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    Is the 9600GT reliable?

    A friend of mine has one, and its not very reliable, then again, could be some whole other unrelated issue.
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    Who's ready for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

    I was ready, 3 years ago.
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    what WoW mods are you using?

    Bongos is a great hot bar mod. You can basically make your own hot bars.
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    thinkign of much life is left?

    Clearly you miss the point of MMORPGS.
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    So what is next from Blizzard WoD or WoSC ?

    I don't think the WoW subscriptions has even hit a its peak yet. Blizzard has said they they may consider release expansions every year for it now, so I highly doubt you will see any other MMO from Blizzard in the near future. If anything, you'll see a Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3. I think they...
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    Low FPS on the 9800XT

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    Poor FPS in WoW with 8800

    More RAM, WoW is a mega-RAM hog.
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    Top 10 worst things about BF2142

    This forum seriously has major EA/Dice hate issues. There are just as many and equally poor decicison making sub standarded game making done by just as good/big game studios, yet you don't see nearly the kind of trolling DICE gets.
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    mecabre-ish manip

    I think the magots are fine the way they are, they create a great focal point for the image. I think the only thing that bothers me, is the eye. I know its supposed to be an eye, but its kind of hard to distinguish it. If there is one thing about a creature or person thats most striking its...
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    Is PC gaming dieing?

    There is one thing we cannot deny, PC gaming is a smaller market than the console. It is not on its death bed, or even heading there. No. Alot of your gaming innovation happens first on the PC, simply because there hardware supports it, with the exception with what Nintendo has done with the...
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    2 Suggestions

    Its not that I dislike the theme, its your forum do what you want to it. However since it is affliated with a main website I think consistancy is best. The logo on the main site is new and updated, and so is the over all look and feel. I simply suggest that this be applied to the forums as...
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    mecabre-ish manip

    No offense, but I'm really over the whole grunge image genre. Its getting to the point where its overdone.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.... thoughts?

    Even if it came out tomorrow its about 4 years too late. They missed the boat.
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    2 Suggestions

    I know something similar has be brought up before... But, I think the "skin" of this forum needs to change to better match the main [H]ardOCP site, if not at the least match up the logos. Also, don't have a suggestion forum if you're only going to squash every suggestion and close the thread.
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    Core 2 Duo Mobo?

    Thx for the suggestions, I may just sit back and wait a while, I'm very egar to get a core 2 system up and running, but it my pay of to just wait a little longer.
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    Your favorite non-commercial HL2 mod

    Goldeneye Source
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    Core 2 Duo Mobo?

    I want a Core 2 Duo for my next build, however i've been reading some of the reviews of the supporting Mobo's and im not impressed. What is the best Mobo for the Core 2 Duo that has SLI???
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    BF2 won't run on my brothers computer

    I would say that video card is a bit weak for BF2, could you elaborate on what the issues is? Is this the only game this happens to?
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    If you could buy ANY case...

    Dell XPS 700 Case, red. I don't want the crap inside, just the case.
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    BF2 1.4 Released

    Yay! Another thread for BF2 haters to whine on!!! Looking forward to the new map, :D
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    Who Else likes the Lower Resolutions?

    I was gonna say the same thing, but you beat me too it.
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    Advertising to be found in BF 2142.

    Personally I don't get alot of these comments, BF2 hurt EA? Last time I checked people are still playing it, and its still a pretty popular game. I don't get the elitist attitude twoards EA and this game franchise, its like you guys rag on it every second you get. Who cares about advertisment...
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    Ventrilo Server Hosting

    Yea it was exactly what I wanted too, no channel limitations nothing, you pay the money its up in seconds flat, ive been using mine for while no downtime at all so far.
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    Ventrilo Server Hosting Been using them for my WoW guild, cheap and reliable with speex codec so that Mac users can use it as well. Very easy to setup.
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    Lets Just make it simple...Widescreen wallapers!
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    New Crysis Screenies - See 'em before they're removed!

    Holy Mother of God.... :eek:
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    Half-Life 3 Engine screenshots?

    Did no one care to click the link on the other page showing where the images came from??? They're not real people, they're photos. Sheese!
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    Portal by Valve

    This look so fun, I can't wait.
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    Half-Life 2 Portals Demo

    Wow, am I the only one that actually cares about this?
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    Half-Life 2 Portals Demo

    Click Here for the Video Wow, as cool the portals in Prey are, this is way cooler. AMAZING, talk about innovative game play... :eek:
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    thinkign of much life is left?

    It is very cheap if you evaluate it in terms of how much entertainment you get per dollar. I mean 15/mo isn't that bad, you almost pay that much to see one movie that you only spend about 2 hours doing. Some people pay double that for a subscription to a porn site. People pay hunderds of...
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    thinkign of much life is left?

    And its holding a staggering 52% of the MMO market share... thats amazing. Source:
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    thinkign of much life is left?

    WoW is hard to judge. So far its totally demolished every pre-conception thats are ususally stuck to MMOs. Generally the life span of an mmo is 2-4 years, peaking at the 2 year mark. Its been almost 2 years since WoW's release and I doubt we have even seen the peak yet. 6.5 million active...
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    Which WoW server are you on?

    Stormrage FTW!!! (PVE)
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    How has gaming messed you up?

    Honestly gaming hasn't done anything negative to me. Pretty much while everyone else watches tv, I play video games istead. I've managed to balance having a social life with my GF and friends, work and other things with gaming. I even manage a guild in WoW... I don't sleep that much, but I...
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    Can someone photochop my friend?

    Haha, that was my initial thought too!!!
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    May I ask what you people do for a living to be able to afford that equipment, I would like to know so I can switch professions...
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    My "Thoughts" on Prey Demo

    Dude it was a demo, and its not all about weapons. I thought it rocked, I was on the fence about this game, but I'm going to pre-order it tomorrow. I may just play through the demo again tonight.
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    You have a limited amount of times through the deck.