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    Post Your Workstations 2023

    System has been slightly upgraded, the EVGA 2060 Gaming Ultra KO has been swapped out for a PNY RTX 4070 Triple Fan OC edition, now I need a new monitor since the current one could only do 144Hz through the DVI connection.
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    Post Your Workstations 2023

    Old case, but new board, CPU and first time using an NVMe on my system (wife got one before I did when I built hers). Phanteks Enthoo Luxe case, AMD Ryzen 5 5600, Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite AX V2, G.Skill 3200MHz GZRX variant of RAM, Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power CPU cooler with additional...
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    My first high end aluminum front panel case was this Xaser III basically the same chassis, but what a case to have in 2004 (thing was a beast to haul around though, and survived a 5K mile ocean voyage with no problems). Also used to build my nephew his first computer in 2011
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Old case with a new board and CPU
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    Frys going out of Business

    After working at Fry's Service desk for my first job when I moved here way back in 2006, I found out from the quarterly meetings that the Cafe was the money maker of the stores, used to make really good tuna melts and club sandwiches...I'll miss those.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17, 2020

    Gives me more time to get some money together to replace my GTX 4G 970.
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    Frys going out of Business

    Fry's in Sunnyvale doesn't even have anyone working the cafe, and a lot of the shelves are empty. Not even an LP working the exit.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Mostly new build to replace my 10 year old i7 920, went back to AMD (see signature).
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    GIGABYTE Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi AMD Ryzen Mobo Review @ [H]

    I just got this board for my Ryzen 2700, I was wondering if there is a significant gain in performance if I went fromt eh F3 BIOS to the the F5 update?
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Overclocking Review @ [H]

    Going to finally build a mostly new system with the 2700, the Aorus used in this benchmark review (because I have never had a problem with Gigabyte), some new RAM from G.Skill, and the 4g 970 GTX from my old i7 920 system from 2008....Along with most of the hard drives from that as well.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X CPU Review @ [H]

    If AMD keep doing what they are doing by the time I get my tax returns done, I will be building one to retire my old i7 920.
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    Consumer Reports: Don't Buy a Microsoft Surface Laptop or Tablet

    We had pro 3's failing all the time, pro 4's aren't much better so our company is done with them especially as the warranty was only a year compared to the 3 years we got with regular equipment.
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    Brand spanking new headsets from Logitech G633 and G933

    Going to get the 633 model this week, they are now selling for $120, I have to get them since my 430 volume control is acting weird, and the plates just above the actual earpiece are starting to crack (epoxy'd the inside and outside of the plates yesterday to last a little longer), tried the...
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    What is the most expensive Video Card you ever bought?

    MSI 4G 970 for $300...Unless you count the total cost of the two 260 GTX cards when the system parts were originally purchased, then $440.
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    Did The FBI Just Unleash A Hacker Army On Apple?

    Computer forensic labs in the Bay area have been using Cellebrite for years to pull images from phones, when Apple, Google, or the phone carrier couldn't provide what they have asked for.
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    AT&T Claims Paying Extra For Privacy Is A 'Benefit'

    Another slight prod to switch to T-Mobile for me.
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    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Is Free On Origin

    BF3 did the same thing.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    Glad they aren't going anywhere.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    I haven't ordered stuff from them in a while, I do remember ordering my Thermaltake Xaser III case, copper braded IDE cables, and the Zalman heatpipe kit for my ATi 9700 Pro, that had overheating issues (that stupid oversized shim around the GPU) from them, they were my go to place for custom...
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    Fallout 4 Won't Have DLC Exclusives

    And DLC in general shouldn't exist anyway, just a cash grab for games that might not make projections, or publishers that are greedy.
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    Introducing The 1,000 MPH Bloodhound Supersonic Car

    Well if it doesn't beat thrust II, at least it can take the record for fastest single jet engine land speed record.
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    20 Of The Worst PC Setups

    Some of those photos look like hobo setups.
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    Elon Musk: AI Could Delete Humans Along With Spam

    This is why preset rules concerning humans will be built in as a standard, like iRobot.
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    1-in-3 Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots Or Software By 2025

    Better work your way up to manager fast, if you are in the fast food industry then.
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    Guess How Many U.S. Lawmakers Have A Windows Phone?

    Don't know any lawmakers, but I know a prosecutor who keeps trying to get his phone hooked up to his computer to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, he's already annoying as f$#k, but it's amusing to keep telling him no, because the city says so.
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    4 Of 5 Restaurant Twitter Complaints Made Mid-Meal

    Drives me nuts when I see people taking photos of their meal.
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    Tracking The Homeless With GPS

    In the US this would just be used to force the homeless out of an area.
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    Games Are NOT Art

    I dunno, they have a lot of artists working for the games developers, and some of the scenery and characters are just jaw droppingly gorgeous, so I would call them art.
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    Google Employees Secretly Living On Campus

    I make just under that, and I couldn't afford the apartment we had, show me an apartment with at least 800 square feet in a low crime area, that is going for under $2k, within the city. You will be lucky to find anything like that within a ten mile radius of the outskirts of Santa Clara County.
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    Google Employees Secretly Living On Campus

    I noticed both employee's mentioned cost of living in the Bay area, they are right it is ridiculous to try and live here, before we left our apartment, they were looking for $3k for a two bedroom one bath 850 square foot apartment. Only reason I can live in a fabricated home, in the same...
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    Half Of PC Gamers Wait For Sales To Buy

    Apart from a small collection of games (The Witcher series) who provide DLC for free, if there is any to provide. I wait for a game that looks interesting to hit the sales, especially if it has a crap ton of DLC they want you to buy, or it's included in the GOTYE that might be on sale. I did...
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    California Waiving Environmental Rules For Tesla Battery Factory?

    Speed the process of what, wrecking the environment with increased Lithium mining, chemical output from the plant, or beating some other state to having the plant? Wonder if it has anything to do with these industrial buildings that are almost finished, down the road from the Tesla HQ...
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    Android Overtakes iOS in Usage Stats For The First Time

    Didn't they stop updates for the first three generations of iPhone, I know certain functions for the 4, were not available for anything prior to it.
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    Origin: Wing Commander 3 On The House

    I skipped buying that game for some reason, snatched that game up second time around, and Mark Hamill how could I say no to a voice acting legend in the gaming industry, as well as the animation world?
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    Woman Claims She Invented Angry Birds

    I invented Transformers when I was 5 years old, where is my royalty payout?
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    Cable Companies: Google Threatens Net Neutrality, Not Us

    I truly hope they get classed as category II utility companies, although I know that isn't likely with supposedly impartial FCC board members, that are getting "donations" from the very companies they are supposed to regulate.
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    Hacker Says Passenger Jets At Risk Of Cyber Attack

    Don't trust hot women who are easy, don't trust robots, don't trust anyone, err...Oh yeah, don't become a Viper pilot.
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    Origin: Wing Commander 3 On The House

    Was it this one or the one after, that had Biff in their?
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    PlayStation Now Is Still Way Too Expensive

    Sounds like a s#!tty deal to me.
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    Consumers Are Too Dumb To Understand Google Fiber

    I wouldn't mind a 1Gbps connection, it's not like it will outpace my Wi-Fi network.