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    WTB: 1150 Z97 or H97 MicroATX Motherboard

    Looking for an 1150 H97 or X97 mATX motherboard. M.2 and onboard Displayport is a plus. Heatware: Thanks!
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    PWM Signal Generator for Fan Control? It looks like you are looking for something that outputs a 25 kHz 5V square wave. It should be pretty easy to do with a microcontroller if you want to DIY.
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    Feedback please

    Why Facebook? Email/phone seems more appropriate for a professional service. Do you normally have customers buy photos through the smugmug printing service? If you do, then you need to update your prices. If you don't then you should turn it off. What are your specialties? Where are you...
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    New to home audio... what cables should I buy for this setup?

    Normal Speaker cable for the 2 speakers. You will need an RCA cable for the subwoofer.
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    For Sale / Trade : Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera & 16-50MM - Like New w/ Original Box.

    Aww, I was about to send you an offer, but then realized it was silver. GLWS though.
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    What is a good upgrade from the ThinkPad T430

    The 1080p screen in the newer models is a big improvement, so I might look at one of those.
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    Wtb: Raspberry Pi or other similar board

    BTW Newegg has the B+ for $36
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    Need a reciever?

    Speaker wire: But most wire will work. Stranded copper is what you are looking for.
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    Need a reciever?

    At that price, craigslist is your best bet. Otherwise there is this: You will most likely need a 3.5mm to RCA adapter to connect to the amp and some speaker wire to...
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    Laptops for business ??

    Personally I prefer the Lenovo T440s with the 1080p screen to the Yoga 2 Pro, but no touchscreen.
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    Desktop AMP recommendation

    What's your price range? There are tons of thing like this on eBay, but I am unsure of the quality.
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    Wanted Cheap DDR3 RAM

    Looking for some cheap DDR3 RAM. Pretty flexible on the size and I'll obviously pay more for higher capacity. Just let me know what you have. Looking for at least 2GB and 1.5v or less. Thanks!
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    FS: Nexus 7 2013 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

    Next is a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 16GB WiFi (Refurbished). It is also in excellent condition and comes with box, USB cable, USB power brick, and Fintie case (LINK). SOLD
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    Looking two add two additional monitors, already have Dell U2410

    You would want something with the same pixel density and a 1200p width. As far as I know there isn't really anything out there that would work well. In your photo they are using 1600x1200 screens on the sides which works well with the 2560x1600 main screen.
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    FS: Water cooling system: 2 x GTX 780EK blocks, 3 radiators, pump

    If you decide to part it out, let me know how much you want (shipped) for the XSPC RX120.
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    Antec EDGE 550W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Never had an Antec PSU before, might be nice to give them a try :)
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    Discover Card - 5% reward on online purchases - Oct to Dec.

    You can get the 5+5% at Tiger Direct if they have it.
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    WTB: cheap SSD. SATA 2 is ok.

    If you willing to deal with rebates, you can get the PNY for $80:
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    3 monitor video card

    My R9 290x does this. 2 Dual link DVI (1440p) and a 1080p HDMI.
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    FS: Nikon D7100, 300mm F4 AF-S, SB-910, 35 1.4g, 35 2.8D, 70-200 VR1, 32GB, 16GB CF

    ll items are located in Seattle, WA and I encourage you to come check them out if you are local. Let me know if you are interested and I will take some more detailed photos. I accept PayPal, Amazon Payments (preferred) and Chase QuickPay. Due to varying fees between the payment methods, all...
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    FT/WTB: Nexus 7 2013 WiFi for LTE

    I currently have a Nexus 7 2013 and I would like to upgrade to the LTE model. I am interested in either trading, or buying the LTE model outright. If anyone has one that they would be interested in trading or selling, let me know. Thanks for looking!
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    Tri-Fire R9 290x, 1200W PSU sufficient?

    Also when your mining you don't really need to worry about the CPU utilization much.
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    WC Loop for my 290x

    I'm thinking about adding my 290x to my loop, but I'm not really sure it will handle it. I'm not so worried about getting the best delta, but rather have a usable and reasonably quiet system. Loop would be cooling 290x and i7 2600k. What's a good water block to use? Right now I think I am...
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    Questions about T-Mobile Prepaid

    Yeah, you shouldn't have any trouble transferring it again. You just need to make sure that you keep the account active. Once you cancel the account it becomes harder (impossible?) to port the number.
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    Questions about T-Mobile Prepaid

    You can try it out pretty easily, just start with a new phone number on T-Mobile and switch the SIMs in your phone. T-Mobile has traditionally called their HSPA+ 4G, and is different from their 4G LTE. Also the non-LTE service is very usable. I usually got 10-30 Mb/s with my Nexus 4...
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    How to connect 3 - X-Star DP2710

    Make sure that you can use the outputs from two cards for SLI. I know when I tried xfire a while back you could only use the connections on the main card.
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    How would I connect M-Audio BX5 D2 to my PC?

    Yes, the one labeled "tip" would go to your right speaker.
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    Yamakasi Catleap Q270LED SE 120Hz Monitor & 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3

    Aww so tempting to get a second one. Let me know if you come down in the price at all. I might be interested.
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    Good FTP program?

    Are you sure you can't resume in CuteFTP, I know you can for downloads, but it is not the default setting.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Anyone know of any good alternatives to Speedtest with servers in the PNW area? It seems like all of the Speedtest servers max out around 300/300. Just curious what the connection is at school. I'm pretty sure is Gbit though. Games on steam download at about 80 MB/s. . .
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    FS: Nexus 7, HDD 500GB, 23' Monitor

    If you take the "th_" out of the links it wont link to thumbnails.
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    FS: Seattle Area (Cheap/Free) - FW900, Mech Keyboards, CM Stacker, Norco SS500, etc.

    Aww, I might have picked up a keyboard from you, but I'm flying into Seattle on the 5th.
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    Pass through onboard SATA?

    I want to give ESXi a try and am converting my OI fileserver to and ESXi server. Would it be possible to get a cheap SATA card for the ESXi install and pass through the onboard SATA ports? If so would something like this (LINK) work? Or would I be better off getting something like a M1015...
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    headphone and amp recommendation

    This. I just sold a set of 595s to a guy in Canada for around $110 shipped IIRC.
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    Intel NIC keeps disconnecting

    I recently upgraded to a Intel EXPI9301CTBLK (PCIe) and have been having trouble with the connection disconnecting. Mostly I have noticed it when I have a torrent running with a lot of connections, but it has happened at other times as well. If I have 3+ torrents running it will disconnect...
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    Bruce Willis Wants to Sue Apple Over Songs Rights

    Yes, but they are usually significantly cheaper than the non loose leaf version. Also they still can be sold to other students.
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    microATX case that will fit crosair Hydro H100

    I have one with a 120x2 Rad in it. There are holes and no mods are necessary to mount a rad in there. However it is quite large for a micro-atx case.
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    Better video card for Source Engine, AMD or Nvidia?

    You should be absolutely fine with a 7950 (assuming one monitor).
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    Better video card for Source Engine, AMD or Nvidia?

    Most modern cards should be able to run everything maxed out at 100+ FPS. With my 6870 and 1080p I was at a constant 300 fps which I think is the max.