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    Is Bloom Energy Blooming at the Right Time?

    The CEO is basically telling people that this tech will be able to take people "off the grid" in 5-10 years once the price for residential units comes down to 3k. Essentially, there will be no need for distribution/transmission lines in our future. There are several serious drawbacks with his...
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    Java Applet: File output

    Hello, I'm (voluntarily) creating a web page for a friend who runs a small business (he doesn't really know much about computing). He basically just wants a website that he can display images on; but the problem is that he wants to be able to add/remove these images without going into the HTML...
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    what html editor do you use

    Yeah, this is also the one I use. It has a very nice layout for a free editor.
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    AMD to Drop ATi Name

    From the perspective of being an ATI fan, I agree that it would be sad to see this happen. But AMD is hardly an "unknown" name. I mean, anyone who cares enough about video cards to know the difference between ATI and Nvidia is almost certainly going to know who AMD is. In fact, AMD's...
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    Weird Coincidence

    Well it can't be his PSU that's causing the problem (the idea of two PSU's having the exact same problem is not realistic). It must be something else. As Jonny mentioned, if the CPU HSF isn't mounted properly then your system BIOS may be cutting power to prevent the CPU from burning out...
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    Intel in grave danger!

    Since Intel has their own graphics line (which accounts for over 50% of the total market share in the GPU industry), I hardly see how AMD acquiring ATI and Nvidia would be monopolistic.
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    AMD and ATI merger rumors starting to look true

    I definitely agree that if hardware did stop advancing, we would be seeing a huge change in how software was developed. However, software would also become significantly more expensive then it is now (probably to the point of overshadowing the money saved from not upgrading hardware). For...
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    PSU Bad? Lockups ATI x800XTPE 350w

    To my knowledge, there really isn't any performance difference between AGP 4x and 8x, so I can't imagine it impacting the heat output of the card. If the shutdowns are truly a result of heat or PSU failure then the lockups are most likely intermittent (so you probably just got lucky when it...
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    High Resolution

    If the max is 1280x1024 then it's definitely a 17 inch CRT, not a 19 inch. If it is actually a 19 inch then 1400x1600 shouldn't be much of a stretch considering that my 19 inch CRT is rated to perform up to 1920x1440. Also, I wouldn't recomend pushing it past 1280x1024 if that's actually its...
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    ATI vid card on NVIDIA motherboard???

    running an X1800XL with an a8n-e, no problems. However, I used to have a 9600XT. Originally, I was running it on a via SocketA motherboard and had no troubles, however when I switched over to a A7N8X-E (nf2) I had all kinds of driver problems that I was never able to resolve. This, however...
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    What's up with Enermax?

    As was mentioned earlier, most of the people who post reviews about products have had bad experiences; and this effect is amplified when a product is more popular. For example, there was a massive sticky on these forums a while back that was simply devoted to covering the problems with the...
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    I'm guessing it's the powersupply..

    I don't believe that it would relate to the PSU. I mean, would a CD drive put that much strain on the power supply on startup? Perhaps if you were booting a disc from it or something. As long as there isn't anything in the drive, however, I can't imagine how the CD drive could put a...
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    Power issues messing up CRT monitor

    Are you sure that it's a power issue? I mean, CRT's can get messed up when they're too close to other electronic devices (like having your speakers too close to your monitor). A microwave uses the same type of radiation as your CRT uses to create an image on the phosphor sheet. Maybe some...
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    Athlon XP 1900+ AGP Video card seleciton help needed

    I don't believe the OP is using pci-e; everybody else just started assuming stuff. There are, however, AGP to pci-e adapters available; so it's still an option.
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    google Rainlendar. It's an excellent piece of freeware that provides countless calendar skins. I'm pretty sure that most of the people who have desktop calendar's are using that software. BTW, kudos to the person above who's started using an HTML shell ;) .
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    The official "clean desktop" club. These shells are really expandable so you can basically start with any of them and work from it to make your's completely original. They also come with really good instructions if you don't know html beforehand. Best of all it's completely free (which I guess is kinda...
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    I personally really like mine. Everything you see there has been scripted by hand in JS and html: My desktop does have lots of shortcuts on it, but I feel it's only fair to make an exception since it's so much cleaner looking then usual.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

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    "Zero Display Serivce Error" + 9600po = no 3D?

    Yeah, I've had exactly the same problem with my X1800XL drivers. The issue was also accompanied by my system occaisonally hanging on startup and I eventually just reformatted and the problem went away altogether. Before reformatting, however, I tried something that may have worked (it seemed...
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    man do i love being a nube

    lol, that system is waaay overkill for what you're planning on doing with it. An X2 3800+ and a 7800GT would very nicely fill your niche.
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    Exactly how loud is the X1900XTX?

    A vantec Tornado makes about 50db, and afaik those are the loudest fans you can buy. So there's no way that the X1900XTX is making anywhere near 70db. Also, the card is not even going to audible when your not playing in 3D, so as long as you game with headphones I can't understand this even...
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    Oblivion!!! Upgrade from 6600gt to 7900gt?

    Come on buddy, this is an enthusiast forum. Obviously everybody here is going to recomend that you go with the 7900GT. With that being said, I would have to recomend that you go with the 7900GT :D .
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    review my pc build

    Nothing that can't be simply fixed. I mean if you ever run into a program/game that doesn't like the dual-core proc then simply set the exe to run off one CPU in the task manager (logically, as far as the exe is concerned, it would then be no different then running it on a single core cpu)...
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    review my pc build

    Dual cores would more likely compliment SLI rather then replace it. SLI is purely a multi-core setup for your video cards while "dual core" refers to a CPU that has two cores on a single die (from a technical perspective, they are two completely different things). I don't see anything too...
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    Will i lose my 3 years warranty...

    Most likely. I mean, it just makes common sense. I don't think anybody can expect a company to continue to claim responsibility for a product after the customer as taken it apart and fiddled with it.
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    9800XT Confusion: Different Power Sources?

    A 9800XT consumes a lot of power (because it was basically pushing the 15nm process to its max). I would strongly recomend buying a 6800nu instead; you can probably find it for cheaper, it will perform better, and it will consume a lot less power...
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    7900 GTX vs X1900 XTX

    Had to vote for X1900XTX simply for the HQ AF. That was the only reason why I bought the X1800XL and I must say that I'm not dissapointed. It definitely improves IQ by a noticeable amount, especially in slower-paced FPS.
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    Hard launch of the 7900 series!

    True, but stuff doesn't always turn out as planned. Nvidia may have been aiming to beat the X1900XTX, but if the card didn't do well on its tape out then there isn't much that can be done (much like what happened to ATI and their R520). I would personally rather see the card be evenly...
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    Hard launch of the 7900 series!

    Lol yeah. The real question that I'm curious about is whether or not the 7900GTX beats the X1900XTX. Aside from that, this launch isn't really going to be a thriller (it will probably turn out much like the X850 launch).
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    x1800xl vs 7800gt

    At stock speeds the 7800GT will usually be sligtly faster then the X1800 XL and AFAIK it can still be had for a little less then the X1800XL. On the other hand, though, the X1800XL will usually overclock better and it also has a slight IQ advantage (HQ AF, etc...). So the overall the two...
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    Need XP Pro help..freezes during boot

    If you're just reformatting with the same hardware then you don't have to call India:
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    Is it just me or is ATI always the speed leader now?

    This is somewhat unfair. The X800XT had exactly the same availability problems that the 7800GTX 512 is having right now. Discounting the 7800GTX 512 from being a "true card" should imply that the X800XT gets discounted as well (thus the 6800 would be the winner). Admittedly, ATI has...
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    How many video cards do you have and what are they?

    1x Geforce 4 MX 440 1x ATI Radeon 9600XT 1x ATI Radeon X1800XL
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    ATI Radeon 9600 for BF2

    That's very impressive. I had an overclocked 9600XT for a year and a half and it couldn't even run Halo comfortably at 1024x768. You must have an absolutely massive overclock on that card because there is no way that it could outperform a 6600 (an eight pipe card) in bf2 by that much at...
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    ATI Radeon 9600 for BF2 The 9600pro would probably be about 30-40% slower then the vanilla 6600, so I would suspect that you would have to play at 800x600 w/ medium details to get it to be playable. At that res it should be pretty smooth (even with...
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    Fastest AGP card that doesn't require psu power?

    Couldn't you just use an AGP - PCIE adapter with a PCI-E 6600GT or would that be dangerous? The PCI-E version of the 6600GT doesn't need any external power.
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    Is ATi Tool still a good program?

    It won't recognize my X1800 either. CCC isn't bad, though. The OC cap is annoying, but at least it's high enough so that most people on stock cooling won't find it to be a problem.
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    32 pipe 7900GTX rumor

    Assuming that you're telling the truth, did you by chance ask Nvidia if the 7900GTX will be 32 or 24 pipes? You could end all the supense right here, right now.
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    How good is Saphire Radeon X1600Pro 512MB AGP vs 6800GS 256MB

    High Quality AF, HDR+AA, Adaptive Anti-aliasing (I"m pretty sure that Nvidia's Transparency AA is only available with GeForce 7 series cards) and obviously the larger frame buffer (512Mb vs 256Mb)
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    How good is Saphire Radeon X1600Pro 512MB AGP vs 6800GS 256MB

    Actually, when AA and AF gets enabled, the X1600XT beats the 6800GS in Age of Empires, ties in BF2, and ties in FEAR (as you said). I admit that the 6800GS is still, without a doubt, the faster card. I'm just trying to make the point that the X1600 series has come a long way from back in...