes away quick access to windows search.
  25. J

    volume up and down with spdif output (coax)

    problem went away -- think this fixed it. Thanks guys!
  26. J

    volume up and down with spdif output (coax)

    i've got this weird issue with my volume. I'm running coax digital out to denon av receiver, playing on speakers. Audio plays but at inconsistent volume level ... no rhyme or reason just increases and decreases volume.
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    origin missing taskbar icon

    why has this happened? the missing icon is origin.
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    critique my bf3 rig, please :)

    :( I was hoping to run aa, should i upgrade the gpu?
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    critique my bf3 rig, please :)

    cool, i changed out the ram. going with 8gb instead of 16gb since i doubt i really need 16gb anyway
  30. J

    critique my bf3 rig, please :)

    lol, you were blind :D
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    critique my bf3 rig, please :)

    finally ready to get a desktop again :D 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc games, battlefield3 i hope! 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? want to keep it under 800 all said and done, not set in stone though.. really just...
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    fs: Swan D1080MkII $110 shipped

    these are them: sound great, and in perfect condition. bought them new from audio insider on 9/18/2009 heatware: Reason selling: don't need them, they just sit here. I have a receiver + bookshelf/sub combo i use instead
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    $800 Gaming Build

    the prices quoted here are away lower than what is now.. what gives?
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    windows classic on win7 > aero

    sorry my point was really just to point out this:
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    windows classic on win7 > aero

    just switched to classic... so much better than aero on the eyes. i find my computing experience more pleasurable on classic than aero. also, font rendering looks better imo. it is all in the careful use of color contrast i think.
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    best defrag solution?

    i consider it every time but then i also consider the time it would take to backup my data, considering i'm limited to usb2.0 or wireless g for getting it off the hard drive.