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    Has AMD passed Intel or just pulled even or still slightly behind

    Stop mixing IPC and other metrics. It's all about latency to memory and core to core. Intel has better Latency with their Ringbus cpu's, Mesh has Worse. Meaning HCC chips like 7900x, 10900x, 10980xe etc have worse latency than their Coffee lake and even zen2. Amd beats intel in IPC across the...
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    Intel Core i9 Cascade Lake-X thread

    Broadly speaking M2 is generally through chipset and at minimum 2 first are through chipset for first gen x299 due to Kabylake-X if they have 3 they may use cpu lanes and be non KBL-X exclusive. The m2's through chipset is a X299 specification On second gen motherboards we might assume this is...
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    Intel Core i9 Cascade Lake-X thread

    absolutely not. unless you use AVX512 they will be slower than zen2, a 12 core zen2 will beat a higher clocked 14 core. Only arguments in My book is. X299 boards aren't that pricey. quite a lot of pci-e lanes (3.0 though) 4 channel memory for memory capacity. Avx512. My arguments against...
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    Ryzen 3950X disappointment

    what's funny is that zen2 3800x matches coffee's 5ghz allcore 9900K in most cases, so you're getting 5ghz allcore intel performance from these and in games within short distance. appearantly the gap is gonna become somewhat smaller soon with new microcode (No miracles!) but it's already...
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    9900K OC 5GHz but stress test only 4.6GHz?

    ehh nope :p your cpu is on holiday with that load..
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    YT: Jim Keller: Moore’s Law is Not Dead

    at amd he couldn't do more interesting stuff. he's designed some risc based cpu's there too which have not seen the light so amd could just BAM Arm chip out. So he probably left cause he couldn't picture what was required a decade ahead in time and don't blame him, but Zen is definitely not...
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    Another Intel vulnerability!

    many doesn't.. no. Meltdown, foreshadow, spectre etc require code to run on the machine. websites can do that :) This one requires network access, not exactly physical :)
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    Steam Library Beta Coming Sept 17th

    the UI is .. whatever, as long as the list on the left hand side is there I'm happy. If they remove it and create big ass images for us with 400 games library I'll be angry as hell :P !
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    How long have you used your power supply?

    HX750, soon 11 years. 24/7, not a day without it powered on. Used hard for 10 years until I replaced it last year and gave my server it.
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    Intel 18 core: disappointing early indications.

    Not really. they have half the write performance but per chiplet there is no difference. Read is same, you read more than write so it's a non issue, I was worried of this but there is only one place where you see it and that's in Aida64 and memory benchmarks which show total throughput. If you...
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    Intel 18 core: disappointing early indications.

    From anandtech. The audience was all in unison with reactions with the when questions. sighs until she said what they wanted. 05:40PM EDT - Q: How is AMD approaching the workstation market? How does that pertain to threadripper? A: We love the workstation market, and yes there will be a next...
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    WHEA bug might be your issue, AGESA should fix it (Fps tanking) even at 4Ghz a 3700x should be killing 4790K in singlethread performance even at 4.8Ghz easily, if something is very latency sensetive it's different story but we see that is very rare in pretty much every test. So I'd...
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    X570 mATX board availability?

    I have this, the vrm will need airflow with 3900X if pbo, but other than that I quite like it. Either have had more effecient vrm or better heatsink would go a long way.
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    Windows capping my download speed at 200mbps

    This was steam forcing ubuntu to not do what they had planned more than anything. Also not using ubuntu.. They do not have linux developer positions open if they weren't dedicated to support it.
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    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    I'm in europe, it's not impossible.... Know of many who's ordered even two weeks ago and got it from caseking already. AMD said in earnings call they sell 3.5 X as much as the "not paper launch" zen+ so I guess demand is up there.
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    9900k or 3800x

    My 2 cent. Amd has better I/O, better multithread, security. At a cost of ever so slight reduction in singlethread. and higher latency. - This is masked 96% by huge L3 cache. I find the 9900K difficult to recommend as it's pricey for "little", the platform sucks in comparison with I/O etc, the...
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    Windows capping my download speed at 200mbps

    Windows is mostly just gaming, linux can do a lot of games nowadays :D the last two years have been amazing for linux gaming hoping next two continues that!
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    Windows capping my download speed at 200mbps

    Same issue, I get 80mb/sec for file transfers over 10gbit. get 1100mb/sec ~ in linux to the same share. On my windows 7 VM I get 600-700 mb/sec, to my win 10VM fully updated I get 80mb sec... why??
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    4450 mhz over 12 cores with excellent ipc without using trillion watts- I'm a happy camper
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    Who are madmen buying $700 motherboards?

    my 210 $ one ? X570M Pro4, it's the only matx one.. unfortunately.. sometimes you take what you get.
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    Confused and potential problems with 3900x overclocking and behavior

    don't get hung up on the boost, it's so hard to measure what matters is the performance. Do you get 3000 CB15 in multicore, 510+ in single ? PBO disabled, PB2 enabled no xmp 2133 mhz should be there.
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    Your thoughts on upgrading to a 2080ti from a 1080ti

    Navi beating 2080TI, dead easy. Question is.. will they ? Will it be worth it ? Nvidia on 10 or 7nm will easily beat it. 1750 mhz 80 CU Navi with big fat 384 bit bus and 16gbit memory chips, issue solved and it'll be a lot faster. but as above.. will they....
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    AMD AGESA Buggy, Company Pulls it from Motherboard Vendors

    I had an asus board, bought the cheapest asrock board. Granted the asrock bios menu suck.. big time, but my god it's been good to me! Asus board is now as the server, trying now desperately to get my 1700 + 64gb ram to work. Asrock AB350M pro4, reset bios, insert the 1700 + 4 sticks 16gbX4...
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    Asrock x570 boards?

    Steel Legend Vs Extreme4 - Extreme 4 has front usb-c, Steel Legend has Displayport rear - Same pcb. Phantom Gaming 4 and Pro4 are identical - Difference is Pro4 has M2 cooler and USB-C out in the rear. - Same pcb CPU VRM I believe is identical, but I'm a proponent that it's highly overstated...
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    Finally a 3800X review

    I'd do a different take. It's same ballpark but I chose to blame latency for most of it. Latencies, every industry see higher latencies as bandwidth and capability increase, may that be internet, the playing a song on a modern device, display standards like DVI, DP, Hdmi vs good ol d-sub.. even...
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    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Do you have to use another backplate than the original amd ? I've always used it and throw whatever comes with the cooler away o.0 Also access to the rear is quite standard too as you said :)
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    Cat 7 or Cat 8 ethernet ?

    50 feet is apparently 15 meters. My 25 meter cat 5e link disagree cause it runs 10gbit without issues :) That just strengthen the claim that cat 5e is underrated, but if I'd lay cables I'd get cat6-8 where price being the factor for choosing. if cat 5e is in walls already I'd try before swapping.
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    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    May I ask how you use both your gpu's ? vm ? :)
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    What do you do with your old 1TB/2TB drives?

    So, I got an Aha experience. replacing 1st gen 32mb cache samsung 7200rpm 1tb drives with a single 8tb hdd 7200rpm baracuda pro. I could raid 4 of those samsung 1tb's together striped and the 8tb was still heaps faster, in everything but seq read\write it was still up to 4x faster! There is...
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    Poll: AMD RX 5700 Series vs NVidia RTX Super. Which gets your money?

    People already have proven like Any amd card made the last 5 years. Undervolting helps. 1150 Mv -> 1000 MV did net people 100 mhz more at same power limit.
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    amd rdna 5700 or

    I looked into them. They're nearly identical but there is a big difference to me... Amd's just works, enable it and done, freestyle is not. It's not overly aggressive nor too soft to not show any difference, doesn't generate artifact, ignores mostly what should be ignored. In the end, it's not...
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    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Nickname: Skip leg day Phanteks Evolv Matx TG Amd Ryzen 3900X Asrock AB350M Pro4. G.Skill SniperX Camo 32GB (2x16GB) 3200 CL16 MSI Radeon Vega 64 Airboost. NVME: Samsung Evo 960 512gb. NVME: Intel 660P 1TB SATA: Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA: Micron 5100 Pro 1TB SATA: M2 sata samsung 256 gb for...
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    Poll: AMD RX 5700 Series vs NVidia RTX Super. Which gets your money?

    5700xt with a aib cooler or water and undervolt + oc looks like serious bang for the buck!
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    Who's planning to buy 5700(?) GPU

    If I can manage to stack up to 40% rebate I might go nuts with a XT on water and see if I can push 2200 mhz. Hopefully we get a 5800 or so before november when my rebates run out - got a shit ton of rebate points for my etailer because of zen2 purchases.
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    Worth going from 8086K to 9900K for gaming? May keep my ASUS TUF Board.

    Every 9900K on a 360 AIO will do 5ghz no issues... in a AC controlled room, without I go down to 4.8 for my friends, made two profiles, this for winter and that for summer. the 8700k's is far easier to handle when it comes to temperature especially when you pass the 30c ambient mark. or just...
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    Who are madmen buying $700 motherboards?

    had no idea cause I don't use them either :) but my "value calculation" is rough and pretty accurate, a 400$ board can easily exist and people want and need the features. 700.. well people buy rtx titan so enough said :)
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    Worth going from 8086K to 9900K for gaming? May keep my ASUS TUF Board.

    Absolutely not. Same clocks, ipc and all. for gaming they're practically identical.
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    3900x issue

    Make sure not only center is has paste. I've seen aio's being used in reviews. I see 50c idle on custom loop, letting it do it's thing. and my idle isn't really idle but still not any Real load.
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    AMD Ryzen R9 3900X Review Round Up

    Sheet is highly overly cautious, there is enough tests of cheap b350's and 3900X just.. working well without any issues on internet now :) no problems after an hour run of all 12 cores loaded at 4.3 ghz! :) it's toasty at 95 ish c, but who cares.. not like they're actually burning up. Caps are...
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    Who are madmen buying $700 motherboards?

    I pay 210 or so for a microatx 2 nvme, x570, 8 sata, 1x 16x, 1x m2 wifi key, 1x 4x slot and a open 1x slot I believe. + more usb bandwidth. That is a bit steep but "Ok" Add 10gbit, 100 $. Add 1-2 nvme more 50$ more. Add premium sound 10-20$ more. beefier vrm - 10$ 400$ is the most I can think...