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    New ITX NAS build with TrueNas Scale.

    That's a nice setup right there. I like the case especially!
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    Supermicro SC825TQ-700LPB Chassis with X9DAI Motherboard+complete build

    That is ten to 15 times overpriced. It's also so ancient that a first-gen Ryzen 5 would smoke the ass off it with HT disabled.
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    Large File Transfers with Gigabit Server & Gigabit NAS

    This. I'd be willing to bet it's overheating. (the dinky sh*t nas)
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    Something special: The HP Netserver LX Pro Quad Pentium Pro

    Love this!!!! I had an NEC Quad PPro 180 in about 1998. It was so slow LOL. Very cool that you have yours up and running!!!
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    What are the best 140mm static pressure fans at the moment?

    It's important to note for the NF-A14 fans that the NF-A14 Industrial PPC-3000 fans are the best performing (by a lot) and that the normal NF-A14 fans are about the same as other 140mm fans. Also note the Industrial fans are Loud As Fuck and move a ton of air regardless of what's in front of or...
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    converting a WD 3.5" 14 TB external drive to 4K sectors

    You're talking about a difference of maybe a couple percent on sequential operations. If you bought a 14TB drive and connected it via USB for benchmarking, you're doing it so massively wrong.
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    The 6500xt and 6400: Meet your next gpu, PC gaming peasants.

    I mean... I hit the newegg shuffle at $258 for an EVGA XC Black Gaming RTX 3050 on the first day. And you'd better believe this card is hitting ebay the second it gets to me.
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    If anyone gives a poop about 3d printed cases

    Your printer is VERY well tuned. Great looking parts. I love the red brick.. very unique!!!
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    9207-8e shows 1 drive per cable

    It's really odd to have an 8088 to drives... are you just keeping the drives sitting on the desk? Normally you have an 8088, to some sort of adapter, to 8087/drives forward breakout. The way i'd do this is 8088 / 8088 straight cable to this: then 8087 /...
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    Asus board missing clip RMA problem?

    Are you sending the board back to specifically get those two items fixed, or is the issue separate from the missing items?
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    Creality CR-6 Max Initial Impressions

    That's Way Too Big (tm) to print. Unless this is an assembled drawing. Edit: Plus major weakness at the 90 degree at the top where there's like no material holding it together. External separately printed gussets are good. I'd print that in .... six or seven pieces.
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    Will never buy an Intel CPU again.

    This is not an Intel problem. This is a you problem. You started a build without proper planning, purchased components without checking to see if you could get everything to make a working system. Do you want a pony, too? Sorry, we're out.
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    DOS Text Editor, MemoPad.exe (for sale on Ebay)

    In soviet russia, memo edit you....
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    Using Comcast 1Gbit service, quick question please

    Link aggregation does not increase point to point speeds. It does not "add up" for one device.
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    Supermicro X9DRI-F no post or beeps

    Not sure what the outcome was here - I've had some shit luck with memory and a single bad stick onboard can cause no boot. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it.
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    Gaming on a Xeon E5-2687Wv2 vs. E5-1680v2 vs. new build + E5-2697

    You know that the single core performance on these is completely crippled right? That a Ryzen5 5600X would eat two maxed-out Ivy Bridge E5s for breakfast in gaming, right? (i mean sure you can game and compile six kernels at once, slowly)
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    Sub 20 watt ESXi "server"

    Woof, that's rough. I have a J4105 that I use as a PBX, and it's barely up to that task. Good luck with that.
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    what is the cheapest ssd with dram

    This is not correct. m.2 sata maxes out at SATA III speeds, about 600MB/sec. m.2 PCI-e 4.0 x4 maxes out at about 8.0GB/sec (not that any drives will do over 3.xGB/sec now) They are not signal compatible, and are not exchangeable. They do have the same mechanical interface, but they are not...
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    what is the cheapest ssd with dram

    You have mSATA or you have actual SATA ports? Nothing that is SATA will be as fast as an NVME/PCI-e drive, period.
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    Crackling/whirring noise from SSD?

    If this is actually a thing you think it happening, you can pot the small components with hot glue.
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    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    I've never run into serious stringing with PLA, but my PETG strings like a motherf***er. Drives me nuts. Turning cooling way down helps some, but I haven't had time to tune retraction. Maybe I should get one of those retraction towers going
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    installed Xeon E 1680 v2 want to OC advice please?

    That's a 130W chip at stock.. It's going to throw insane amounts of heat. Good advice in the above post. Don't add voltage. When fully utilized with stock settings, all-core turbo should be 3.4GHz if I am reading the spec right. I can't remember if Ivy Bridge needs turbo off to effectively...
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    Why do boards come with a mixture of pwm and voltage controlled fan headers?

    I haven't seen a 3-pin fan header in a very long time. Haswell era?
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    How much memory are you guys running?

    My VM server runs 128GB, my work laptop runs 16GB. Docker host runs 32GB. PBX runs 8GB.
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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    Oh undoubtedly. I do a lot of extreme tasking and mild virtualization for work and it's definitely worth it there.
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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    I grabbed it at $449.
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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    The hop from the 2700X to the 3600X was more predicated on memory compatibility and overclocking fun. My 2700X was kinda picky about its ram.
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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    I'm not a huge gamer - I play a game called Dyson Sphere Program, and it did benefit from the change, for sure. Overall smoother.
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    Laptop hard drive stagnation

    I've not yet needed more than 250GB in a laptop. YMMV. SSDs or nothing for me. The only place that spinning rust is useful is in a NAS, and even then it's quickly becoming obsolete.
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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    R15 multithreaded
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    Just went from a 3600x to a 5800x

    Like the title says, I just upgraded my trusty Ryzen 5 3600x to a Ryzen 7 5800x. I needed to update the BIOS on my Asrock x470 Master SLI/ac. It just would not boot at all with the chip in there with the older BIOS. I thought I'd already done this, but it turns out I'd only updated to the 3000...
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    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    Finally had some time to dial in PETG on my ender3. Got the stringing way down, and running some tests now. Benchie to come :-p
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    High Amperage fans using PWM Splitter

    Wire used in SATA cables is 18 AWG. 7 amps is pretty much where you want to stop (5% transmission loss for a six foot run)
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    10GB Network Speed Tweaking

    What are your iperf scores? (both directions) What are your local performance numbers (without the network, just reading and writing files locally) How are you sharing files? (nfs, cifs, etc)
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    Moving from i7-930 to i9-10850K. 10 Year gap. Need to reinstall Windows?

    There is no such thing as "SATA NVMe" - the "e" implies PCI express. If you're running windows 10, it should just work. If you're running windows 7, I wouldn't expect it to work.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    91M today, should have 100M in the bag by Friday. One RTX 2060 doing Dog's work.
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    Sequence of events - DNS resolution or port blocking?

    Some browsers will ignore local DNS settings.
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    Cheapest coolers that can keep a 5600X at max boost speeds?

    Hyper 212 will do it nicely.
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    INPUT packet died: from android television

    5353 on multicast is mdns. nothing is hacking anything. :rolleyes: