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    9700k Overclocking - LLC Recommendation

    Use the one that’s matching your set voltage closest under 100% load. For different vendors it might be different. Also, there’s no benefit in running constant voltage instead of adaptive.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    Except 1060 (not 1070) was ~980 and 1070 (not 1080) was ~>980ti, while 1080 was > 980ti. Similar to how 900 series stacked against 700. But now we see 2080 ~>1080ti and 2070 slightly > 1080. So only this time it moved one level with significant price increase. Many 1080 boost above 2000 out of...
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    CPU Spike to 100C

    I’d rather check CLC.
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    PSA, 2080ti FE at $1079.99 through BB with Birthday Coupon

    These are not the droids you're looking for.
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    Need EVGA Precision App

    Finally! If only it wasn’t beta and already supported 10 series. Would try on my iCX card.
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    How about a Buy/Not Buy 2080/Ti Pricing Poll

    Happy with 1080 and skipping this generation altogether. Next generation on a new node with advanced features that might get adoption by that time makes a much better sense and might also provide another Pascal-like performance jump. Only 2080ti for eye bleeding $1200 is more powerful than twice...
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    Wow RTX 2070 FE being released 599.99

    They'll just release a real next gen card on a new node when competition supposedly arrives in 2019.
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    1070==>1080 Sidegrade?

    What’s the problem simply to look at fps comparison in any of today’s 2080/2080ti reviews, where both 10 and 20 series cards are presented with latest data in most popular modern games, and decide for yourself?
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition review

    I won’t call it a fail, but it’s an expensive chicken with no eggs to sit on. Way too ahead of the game (no pun intended).
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    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    You’re forgetting 2070 and that 2080=1080ti. 2060 will simply cannibalize 2070 if 2060 was 1080 performance level. The whole stack just moved one level up and the 2080/ti reviews confirmed it.
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition review

    The more I look, the more I see these series as a demonstration of all the future technologies to be implemented and potentially widely used in game titles starting 2020 and beyond, released in limited quantities right now. Just to stir up the interest and sell for huge markups, while no...
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    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    2060 will be the same as 1070 at best, but I suspect it'll be 6 Gb Ram again, as 8 Gb are already reserved for 2070 and 2080. It certainly won't match 1080 in terms of performance, seeing how 2080 = 1080ti and 2070 most likely will take the 1080 spot or in between 1080 and 1080ti/2080.
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    RTX2080 and RTX2080Ti Reviews online

    Yep, nothing to see here. Keep using your 1080s and 1080tis till next gen and/or more RTX games will arrive. The only thing I really like was DLSS. And again, you need that as a feature supported by software. But in terms of conventional performance - rather disappointing compared to Pascal if...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti unable to run Shadow of the Tomb Raider with 60fps at 1080p with RTX On

    Cool. Means I can certainly keep and not even max out my secondary 144HZ 1080p g-sync monitor with 20 series for merely $800-1000. Who needs higher res anyway?
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    2080 Ti for $1000 confirmed, HDMI 2.1/VRR confirmed dead for another year

    As long as Ray Tracing is an on/off setting - I won’t mind to wait for this technology to mature and just keep my 1080 till later series.
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    Microcenter and the nVidia GTX 2080 / 2080 Ti. Reddit Information.

    Sucks for you to be an all Ultra addict then.
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    NVIDIA GeForce FX Named Best Graphics Processor of 2002

    In 2003 I was smart enough as a teen to get a pc with 9600 pro when it was competing with FX cards and ran Doom with Far Cry relatively good. I wasn’t smart enough when paired it with P4 with HT instead of some Athlon instead though.
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    7700K user - Sell me on a 2700X.

    As a 6700k user who contemplated getting ryzen 2, I went through tons of reviews and benchmarks to calm the itch and call it unnecessary for pure gaming needs. In all honesty, the next big thing will be 2020 for both cpu and gpu hardware, and that will be a perfect time to compare vendors and...
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    Identifying an NVIDIA GPU sold as 1050Ti

    If it has 2 GB of GDDR5, it’s most likely a 650ti/660/660ti card.
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    AMD B450 launch date?

    Microcenter also has quite a variety available already.
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 1 @ [H]

    I’m tempted to try it now as there were so many complaints abot bugs that the game also had an aura of being unoptized in addition to that.
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 1 @ [H]

    980 to 1080 jump was huge and Pascal is the best executed lineup to date. I’m definitely not expecting the newer generation to provide a bigger or similar jump, at least in current conditions. And being honest, I’m very happy to see that even after 2 years, my 1080 has so much performance left...
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    Replacement for Intel Core i7-4770K?

    Wait for Zen 2 and Icelake. They should bring some change, not just refreshments.
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    Intel's 9th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (Refresh)

    I'll wisely wait for Zen 2 and 10nm Icelake though. Don't like the idea of buying another 14nm series. Not that there's any urgent need in anything more than what I have for pure gaming either.
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    Intel's 9th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (Refresh)

    I think when they get to 8 cores it'll slow down again a bit for mainstream platform. They just need to catch up with AMD in terms of core counts and then it'll become IPC and architecture battle again. 2020 should be a hell of an interesting year for CPUs, unless there's some other delay again.
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    NVIDIA GTX 1170 Faster Than 1080 Ti

    Weaklings :D 50% at least or bust!
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    NVIDIA GTX 1170 Faster Than 1080 Ti

    That could be great, as the generation after that somewhere in 2020 could make 4k high-refresh gaming more affordable. For now I have no incentive to upgrade, but by 2020 it could be a nice time with new cpu architectures from amd and intel and new gpus as well. Maybe Intel will release some gpu...
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    FS: 1070 SeaHawk, 1080 Hydro, Corsair PSUs and Pok3r Vortex

    How many times do we need to ask to keep the price of sold items for reference? Good luck with sales but -1 for writing sold without price.
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    Intel should really be ashamed. 8086k delid temp reduced 20C+ under load

    Because I’m not the neatest person in the world? :D
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    Intel should really be ashamed. 8086k delid temp reduced 20C+ under load

    Will never use liquid metal between Ihs and heatsink. But why would there be any issues between ihs and die? It’s not gona move there unlike TIM and has greater attributes. There’s no risk in applying it either. Just use the tape around die and peel it off when done. Tons of videos on YouTube.
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    Post up your video card collection!!

    I got Erektion from all these pics
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    Intel should really be ashamed. 8086k delid temp reduced 20C+ under load

    I’m running delidded 6700k and my chip is quite a dud too when it comes to OC, running [email protected] and 4.6 not being stable on air even at 1.35, above which I don’t wanna go and such voltage difference isn’t worth it for 100 MHz. That said, delid helped to decrease remps, but not really the voltage...
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    Intel's 9th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (Refresh)

    Yep, the reason I’m not buying another 14nm revamped skylake product from them. New arch, new node, new platform or bust. It’s not even funny at this point.
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    Intel's 9th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (Refresh)

    14nm yet again. Pathetic.
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    Todd Howard: Fallout 5 Will Focus on Single Player

    In all honesty they’re barely risking anything with f76. It was always a side “what if” project for f4, heavily uses f4 assests woth the new map (easy to produce) and has no npcs like sp fo record voiceover for. So the work for devs was quite limited and there’re definitely going to be a...
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    Oh my, your impenetrable ignorance is astounding. Keep looking at the precise numbers and measuring little fps leads, while I’m talking about the overall gaming experience and smoothness at 60+ fps (especially in 100+ range you’re playing) with g-sync. And there’s no way you’re dropping from 150...
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    I understand it all very well. Again, the difference is so miniscule that you won’t really see it, especially with gsync that completely eliminates any stuttering within its range. But you can keep convincing yourself that your minimums and frametimes became all that much better (paired with...
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    The difference in minimums is minimal (lol) too between 6700/7700k and 8700k. Definitely not as dramatic as your posts are portraying it, especially if you use gsync monitor which negates this difference further to 0. I value the overall performance, which when it comes to these process is...
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    So 15% and 7% with a beefier card are worthy of an upgrade? The performance uplift is very little to grant perceptive gaming experience improvement.
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    DF had really weird results compared to every other site and reviewer with this launch comparison.