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    how many guys in this forum are IT pros?

    spent the first twenty years of my life building /supporting everything, but now that i have huntington's, i no-longer trust myself with hardware swaps more complex than usb, and even software engineering has gotten impossible now, i have to make a very dangerous career4 change in the middle of...
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    Who here likes big displays as their PC monitor? 40inch plus gang chime in

    when we upgraded, the wife insisted on 65, as she couldn't see details on something as sharp as 55. I was insistent on replacing the slow response of va, LCD while avoiding , ips glow from my current set, but have been running htoc with large screen since 2011 when I replace my current...
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    Made in the U.S.A.

    probably early 80sn -before consolidated chip sets on all motherboards /expansion cards first appeared
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    Remembering the disaster that was crypto mining and it's detrimental affects on GPU prices.

    as long as AI training effects improve noticeably every year, there will continue to be ai demand for new gpus AI models are the reason we're seeing the largest increment in vram size in two decades! oh, for those still lost in the 1920s of GPU mining .you do know most mining software that...
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    ATI Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850 GPUs were released 15 years ago

    my 4850 was my last ati card. later, once more-programmable generations hit, there was always a bum-rush on value-priced ati cards for bitcoin; I'm not dealing with 50 over msrp for a 5850, , so I grabbed an GTX 460, and easily overclocked it 20 percent
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    I'm excited for this stuff to get cheaper (zen 4 3d in the discount bin)
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    yeah my gaming PC has a 4790k, and I only encode new movies into my HTPC once every few weeks (already have a large collection)! Current games will mostly peak at 16 threads (thanks Zen 2 APU), so also waiting for the fastest single thread I can (Zen 4 8-core 3d for gaming)
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    They really all came crawlin' back to Steam, didn't they?

    yeah, and also the worst part of pre-steam PC gaming: storing your disc somewhere, and waiting for the same ancient install to finish ten years later...and finding all the patches again, and restarting the game from the beginning!
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    going to pick this up for my pre-chrismas gaming; reality: the control scheme ruins it for me, so 'im getting a refund!
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    when I find the base story boring and the quest completion system broken,the vast availability of prettifying moods does nothing without a Total Conversion option in the mix it been eight years since release, and still no options for new content
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    Does anyone else miss [H]ard reviews?

    the only thing I recall them bring good at in the last decade was psu reviews. there are so many other sites that also tear-down motherboards, and once Kyle gave up on "best settings for each video card" reviews (thus making him identical to tech power up, except without the same massive card...
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    Portal with RTX

    to me, it has more replay value than quake 2 did - way higher-quality textures, and way more fun key search!
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    i told you folks that, given the fact that clearance cx48 panels hit 800, it was only a matter of waiting a year+ to get this down to 600-700 wait 3-6 more months, and you're there!
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    reminds me of oblivion running on a 360
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    DDR5-8000 coming soon to an Intel server near you

    Well on servers you will actually notice the difference - on desktops, its hard enough to notice the difference on Raptor lake ddr4 vs ddr5 Someone did a gaming review, and this was the lone exception (20% higher minimum): full review (starting at games)...
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    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    I expect that thanks to chipplets, thee memory controller on the RDNA3 is going to be just as bad as the high-latency one they totally redesigned for GCN 1.0 going tgo be 6 monts to a year before they fix it!
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    27" 240hz OLED Monitor!!! (but there's a catch...)

    buy it through Costco, immediately double warranty (with cheap upgrade to five)
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    Kena: Bridge of Spirits

    i hated the "required perfection" in rot hunting. while not being easy to spot too bad, cause I liked the rest of the combat, but since threv was no resolving this I got as refund
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    Battlefield 2042

    the problem here: you're the exception - everyone else can see the forest for the trees once they took battlefield games out of the hands of DICE, they were doomed - by further making them pay-only, they're killing any possibility of the franchise saving itself - takes longer to fix...
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    Battlefield 2042

    Yeah,unlike EA ,the management inside Blizzard can target bad things within months- it took EA a year to do the same! 343 is going to take multiple years to fix the mess that is currently halo ( but it will survive because momentum)
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    Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck

    Well, rhey already added compatibility for newer hardware (their competitors), so maybe they see the kill-shot ciming already?
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    Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck

    right,l and this is where they usually bungle the second set, and ultimately lose the game: this already happened with Index (3.5 years since launch, with no signs if life from VR games or a hardware sequel from valve)! Because the management inside valve acts like 3-year olds pretty...
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    Battlefield 2042

    When they took away the campaign,they should have made it free to pay from the beginning; when even Overwatch 2 ditched the pay wall, it should have been obvious where the industry was heading! even broken gams like halo: infinity stone still have enough momentum from the record launch week to...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    run it at 30 fps, and the chunkiness goes away (in exchange for fantastic slowness). love all these successful console games where they just don't bother fixing unintentional stutter years later
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    Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck

    isn't That the truth! unless you want to deal with the bundled deck and all of its integrated steam controllers and (for the 64gb version) one of the worst portable screens ever produced? otherwise, you instead get a mess of software variations spanning hundreds of different distros, two dozen...
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    Why IBM chose the 8088.

    the reason we use thousands of different CPU architectures is because there really is a case for designer having a preference of completely reinventing the wheel/. Of course, almost every potentiality big CPU will become even bigger overnight, when large oem s require you to license it to...
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    HTPC - no more?

    i Don't bother buying Blu-ray if i never want to see it again - start with Amazon rentals, then go buy the disc after you enjoy it TWO positives for media library 1. because then your can re-watch it an unlimited amount of times., all at zero extra cost/ clumsiness of setting-up and...
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    Intel ARC A750 & A770 Reviews

    its got way worse efficiency/watt than the entire RDNA 2 lineup. that means if it not idle, your fan is moving a ton more air (or it uses a larger hunk of metal)
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    Intel ARC A750 & A770 Reviews

    its going to take years before the stability is fully fixed, but at least performance should be a lot better in a year but in that same time-frame, NVIDIA will release the replacement for Ada. So kinds wasting their time here
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    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    when the vast majority of those games already run at 1440p 90-120 native,what's the point of aiming higher? you have the benefit of having a flexible PC, bit in the end of the day. you're still playing UN-optimized console ports!
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    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    its hard to justify an upgrade when your video card is nearly as fast as a high-end console ( and has the same CPU) i cant tell the difference between 1440p upscale-ed and 4k native on my lg b7 65, so I'm hurting on my htpc running a 1060 6gb, but its not absolutely killing me not having rt
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    Portal with RTX

    hey look , yet another game that slows down to 15 fps on medium rt at 720p. when I enable rt o my1060! of course, the 3050 is still 50 bucks above msrp, one year after launch; its going to be 2025 before I can pick up a cheap used rt card from everyone favorite neighborhood mining agent ( even...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    finally bought Yeah, I enjoyed Apex Legends so much morer
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    or he could just run 1440p 120hz up-scaled on that lg TV (remember when they added that? it looks identical to native 4k for most games!) quit pretending like this such a fucking gargantuan UPGRADE THAT ITS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!@
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    Coil Whine on Nvidia 4090 and 4080 cards

    The higher the power consumption,the higher the chance of coil whine - but on the flip-side,a well-constructed set of inductor stays can bring a smile to any 450w party!
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    this right here - you may end-up GPU-limited in several games, but everything else will look fantastic the CPU could limit you, but if you're already running a 1440p gsync monitor (Assuming 144 hz at-least on a gsync monitor), tit should Run exactly the same!
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    27" 240hz OLED Monitor!!! (but there's a catch...)

    I think the dpi of 1440p at 27 inch is fine on the plus side, this should lower the 120 hz models to well-below $500
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    Can an individual SATA port die on the MB?

    if its the same drive, make sure by using an sata to USB adapter - if it still fails, its the drive
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    Dell G5 power supply replacement

    your best choice with any dell is to sell it, and get your way out of proprietary case, psu and motherboard land!