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    TigerDirect 15.2% BCB

    bing cashback will bei n your account till july 2011.
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    OCZ Vertex 96GB: $169.99 after $20 MIR

    Hmm, $6 off difference...
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    TigerDirect 15.2% BCB

    holy crap now i gotta buy stuff but im totally broke :(
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    OCZ Vertex 96GB: $169.99 after $20 MIR

    does it support trim? if so with BCB this is a really good price
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    Furminator pet brush $13 for large, $12 for medium at amazon

    i feel like if i got the large i would just be taking off parts of my cat i dont mean to...
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    Furminator pet brush $13 for large, $12 for medium at amazon I bought one to try it out... i think my friend has one and it gets a shitload of hair.
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    Thread makes me chuckle, since it reminds me of all the people in 2006...2007... 2008.. 2009.. that always said "Im waiting for OLED ITS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER" canon had their OLED tv at tradeshows so i guess they were given false hope, but still, kuro plasmas have blacks that disappear into...
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    Red Dead Redemption $45 at amazon

    depending on how much you like co op and the mp (which isnt much to my liking since it gives you really shitty guns on super wide open maps for no reason...)
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    Red Dead Redemption $45 at amazon

    PS3 and 360
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    JBL Creature III's Are Out! way better imo.
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    Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and 360 $46!!!

    Alright dont buy it :confused:
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    Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and 360 $46!!!

    Xbox 360 PS3 Use code NEW15 at checkout to get it to $46. co-op download content comes out tomorrow. cant wait :cool:
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    Amazon kindle 2 now $189

    Can you check gmail over 3g? that alone would make it worth it.
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    Amazon kindle 2 now $189

    If not, you can probably buy this one, then get a return (just a button press away on and send in the brand new you receive.
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    Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black Amazon $160 FS

    It is for this specific drive, but theres samsung and hitachi 2tb for way cheaper that have been popping up... they probably arent as fast as wd black but theyre probably really really close and it would be difficult to notice the difference.
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    newegg - 5870 + MW2 - $350 shipped

    at newegg? $390
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    newegg - 5870 + MW2 - $350 shipped

    god damnit, wish i didnt have tax, id jump on this. MW2 still worth quite a bit of money.
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    Amazon kindle 2 now $189

    Free 2day shipping too Kind of want to jump on this, not sure. :(
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    12 months of Live 29.99@newegg

    http://**************/b3m62f link to amazon (means no tax for most...)
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    Logitech ultrathin illuminated keyboard w/ backlighting $45 AR on amazon

    http://**************/9VU1BI ive seen this keyboard and typed on it... if i didnt have a perfectly good imac keyboard that i paid $50 then i would have this thing. it was sweet.
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    Considering the Magnepan MMG again...

    I dont get it, why do people want this? Speakers should not require you to sit perfectly still in the exact same spot to sound their best. If you want speakers that dont interact with the room then get waveguide speakers, which arent really "laser beam" sound either.
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    MSI GTX 470 290$

    470 is halfway between the 5850 and 5870... dont give it more credit than its due. 470 pros: -slightly better than 5850, warrants the price difference over deals at tiger direct -great SLI scale so later down the road you can pick one up for cheap probably cons: -takes up a fucking shitload of...
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    Cheap 360 games @ amazon: bionic command $11.26 mirrors edge $10.41 crackdown $12.75

    Dark sector $6.65 Mirrors edge $10.41 Crackdown $12.75 The Saboteur $18.96 Bionic Commando $11.26 bought some cuz im already sort of bored this summer
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    Ebay - Gigabyte HD5870 $295 + shipping - $23 BCB

    missed this again?? SON OF A BITch
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    Gigabyte Radeon 5870 $287 shipped after CB...

    who... the reviews i saw slot it under the 5830 while keeping it at 5850 price points.
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    Final fantasy XIII PS3 $37 at amazon This is a deal of the day which im pretty sure means it only lasts for 24 hours
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    [H]OT-refurbished HP ENVY 15 $786 and up

    from googling the part number other forums stumbled upon this earlier, so its been out since yesterday or even earlier, so yeah it was snatched up before this morning for sure
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    [H]OT-refurbished HP ENVY 15 $786 and up

    well, did you get it?
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    [H]OT-refurbished HP ENVY 15 $786 and up

    You can pretty much do that google search for a lot of laptop brands, it doesnt say much about laptop quality at all.
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    [H]OT-refurbished HP ENVY 15 $786 and up

    yeah i know theyre still good but trim support is big, but pretty sure raid negates trim anyways so... yeah. i basically just want to rip them out and sell them. one big thing im worried about is if this is a refurbished one and it has the black screen of death (where screen goes blank and...
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    [H]OT-refurbished HP ENVY 15 $786 and up

    how do you know theyre G2? From a little googling this is probably G1s.
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    God of war 3 $37 with $10 future game credit at (and other ps3 games)

    Pretty ridiculous price.. depending on how you view it spending $27 for a great game God of war 3 for $37 with $10 future game credit You can then turn around the $10 and spend it on this... Uncharted 2 for $42 with $10 game credit
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    Silverstone cases at amazon + free shipping + rebates = good deals (RV02 $140!)

    In my hunt for deals on a FT02B i found that amazon basically beats everyone else simply by offering free shipping. Also theres free shipping on EVERY silverstone case, this along with rebates means some damn good deals RV-02B for $140 after rebate!!! RV-01 for $170 after rebate FT01B for...
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    Demon's Souls ps3 $30 at amazon

    Super super hard game, but pretty rewarding. harkens back to the old days of more hardcore style games
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    Ascend Acoustics Speakers & Focal Cub 2 Subwoofer

    these for sale anymore
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    NEC ea231wmi = turd of a monitor

    Uhh the viewing angle monitor matters a lot on monitors smaller than the NEC. I used my friends 21" samsung TN panel and in modern warfare 2 i had to look straight at it or all of the enemies would just disappear into the shadows if i was leaning back even a bit. Was it playable still? Yes, but...
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    Where's the 5830?

    lol fucking retarded.. ati has no reason to release it. they still have 4890s out the wazoo to sell for $200. this graphics card market is one of the worst one in years
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    Dell U2711

    is dell smoking crack. a whole computer comes with the 27" apple and thats only $600 more. on top of that their own 30" is around the $1000 mark i mean really!? hopefully we see coupons bringing this down to the $750~ level. should be a REAL contender at that price point.
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    AV123 ELT525 Monitor Speakers (Cherry) $169/pair Shipped

    the problem is when use your own companies forum to promote CHARITY raffles and then keep the money for yourself and deliver almost none of the money to the person who was supposed to get it youre basically the lowest form of thief out there. mark has gathered $100,000 in raffle money over the...