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    Programming on quantum computers

    Hopefully someone can use it to make a dating website that doesn't suck. BUT that'd require people to be honest answering profile questions much for that idea.
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    UPS Shutting Off

    True but I really don't recommend running an expensive AVR or display off of anything that isn't a true sinewave. Even if it may only be powered by it for short durations. I'd equate a modified sinewave UPS to running your gasoline powered car on diesel. It may run but it's not going to be...
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    ATX Power Supply - standalone connector (instead of paperclip)

    Awesome! Thanks! Even better than what I was looking for. The switched one will be PERFECT.
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    ATX Power Supply - standalone connector (instead of paperclip)

    Hi Everyone, A couple years ago, I bought a Seasonic power supply and it came with a handy connector that would let you make the power supply run standalone (without being plugged in to the motherboard). It does the same thing as the old-school paperclip trick but in a much...
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    UPS Shutting Off

    I'd connect the UPS to a PC, install the management app (PowerAlert for Tripplite, Powerchute for APC) and see how much power that the projector is using and the estimated runtime. (Only plug the projector's power in to the UPS, not the PC. You only want to measure the projector's power draw.)...
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    Win7 EOL Jan 2020!!! really??

    I wonder if Windows 7 will have a simple registry hack to get POS (point of sale) updates like XP does? POS (cash registers) have a long service life kind of like embedded PCs used in industrial machines and whatnot...
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    Help finding new Hardware News Site

    It's not news but this is the first place I went too with the same question. I like PC Per and the Inquirer. I didn't check out Gamers Nexus until today. For video based news and reviews, I like TekThing and BP
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    Flickr Photos Were Used to Train IBM Facial Recognition

    When you don'1 pay for a product, you are the product.
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    Dell Technologies Gains Global Market Share in Server and Storage in Q4 2018

    I used to like their stuff because you could get it relatively cheap for home testing and whatnot. HP pissed me off when they required a support contract just for BIOS updates. EAT ME HP.
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    Energizer Smartphone has a 18,000 mAh Battery

    It's probably still smaller than the Nextel phone that I used to have to carry for work. :D Ahhh, the good old days.
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    Tesla Buys Maxwell Technologies

    They wouldn't be an issue size-wise but they would be a safety issue. I've seen large UPS's with capacitors the size of tall beer cans. When thy get old and explode they dent the side of the case and fill the room with a toxic smoke/film/stench. I can't imagine what a 55-gal drum sized...
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    Tesla Buys Maxwell Technologies

    Maxell makes audio cassette tapes. Duh. (I'm old.) I'm guessing that besides the electrode technology, they may also want to use ultracapacitors for more efficient regenerative braking energy recovery. They can absorb an incredible amount of energy quickly then dump it slowly to the battery...
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    Intel Changed Its Spirit in 2018

    At least they are smart enough to kiss some butt and eat some crow with their recent failures. It does make you wonder if they would be as complainant if AMD hadn't returned as a capable competitor.
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    Former NASA Engineer Makes a Box That Tortures Package Thieves

    One of the guys opens it in his LEXUS.
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    FCC Panel Suggests Taxing Business Internet Usage to Pay for Rural Broadband

    ^^^^THIS is why we don't need anymore taxing crap Government. The private sector will solve the rural internet problem whether it is space based or cellular based. I pay $1,100 a month for my 200Mb fiber connection at work. Businesses already pay PLENTY for internet connections. The last...
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    Bethesda Celebrates 25 Years of Doom

    That then GL Quake. BP
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    Google Rebrands Project Fi and Opens it to More Devices

    Ditto. Fi has been pretty much flawless for me. I signed up a few years ago and originally had a 5X. Their additions have also been great. The free data SIMs are great! Stick a SIM in everything. This is AWESOME that they will now allow a much larger range of phones. That has been my...
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    Google Patents Motorized VR Shoes

    Sorry Jamie, Google is going to crush you.
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    Amazon Launches E-Waste Recycling Program

    If you are in the Milwaukee area (I think Chicago too), check out Goodwill. They will e-cycle most anything for free. Just drive up to the normal donation are and say that you've got a bunch of old electronics that you want to recycle. They will take large amounts from businesses too but you...
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    Newer Tesla Vehicles Are Getting Upgraded 'Summon' Auto-Parking Features

    I wonder if repo guys will be able to use this? Have it drive right on to the flatbed when you get behind on your payments. ;)
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    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    The other problem is the ads. People don't remember but cable (pay) TV use to be ad-free. Not just the movie channels but the majority of channels. I also find it infuriating that ALL of the channels have their ads AT THE SAME TIME. I've still got cable but it's only because I'm still...
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    WinAmp is Coming Back From the Dead in 2019

    I hope they keep it as pure as possible. That's why I still use it. Still so darn simple and it lets me manage my iPod Classic without using iTunes. The only thing that I wish they would do is to make the UI infinitely resizable. Not doublesized, it is tiny. I can't imagine how...
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    Russians Say ISS Air Leak was Caused by a Human

    You'd think that they'd color code the interior panels to show which ones are also exterior panels so to prevent someone from making a bone-headed mistake like that.
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    Kroger Begins Tests of Driverless Grocery Delivery in Arizona

    PLEASE make the delivery vehicle look like a giant grocery cart.
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    Official Trailer for Neil Armstrong Biopic “First Man”

    Makes me want to fire up The Right Stuff. That was s great movie. Definitely worth checking out of you've never seen it.
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    Give it a more realistic name... Gun Free Zone: Slaughter Guaranteed
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    Auto Robot Chefs are Coming for all of Those $15 an Hour Burger Flipping Jobs

    It's just basic math. Fast food joints can't double their employee's pay and not double the cost of the product. I already think that $8 for a meal at McD's is too much. $16? Screw that. A bunch of adults that want to get paid adult wages for a high schooler's job. That's not living in...
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    Foxconn Will Drain Lake Michigan to Make LCD Screens

    Oooo, look at all of the TRIGGERED Eco-weenies. Please ignore the fact that MMSD (you know, the Milwaukee government) dumps hundreds of millions, sometime billions of untreated, raw sewage in to the lake EVERY YEAR. Everybody knows the Foxconn water will be THE MOST monitored water of all of...
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    Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

    Give me a break. How many warnings do you need to not piss in a bottle?!? If you are too stupid top know that you need to use the bathroom, YOU'RE FIRED.
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    Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

    He what do you know, another BS story demonizing American businesses. Ex-employee says whatever happened...uh, huh sure it did pal. "Undercover" reporter that didn't actually work there undercover or get photos of the supposed pee bottles. Use your brains people. Wouldn't Amazon have the...
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    How to Remove Liquid Metal Residues

    Acid? Yikes. I'd be way too worried about it getting on the bottom side of the CPU and corroding the interconnects and pins. I have yet to find any TIM that can't be removed with automotive brake cleaner. BP
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    Power Plant Brought Out of Mothballs for Blockchain Usage

    150MW of capacity. 8 cents daytime, 5 cents night time rates. WOW. It'll be interesting to see if other power companies pick up on this trend. I'm betting that there's quite a few powerplants that have extra capacity that they'd love to sell on-site.
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    Google Shutting Down URL Shortener Next Year

    I've been using TinyURL forever. Sill alive and kicking if people need an alternative...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine Returning in 2019 as EV Range Extender

    Yeah, mazda has been talking about this for a while. Sucks but makes sense for the reasons that others have mentioned already. A triple rotor RX-9 would be AWESOME. Personally, I'd live to pick up an RX-8 and change it to a LSX8 with an all aluminum 6.2L. Or do and twin turbo 3.6L LF3/LF4...
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    Wind and Solar Power Could Meet 80% of US Electricity Demand

    I doubt that centralized solar and wind farms are the future. Once solar panel efficiency gets up over 40% and prices drop, nobody will have asphalt shingles on their roofs anymore, they will have solar "shingles". People will have battery storage to charge their cars at night and to supply...
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    New Microcode for Broadwell and Haswell CPUs

    It's probably a 5-20% hit (depending on application) just like the patch for the other CPUs. BTW, I'm really glad to see this. I've got a building full of 4th gen CPUs. I thought we were screwed. BP
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    Huawei Launches Laptop with a Hidden Camera

    Much better than Dell's Nostrilcam 4000. Cleavagecam 8000!!! Edit... Actually it'd be more like Underboobcam 9000 Mk2. BP
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    Foxconn Looking to Expand to Digital Cinema Cameras

    Dear Foxconn, Please make 80-120" OLED 4k HDTVs for under $1k. That's something that you'll sell a crapload of. Thanks, BP
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    HardOCP & InsideVR Village Video Box Build

    75Mbpsx5 cameras = 375Mbps = 168.75GB/hr. 1.2TB would give you about 6.5 hours of storage. It isn't alot of space but it is fast and it's enough space if you are shooting one show, editing it, then moving it to the archive immediately. That speed is really important when scrubbing a timeline...