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    Intel Issues Spectre and Meltdown Microcode Updates for Sandy and Ivy

    You might want to check out their BIOS pages. I have a...6? year old ASRock Z77 ITX and they have had a "beta" 2.0 release available since May. I'm not really expecting that they ever release one not marked beta, but who knows.
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    X370 Mini ITX Motherboard and Ryzen 7 1700 For $263

    Whats the situation with updating the Biostar x370 to use a 2000 series chip like the Ryzen 7 2700? I'm assuming you need to have an older 1xxx chip in order to install the new BIOS?
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    Google Now Owns HTC's Pixel Team

    I am in favor of this. As the owner of a Huawei Nexus 6p on Google Fi that has battery issues....the finger pointing between google and Huawei saying its a software its a hardware issue and nobody doing anything is a pain in the butt. With both the software and hardware on the Pixels...
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    Pixel Density and Your Delusions

    Except that it does...because I can fit more other applications and such on the screen. Things that don't scale. Obvious example: The fact I scale my desktop icons doesn't make something like Lightroom suddenly fit less pixels on the screen when you say 1:1 actual pixels to screen pixels or...
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    Pixel Density and Your Delusions

    I have a 4k laptop and Remote Desktop does scale on newer server OSes. If you're stuck maintaining old ass servers...yeah your life is going to suck.
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    When Will We Have The Perfect Monitor?

    I have never seen SED before. It sounds awesome!
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    Massdrop Vast: 35" VA 3440x1440 100Hz Freesync $549

    And this is even more trash than the Samsungs.
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    Massdrop Vast: 35" VA 3440x1440 100Hz Freesync $549

    At this point any new freesync monitor should really meet freesync 2 specs to be taken seriously.
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    Emissive displays, OLED, QLED, other?

    As far as I know there are not any emissive displays priced at the consumer level. You can get them in TVs (LG OLED), but emissive QLED TVs are still not a reality (Samsung's QLEDs still use a backlight). Some phones and tablets also have emissive displays, but there seems to be nothing in...
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    Verizon Will Fix Your Smartphone’s Screen for $29

    I don't use cases and have never broken a phone. So you don't need to "buy a $30 case and stop being a clumsy fuck", you just need to stop being a clumsy fuck. The amount I have saved on cases + "cheap insurance" could easily buy me a new phone...or 2 new phones. Insurance if you aren't a clumsy...
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    Tried selling my KS8000 everywhere, and in spite I put it on my computer desk...

    I can and I did. And people who care about quality rather than price are very likely going to be looking at even newer models, not last years used model.
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    Monitor recommendations for amateur photographer

    The Samsung chg70 may be worth looking at depending on if it's discounted from MSRP. It's a 2560 x 1440 curved monitor which makes it a no for me, but it has good color accuracy although it doesn't cover 100% of Adobe rgb it covers will more than 100% of srgb which is what you're most likely to...
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    my monitor finally died

    Reading this on my secondary monitor which is 1680 x 1050 :D It's pretty old, but still going along fine. The 16:10 aspect results in a vertical resolution is nearly the same as 1080 so it's got plenty of real estate for reading things and lots of other kinds of work.
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    When Will We Have The Perfect Monitor?

    These links are great in regards to TVs. I'm really thinking about 21:9 with 2160 vertical pixels for my next computer monitor myself. Doesn't seem to be anything like that on the display market yet.
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    Tried selling my KS8000 everywhere, and in spite I put it on my computer desk...

    While its a slightly different model people can get a used 4k 49" Samsung for $649 with free shipping from a company with a reputation that you as an individual don't have. They're going to want to pay less for the hassle of picking it up, dealing with a stranger, etc...
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    27inch 4k? Too much for the screen size?

    No. 4k 27" is fine. My primary 27" is a 2560 x 1440 and I often find myself wanting more pixels to work with. My laptop has 4k in 15".
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    SNES Mini Already Hacked to Play Downloaded Games

    I haven't looked at the hardware/read a tear down, but I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo used the same hardware as the NES classic and just put on some new software making the "new hack" trivial. The hardware was quite a bit more than needed for the NES Classic, that with some of the branding...
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    Samsung 4K freesync 28" monitor 299 @ Costco - warm

    OS scaling works pretty well these days. I have a 4k 15" laptop and with appropriate scaling set things are great. It gets pretty terrible though when I have to remote into some archaic system for work that has an OS without good scaling support. Can't see crap.
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    Samsung 4K freesync 28" monitor 299 @ Costco - warm

    Excellent, excellent. On the Samsung site the photo was either overly compressed so you couldn't see the holes or they photoshopped them out on purpose.
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    Samsung 4K freesync 28" monitor 299 @ Costco - warm

    Obviously, I care, or I would not have posted. It does not mean you have to care. Looked at this today. The model at least at my Costco is this: It is not the one linked by the OP and it DOES have a 75 x 75 VESA...
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    Samsung 4K freesync 28" monitor 299 @ Costco - warm

    No vesa mount. No sale
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    Radeon RX580 Videos Cards Back in Stock

    GDDR5 isn't exactly expensive. The 30% price spike was August vs July pricing, not single day. 30% amounts to about $2 per 8 Gb chip...or $16 for the 8 needed to make up an 8 GB card. It's hardly the cause of the $90.
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    Radeon RX580 Videos Cards Back in Stock

    Still seem pretty high. Gigabyte 580 is $90 more than I paid for the aorus 580 in May. That's nearly 40% more and isn't quite as good a card.
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    Why Phone Makers Are Trying to Kill the Headphone Jack

    It'd be nice if they just made a third smaller jack size if that were the issue.... We've got two sizes of headphone jack already.
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    Is it worth upgrading my cpu?

    What is the price difference between the i5 3xxx and i7 3xxx models? An upgrade to 4 cores vs 2 cores is definitely worth it for the kinds of tasks I do. I still run an i5 3570k (4 cores, 4 threads, 3.4ghz base/3.8 ghz turbo) in my desktop and it's noticeably faster than the i7 4712 HQ (2...
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    Bethesda Is Bringing Back the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy

    They're hosing you for $40 for the plastic. At this point the game is worth $60 as that will be the price of the standard GOTY edition.. Not 80-90
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    At long last, I'm back in the game.

    Man I did not even notice the thing about buying the card without his wife knowing. If you typically don't "have enough money" to buy a card you don't think she's gonna miss $300+. What have you been doing...putting $10 cash down for lunch or something, then hoarding the money and not eating...
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    Power draw, who cares...

    Seriously. I have to consider how much stuff I have on each circuit sometimes. On at least one circuit I can't turn all the devices on it on at once or the breaker trips.... 15A x 120v = only 1800W per circuit before needing to move to wiring/outlets that will support 20A or more or adding more...
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    Power draw, who cares...

    I care about power draw because a lot of the power ends up as excess heat which leads to needing noisy fans and I don't like noisy fans much. And yeah I have a 450W SFX power supply :D It happens to be 80 Plus gold rated. I considered a 600W mainly for the Platinum rating. No idea what I would...
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    At long last, I'm back in the game.

    True and also not. Parts with marginal defects are gonna burn out sooner, but a good part should be able to run nonstop for quite a long time. It shouldn't be particularly bad to be under 100% load if well cooled. Going through constant on/off load cycles where it heats up/cools off is likely...
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    Wanting to get a 1060 for 1440p instead of a 1070, a lot of naysayers though.

    Tell me more...1080 in this price range interests me. I reckon if I can convince myself to stop mining with my single 580 I can sell it and get a 1080 with the proceeds. Had been looking at the Gigabyte 1070 Mini ITX before 1070 prices also got jacked up. It was in the $360 range.
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    Should I sell my Radeon RX 480?

    Difficulty of ETH mining has gone up such that what would mine you about .75 ETH per month a month ago will now mine you about .45 a month. Definitely a massive amount of new mining gear has come online.
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    Google May Be Sued over Nexus 6P Early Shutdown and Bootloop Issues

    My 6p regularly shuts down well above 10% battery left. It sucks. The worst thing is its not predictable so you don't actually know how much battery you might have left. And because it sometimes shuts down at 15% which is when the battery saver engages it makes the battery saver feature #$# #*&...
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    Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen IPC?

    Side note: I kicked the immediate need for an upgrade a bit further down the road. Ordered a Haswell i3 4360, ITX mobo, 4 GB single SODIMM for $138 shipped to put in the MAME cabinet. Should be arriving this week. The Haswell mobo is a pretty good one to be on long term for the MAME cabinet as...
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    Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen IPC?

    I've seen the PC world article and I guess I'd forgotten about it. I didn't put a lot of stock in it as the article had a clear bias towards wanting to portray things in a bad light given the title. Anything good was largely swept under the rug and the guy kept his 3570k clocked at 4.2 ghz.and...
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    Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen IPC?

    Everything other than video encoding pretty much... Games, development, Adobe Lightroom, audio encoding, more development, sitting in the chair staring at the screen while the CPU does nothing (is this overkill for that? maybe I should get a z80)
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    Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen IPC?

    Thanks for the info. I will be keeping an eye on things over the next month or so as the Ryzen eco-system isn't developed to the point I'd like it to be yet. I'm waiting on more ITX boards and the R5 before making any decisions. The R7 1800x @$500 is more than I want to spend and the other...
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    Mini ITX Case with USB 3.1 Front Ports?

    I was wondering why there aren't any cases with front USB-C ports yet. I hadn't looked at the spec itself and had been presuming things would be running off 12v. Needing to pull that up to 20V sounds like a pain in the butt. I mean PSUs have 12v + 5v +3.3v so you could get to 20v....but 5v and...
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    Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen IPC?

    Are there any direct comparisons of Ivy Bridge vs Ryzen? I have a 3570k and am considering moving to an R5 1600x. Based on looking at various articles and Kaby Lake vs Ryzen I can make some pretty good estimates of IPC differences, but I was wondering if there have been any direct comparisons...