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    Adventures In Left-Handed Mousing

    people being oblivious to your one handed browsing comment is just cracking me up! hey its friday afternoon, who has my beer?
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    Banned iPhone 5C Promo

    cracked me up, good way to start off the morning. Apple sucks :D
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    Leap Motion Controller Review

    a guy at work pre-ordered one last year and still hasnt got it. im waiting for him to bring it in so we can play with it. I dont think it should be wireless because then ill just have to buy more friggin batteries. if it can replace basic mouse functionality i really want to give it a go!
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    Core i7 4960X Ruined During Delidding Attempt

    ive never understood people's desire to de-lid it....its a rectangular gun metal color chip....they all look the same. i much prefer seeing kyle holding those wafters of cores to a de-lidding...
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    Wolfenstein The New Order E3 2013 Trailer

    looks a little DX9 for me, but i like a good shooter if its got good multiplayer. will be watching to see what happens with this one.
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    Windows 8.1 To Have A Boot To Desktop Option?

    GAH they took away the start menu Microsoft Sux Look we can maybe boot to desktop, microsoft might have listened to us! wait Microsoft Sux Hey look a million dollars for free....its not enuf life sux people just have to have something to bitch about i guess, kinda sad reading most of...
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    Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minutes of Gameplay

    dont know why everyone has to be a tool and a hater. Looks decent, new maps and altered guns and sights, my only real gripe about BF3 was it rewarded people with high ping times. i like the single player aspect, that way when i get tired of getting 1 shot killed by a person 500 yards away...
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    The PS4 Announcement In Three and a Half Minutes

    sad that conan got to demo the ps4 but sony didnt do it in their announcement
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    13 Tech Design Trends For 2013

    additionally i like the live tiles, hell im sorta mad i didnt get a windows phone. at the time win phone 8 wasnt out so i got an android but i like the widgets and i see the live tiles to be a similar or better implementation of that.
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    13 Tech Design Trends For 2013

    i disagree with this, i think metro is a step in the right direction. it isnt perfect, but i think its a start and in a few years when we have screens that are flexible, and transparent we will be doing things like we see in Minority report, Avatar, and the Matrix movies. im excited to see it...
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    lucky draw winner right here!
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    Your Thoughts On Xbox Smartglass?

    i watched this and i have to say im stoked - the potential for this is fantastic. right now i have to agree with the post for the fantasy sports guy who says watch a replay on your tablet while watching the game - or see someone's stats while watching the game - all done automatically for...
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    The Minority Report Input Device Is Here

    i need to find a way to get work to pay for one, this looks awesome
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    Trinity in the Flesh...or Silicon

    new products are always cool, time will tell on this line. am i the only one that noticed the weird finger on the bottom die?
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    [Project] Interior Des(k)ign - SR-2 inside

    Im subscribed - curious how it finishes out!
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    Idiotic Quote of the Day

    im sad to say i dont understand what is idiotic about it. While im sure wikipedia is a good resource - people need to be able to use other sites - maybe even open a real encyclopedia
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    Quad-Channel Memory Round-Up

    i was hoping to see quad channel bandwidth and performance compared to dual channel - real world type stuff. Im currently running 16 gb of dual channel on my P8P67Pro board and i have often wondered if i would experience any performance benefits going to a quad channel board.
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    Corsair Carbide 500R and 400R Cases

    have you ever purchased from them? ive never heard of them.
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    Corsair Carbide 500R and 400R Cases

    i want to buy a carbide 400R but they are not in stock anywhere. Anyone know when they might be back available?
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    Corsair Hydro H80 and H100

    my h100 just showed up today! its a christmas present and will be cooling my new 2500k - im hoping to get around 4 or 4.2 ghz with this. even going to get the 400R case from corsair so it fits nicely
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    ive been running amd/ati cards for the past 4 or 5 years and it would be nice to have an Nvidia card to compare my current card against. i play [H]ard pick me!
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    Firefox v.7.0 Is Out

    installed yesterday, seems faster - never really payed any attention to memory use as i reboot every night
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    Where Have All the 6970s Gone?

    i can tell you that one of them ended up in my case!! HA the 6970's have been out for nearly a year now - im guessing a product refresh or new card is due out soon
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    Consumer Internet Traffic Chart

    all things considered, i think this is surprising for our rank to be as high as 4th since we have some of the lowest broadband penetration and some of the slowest speeds compared to other countries
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    Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer

    yeah ill end up buying it, looks dated but when you wait that long for something you have to give it a shot. On the up side i should have no trouble running it on a 6970 :D
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    Group Claims to be Attacking Sony, Stealing Data. Again.

    Ok do me a favor...invent something... and then sell it - while trying to actually make money Then have people Hack into your business and steal from you, realizing that they arent just stealing from you, but regular people out there who work a daily grind and have kids to feed and a mortgage...
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    Group Claims to be Attacking Sony, Stealing Data. Again.

    why exactly hasnt any police type action being taken on said hackers....they are all publishing hey im hacking sony...blah blah blah why dont the cops go in and arrest their dumb asses so the rest of us honest folks can get our game on
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    im in for the win
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    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    i havent read the book....might some day though.... until then i think this looks decent....better than another sex and the city
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    Battlefield 3 "My Life" Trailer

    Tanks: Hell yes please! Jets - Meh im ok in them but damn i miss them!
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    Intel to Pay NVIDIA Technology Licensing Fees of $1.5 Billion

    i bet within 3 years intel and nvidia merge like ATI and AMD.....
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    Pentagon Wants to Give Troops Terminator Vision

    before long they will get it looking either like the iron man mask or the crysis mask....its scary to see this type of thing coming to real life
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    i need to win - i need a new headset!
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    Clearwire Edges Toward 100Mbps Wireless Broadband

    i hope we continue to hear more about this and it becomes a quick reality....sadly i fear it will get purchased and shelved for 5 years for "5G" and that way they can charge more for it
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    New Windows Phone Ad

    i love this commercial! i know more than 1 someone like this.... cracked my butt up this mornin!
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    Teen Jailed for Refusing to Tell Cops His Password

    im with you on this one....i have a wooden nickel that says a decent majority of computer nerds can get into it with little problem.....
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    T-Mobile to Implement a Twitter Tax on Texts?

    bunch of greedy people anyhow, tax this, raise the price on that....meh people and their greed irritates me.
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    How much is your total monthly cell phone bill?

    i'd like to know how you are getting that, the data portion alone on droid or any smart phone for that matter on verizon is $30 minimum for each phone.... how long have you had that plan?