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    30% Of Americans Don't Have Internet Access

    It's possible because they stopped rolling out high speed internet to rural areas 10 years ago. My parents live in rural WI, and the telcoms were upgrading the phone lines ~15 years ago, and kept telling my parents that DSL should be available within a year or two. Never happened. Their...
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    Xbox One FAQ

    I wonder if it will be able to use shared tuners, or act as an extender.
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    They announced they'd wipe out the remaining basic channels here near Mineapolis at the end of March. They did so, and I had my TV search again. I still get the all the local channels (three HD PBS stations!), and a few bonus ones like WGN, TBS and a few others. If anything, they removed...
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    Got the go-ahead to build a couple Plex HTPCs: main requirement is small size

    You just want something to receive movies from a plex server, as well as be able to stream hulu/netflix/amazon stuff? Have you looked at the Roku boxes? Their latest gen stuff has been pretty impressive. I personally don't have one, but was heavily considering using an XBOX360 as an...
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    Ripping blu-ray disks To Hdd

    I fully agree with this. About 10 years ago, I ripped all my DVD's, and compressed them. I figured I'd be OK with the slightly poorer quality because larger HD's were out of my price range. I was wrong. I had a nice collection I spent a lot of time compressing to fit on my HD. I've recently...
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    Wireless: PC to PC is slow, from internet is fine

    Hey all, I have an E4200 router with a fairly new HTPC wired to it, and another desktop connected wirelessly using a DWA-552 card (2.4 GHz only). The internet speeds work great, I get the advertised 20Mbit from Comcast, and my pings in TF2, etc are also good. The problem is file transfers...
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    FS: E8400 with MB+RAM and EVGA GTX 275

    Just lowered price of GTX 275, $80 with shipping, original packaging. Also still taking offers for micro-fly case.
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    FS: E8400 with MB+RAM and EVGA GTX 275

    The MB/CPU is sold, the GTX 275 is still available.
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    FS: E8400 with MB+RAM and EVGA GTX 275

    Looks like someone is taking the combo, sorry.
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    FS: E8400 with MB+RAM and EVGA GTX 275

    ONLY VIDEO CARD AND COMPUTER CASE ARE STILL AVAILABLE I will take paypal, and will consider amazon payments. Video Card: EVGA GTX 275 896MB Asking $80, with shipping to lower 48. Pretty awesome card, great for SLI ***PRICE LOWERED*** I also have a Micro-fly case if interested (had...
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    Netgear WNDR3700 VPN

    I'm assuming that there is not a good answer to the problem using just the WNDR3700 (i've been searching more, still did not find anything comparable to my situation.) So would my next best bet be to use a router that is specified to work with the security protocals, and use that as my...
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    Netgear WNDR3700 VPN

    Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 P/N: 4008135
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    Netgear WNDR3700 VPN

    I didn't realize it would be a big deal, and the WDNR3700 seems to be highly recommended, and for the most part has worked well for me....hoping we find a work-around. Of these, I only see the UPnP. It is turned on. The 'UPnP Portmap Table' is empty, if that means anything though.
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    Netgear WNDR3700 VPN

    I was just seeing if anyone has had luck using the Netgear WNDR3700 while using a VPN. I ask because I purchased this router, and have loved the speeds both wired and wireless, except on my work computer when using VPN. The connection to my main office is VERY slow, and disconnects a lot. When...
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    music player

    I like Media Monkey. I rocked an old version of winamp for a long time, but it was just a little too clunky.
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    Quote of the Day

    Does anyone feel bad for these iPhone early adopters? There is a good reason to wait for the new part/system to get some exposure to the real world. Steve Jobs is right. Calm down people, it's just a phone. Now if they don't fix it properly, and for free for the people who rushed out...
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    World’s Greatest Electric Car = W.E.N.G.

    You could get a way nicer electric bike for $1k-$2k.
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    Cell Phones Could be Killing off Bees

    1. Bees are thriving where there are strong cell towers, and there are bees dying where there is no cell tower signal. Not totally discounting this theory, but I don't think it's the cause. 2. If ALL the bees die, we would be in trouble, but as this is incredibly unlikely, I wouldn't...
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    Best music player for windows?

    I like MediaMonkey. It's easy, and handles libraries really well.
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    Need help with Camera and Lens suggestion...

    I second this. I actually have this. I bought the XSi + 18-55mm kit, and purchased the 55-250 lens separate. If I remember correctly, stay away from the 70-300mm lens. it is cheaper, but the 55-250mm gives superior images. I'd also suggest a mono-pod (like a tri-pod, only one leg...
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    Intel Not Bringing Larrabee GPU to Market

    I don't see this as bad for Intel. They made something, and found it wasn't going to do well, so rather than release crap, they scrapped it. And I'm sure their R&D is not going to waste. it will always be used, even as failure. You'd be surprised how much Intel/AMD/Nvidia actually talk...
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    Overly Obvious Statement of the Day

    unfortunately, the type of parent who is buying their children stuff like this this game usually don't read articles like this (or don't read at all.) I know this article is not about banning games, but can you imagine them banning booze or "adult material" (porn) just because it's possible a...
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    WRT54G to WNDR3700?

    So I just went out and picked up the WNDR3700, and I can already tell the difference. Too bad I forgot to take before and after speeds, but it even seems faster on my wired desktop connection. Unfortunately, the $125 price at Frys was a one day thing, so $150 is a bit high, but it's still a...
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    WRT54G to WNDR3700?

    Unfortunately, I might be classified as a no-brainer :) I think I'm leaning strongly in that way, I just wanted to be sure about the new router. But I just saw at Fry's, it's ~$125, so I think I'll just go pick it up. If anyone can think of a good reason for me not to, let me know! Thanks.
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    WRT54G to WNDR3700?

    I am in a pickle of sorts. My friend wants to buy a wireless router, and I have been considering a new one. She just needs a basic wireless router, and I would like a faster, more capable one. I currently have a Linksys WRT54G, and have been happy with it, but would like more speed for...
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    The Pirate Party Becomes TPB’s New Host

    money fixes a lot of things. It will be interesting to see when the music/movie industry realizes it pays lawyers more than it loses from illegal file sharing.
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    President Warns Grads of iPad Perils

    instant credibility loss. He sounds like just another old person who doesn't quite understand how it works, and just sees the down sides. QFT. Fox has been found to have too many stretched truths/lies lately to take them seriously, and investigation is necessary. Fox isn't the only one...
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    How to install your system to SSD and seamlessly move apps to HDD to save space

    How does something like this work with Acronis for making images of my setup? I currently have everything installed on my RAID0 setup (~120GB partition), and do occasional images in case my OS drive fails, I can quickly install a new drive or set of drives, and re-image. All my data is on my...
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    Good or bad time to buy an intel processor?

    If you still think your CPU is fast, but are looking for more FPS, wouldn't a new VC be in order? The GTX260 is nice, but for the latest games @120Hz, it might not be the best choice IMO. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in. This may not be an answer to your question, but I am...
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    Very Warm: Room Essentials L-Shape Computer Desk: $16

    i really really dislike glass-topped desks. and for that price, i'm assuming it'll be crap. but for $16...i guess it's a deal?
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    The epic search for a rust-proof case

    Hawaii is a state. I just moved away from Hawaii after living there a few years. I lived a few blocks from the ocean, and I agree, yes, it will deteriorate things in a strange manner. cardboard boxes, etc. But so my surprise, no damage to my two PC's, laptop, or my Lecroy Waverunner...
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    China clones

    as an engineer, i say don't do it. it sucks to see a product you worked hard to design cloned over in asia, and sold here.
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    L4D or L4D2

    While I love L4D2, and play it a ton, I think one should play L4D1 first. it's too good of a game to not play. I agree, "No Mercy" is pretty awesome. Also, once you play L4D2, you will miss the melee ability. The new add-on will supposedly link them both story-wise.
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    Why do you tether?

    No it's not. What I mean, yes you can find hotspots fairly easily, but there are plenty of places, especially for work (in offices, etc), that I can't find wifi. besides, I'd rather use my own network connection than a random one. I know it's not incredibly secure, but it's better than...
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    Droid v Palm Pre Plus

    i've recently become a little frustrated with my Pre (Sprint), because the GPS wasn't working as fast as I'd like, and even though they do updates, I don't feel like it improves much more. But this weekend, I went into the Sprint store to get the power button fixed on my wife's pre (first gen...
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    ITT you recommend microcontroller books

    I've used AVR quite a bit, and I RARELY use assembly. Actually AVR studio and WINAVR provide a great, free compiler. Here is a book that I have found as helpful: It's a good starting point, and the...
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    soldering i suck help?

    I prefer chemwick to help get the excess solder off. 1. get a dab of extra solder on the tip of your iron 2. touch that to the joint you want to remove to help heat up (if it's on a power plane, it may take awhile.) It's not likely, but be careful not to burn the crap out of the parts. 3...
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    Where do you guys get your capacitors?

    +1 for digikey. yes, it is hard to navigate. I find filtering as much as possible (in stock, etc) helps.
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    iPad Components Cost $259

    I know jobs has said that repeatedly, but that is BS. If you spend $$$ to engineer a product, and the project flops, you have lost money. Just because they have enough money to pay the engineering upfront, doesn't mean they can't lose money on developing a project. And yes, I know they...
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    iPad Components Cost $259

    That actually is not very out of whack, especially for a new product. Many times, the labor and overhead involved in assembling a new product is nearly as much as the parts. Besides, who paid for the engineering? That needs to be taken care of. You think that is bad? imagine that the car...