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    CD Ripping problem

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    Help with printer/scanner

    I have an HP 1210 All in one, and I am trying to use the HP Photo and Imaging software to scan a document. When I open up that program, and choose scan, there is nothing in the "select source" window. Why isn't my printer/scanner showing up? It is installed, as I can print.
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    Quake 4 Connection problem

    Everytime I exit Quake 4, be it alt-tab or quiting the game, my internet stops working. I have cable, and a Linksys router. I tried connecting my PC directly to the cable modem, and bypassing the router, and it still does it, so it isn't the router. The only way for me to get internet access...
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    Internet problem after playing games

    I have a Linksys router, and recently I've had a problem. When I leave a game, like Quake 4 or Call of Duty 2, the internet stops working. I have to either pull the ethernet cable out and put it back in, or restart the PC. Restarting always fixes it, but not taking the cable...
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    Gaming and internet problem

    I have a Linksys Router, and recently, every time I finish a game and close it, the internet stops working. This has happened with Quake 4, Call Of Duty 2, etc. I have to pull the cable out and put it back in, or restart my computer. What gives? What is wrong here?
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    AIM question

    For those who use AIM, is there a way to see who looks at your profile and how many times they've looked? Maybe an add-on is needed?
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    Quake 4 help- Bots

    How can I play vs bots? I want to play 1v1 but vs a bot, since it is hard to find 1v1s right now and I want to practice. Is there a console command? Or how do I do it?
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    F.E.A.R screenshot thread

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    How bad have you wanted a game?

    Once I was getting some awesome Japanese imports for Sega Saturn for christmas (Grandia etc) I went into where the presents where..and I carefull opened the package up, played it for a while, and hide it again. Ah, the memories! :D
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    Good car game

    Forget the Civic, sell your organs and buy a Hummer. :D
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    How do women and work interfere with your gaming?

    OMG thank you..I can continue to be a pro-gamer now for years!
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    How do women and work interfere with your gaming?

    It is very adequate. Especially If you buy one of those plastic vagainas!111lol11!11 OMG TEH HAX
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    How do women and work interfere with your gaming?

    No, he is right. The correct spelling is pron. PRON IS TEH HAX
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    How do women and work interfere with your gaming?

    Kevin, I'll teach you how to play, you teach me how to score w/ teh ladies lol? ! :D
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    How do women and work interfere with your gaming?

    I'm still a virgin btw. But I'm good at BF2!
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    How do women and work interfere with your gaming?

    Seriously now, having friends and especially a girlfriend is a waste of time. So much time is wasted with trifles, when you could be getting your work done and preparing your future. When you are ready, then you find a woman. There is always internet porn until then. Samething...
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    FABLE: The Lost Chapters

    Is there going to be a demo for this game?
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    good free games for integrated graphics?

    Try Quake 3, it might work. Q3 is pretty much the best FPS game for me right now, even though it is old. The Battlefield series doesn't even touch it.
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    which mouse surface?

    Oh my! Don't use your desk people, or cheap mouse pads. If you are serious about gaming, you really need a good mousepad. For plastic, the Steel Pad S&S is the best. For cloth, the Steel QCK+ or Everglide Titan. They are large and very good for FPS games.
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    Pro Gaming quickly going mainstream

    Yes, it is called teh major leagues. :D
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    Some Quake 3 questions

    I am going to play Q3 until Q4 comes out, and I have some questions for those who played Q3. I know Q3 is an old game, and I tried searching google to find some answers, but so many Q3 sites are outdated and don't work I hope some people here can help. 1.) I have OSP and the...
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    We've lost another one:

    Casual gamer or hardcore gamer has nothing to do with how much you spend on your system. It is about competition and dedication, I think you got the wrong gist of my post. The term casual gamer is a very good one, to separate the classes of gamers. Again, nothing to do with hardware.
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    We've lost another one:

    Who cares if some people think PC games will die. I view console games as the choice for casual gamers and unexperienced gamers. Almost all of the "professional" gamers play PC games, like CounterStrike and the upcoming Quake 4. So in that case, PC gaming is always going to be stronger...
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    DVD backup question

    Thanks, XOR != OR.
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    DVD backup question

    First of all, I have not done anything, it is just a question. Also, it is not a commercial DVD. I am talking about a personal DVD. How is that illegal?
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    DVD backup question

    If I backup a DVD with a program like DVD shrink, does it split it into more than one file? (For example, different parts of a personal DVD video of an event, etc). If so, can I somehow just make it one file so I don't have to open a new one everytime in the middle of a backup? I read...
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    Legal DVD backup?

    I did try DVD shrink and for some reason it is not taking all of it. Is there an option somewhere? Another DVD worked fine..
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    Legal DVD backup?

    And that's when the FBI rushes in! :D But seriously, thanks for the response. A question- I have a DVD that seems to have the audio material in a separate folder than the video when I look at the disc contents within windows. I've never seen an option in a program like DVD shrink that...
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    Legal DVD backup?

    Is it still legal to backup one's DVDs strictly for personal use? (Even encrypted ones?) If so, what program/programs are the most recommended? (I would prefer to use open-source or freeware, if possible.)
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    Left handed gamers - the forgotten ones

    Wow, I thought evolution would of gotten rid of left handers by now..nice to know you are still out there? ;( :D
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    Online Gaming Community...a rant

    Some people just like to mess around in order to make others they will always be there in any game. People who act like 12 year olds but are like 20 are sometimes funny though. Sadly so!
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    Steel Pad QCK+ impressions

    I just got a Steel Pad QCK+, and I want to compare it to some other pads I have for those interested. (I have two brothers so we divide the gaming gear if one doesn't use something. :D ) I have a func 1030 MBA, Steel Pad S&S, and now the QCK+ to compare. First of all, I can easily...
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    What do you think of professional gaming?

    It seems like the e-sports scene is pushing more and more towards that "Professional" level, with events like the CPL, WCG, etc. What are your views on this? Having been active in Magic:TG, I personally like these type of competitive environments, and I hope to see it do well in the...
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    Age of Empires 3 gameplay discussion

    Yeah, I am not too happy with it right now. Maybe 1v1 online it may be better.
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    I am interested in playing UT2k7. But Quake IV will hold my interest first..and if is really good, and then I haven no more need for Ut2k7!
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    Age of Empires 3 gameplay discussion

    I see there is another thread on the release of the demo, but that one seems to be mostly about hardware issues and downloading the game, etc. What are your initial impressions of it? Here are mine, and we must all remember this is still only a demo: To start with the...
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    Age of Empires 3 Demo released

    My 6800GT works fine, so if anyone has that card, yours should work barring any other hardware conflict. Is it me, or is this game really not bringing any innovation to the table? It seems like a hum-drum RTS so far..
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    Guild Wars update today

    Does it turn this game into WoW? :D
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    Age of Empires 3 Demo released

    The game is a bit dissapointing. Almost like a Rise of Nations clone. The graphics are not even as good as WC3! They are colorful though. I liked AOEII better, although I'd take the faster paced WC3 over AOE3 anyday!
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    Age of Empires 3 Demo released

    Downloading now! Can you play just a single player type campaign or can you play a normal RTS 1v1 ala WC3? (Vs the CPU of course)