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    Alien Swarm

    do you guys know if the difficulty and environment is adjusted to how many players you have? if I go in with 2 other friends, will it be tuned for a 3 player game or will it be the same game as if we were playing with 4 players?
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    why do you never finish good games?

    the thing sites like metacritic curb our likeliness to play games. Yes all those games were rated well and high, but it seems some of them are just boring for a lot of people. and then there are those who talk about the games like they have to finish them...what's up with that...
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    Early Office 2010 Sales 'Disappointing'

    remind me why i need a new WORD PROCESSOR? a typewriter can do it, 2003 can definitely do about you offer it for free to please your customers microsoft?
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    Turn-based strategy game suggestions?

    civilization V coming out soon, watch out =D
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    How VSync works, and why people loathe it

    also, is there a way to adjust refresh rate levels on an lcd monitor. my dell s2309w says it is at 60hz, is that the only level it can be at? it seems quite low for a good monitor
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    How VSync works, and why people loathe it

    thanks for the info. but i don't understand why the fps able to be shown in double-buffer vsync would be refresh rate / N (integer)...
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    Realistic Human Motion from Monocular Video Sequences

    very cool. looking forward to seeing implementations in the future. this is a lot like a tech shown at e3...i forget the name
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    Facebook Launches Panic Button for Child Safety

    I'd like the see the panic button not get abused...
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    Consumer Reports Retracts iPhone 4 Recommendation

    the overpriced phones are actually...overpriced?
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    'Despicable Me' Finds Hero in Behind-the-Scenes Technology

    looks great, will see it soon =D and i agree with darkpaw...avatar last airbender was hyped up and it sucked...hopefully this movie wont
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    Chinese Woman Grows Horn Out of Forehead

    weird that shed grow it this late
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    What are you playing now thread?

    right now i just finished ME2 and working on crysis/batman arkham
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    What are you playing now thread?

    play mass effect 2, its worth it. especially right after finishing ME1.
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    WoW RealID will now reveal real names on forums, going back retro

    thank god blizzard fixed this mess
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    Did any of you guys buy a game during the Steam sale that's impressed you?

    but i did get mass effect 2 and the crysis max edition...mass effect 2 is obviously great...crysis im playing through now...
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    Did any of you guys buy a game during the Steam sale that's impressed you?

    i bought burnout paradise for did NOT impress me. it is a shitty excuse for a racing game...yet it got such good reviews...
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    TF2 Engie Update: ?

    lame that this update costs basically twice as much as the game itself
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    steam add-ons for retail games?

    another confirmation that you have t have the original to use dlc unless steam page says so.
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    Question about a Mass Effect mission (spoilers inside)

    I agree me 2 is more polished, but me 1 has a better story. I didn't realize it until the game ended though, because the ending of me 2 isnt really an ending...i didnt feel accomplished. I was like. oh, the game ended?
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    Ten Technologies That Should Be Extinct (but aren't)

    the reapers are pretty damn old but definitely not dead...definitely not dead...o.O
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    Judge Gives File-Sharer a Break

    F*** the RIAA
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    Ok, this is probably the ultimate eyefinity & surround setup

    welcome to the future...
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    Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality @ [H]

    thanks for the review guys. always helpful
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    Just Cause 2 HardOCP NVIDIA Giveaway

    I want a copy of this game, Just beCause... One day, I was playing in a square sandbox, produced by some company named Enix I believe...When along comes a flurry of white, and within it, I thought I spotted a building! No, it couldn't avalanche with a studio! Suddenly, the Spaniard...
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    Help with Fraps

    thanks bluefalcon. i have been looking at a lot of virtualdub sites but i can't find out how to choose the divx codec under the compression menu, which seems simple enough. the divx codec just doesn't show up. but, i've now tried handbrake, and that is giving me problems as well, as when i...
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    Help with Fraps

    I looked into handbrake, thanks for the links snowknight26. But, do you have any suggestions for handbrake? I am using the default settings, and when i select the fraps movie file as the source, then click start, the resulting file by handbrake is only audio. anyone know how to get the...
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    Help with Fraps

    yea, i tried some of those options already but it didn't work. i installed the divx codec pack, but virtualdub isn't picking it up, as i can't choose divx as the codec under the compression menu. how can i make virtualdub use the divx codec to compress?
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    Help with Fraps

    Hey Hardforum So I have fraps, and as you may know, the movie files it produces are very large. How can I compress these files so they are smaller? I have virtualdub, but when i "save as avi" it produces a movie even larger than the previous movie file. suggestions? thanks
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    Configuring 5.1 speakers?

    alright, i've done that. thanks. is there any way to check to make sure they're functioning correctly, because I haven't been hearing much 5.1 in games or otherwise.
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    Configuring 5.1 speakers?

    Hey Hardforum So, I'm a relative newbie to sound configuration, which is why I turn to you to help me. I have an ASUS Xonar D1 soundcard, and logitech 5.1 G51 speakers. Is there anything I should do when I first install my speakers and soundcard to make sure everything is set up right...
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    NVIDIA ForceWare 257.21 Driver Performance @ [H]

    i don't install drivers often, and I was wondering if I installed this driver correctly. in the properties of my GTX 260, it says I have driver version it doesn't say anything about 257.21. did i install it correctly? thanks hardforum
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    Problem with Crysis? Help please

    Hey Hardforum, So, I bit on Crysis maximum edition on its steam special on monday. I tried starting it up today, Wednesday, but there's a problem. Whenever I go into settings to change anything, as soon as I hit "apply these changes" Crysis stops working. I get the "Crysis has stopped...
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    Why the Microsoft press conference was a failure to me (Kinect demos faked)

    but if they pull kinect off will be a great day for everyone
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    E3 2010

    thanks for this post, its hard to get good updates on e3, even from ign and gamespot...its not organized well
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    Crysis 2 360 footage

    ah i love seeing the difference in graphics between x360 and pc
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    Giving up PC Gaming?

    pc and consoles have their pros and cons. pcs can be used for a lot of things other than gaming though, so making a good pc isn't always a bad idea
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    Nintendo 3DS = F*** YEAH!

    i don't know, portable devices never really impress me. and the 3D seems like a gimmick, i hope they can pull it off well because that will be a big up for nintendo
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    Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium Online E3 2010 Trailer

    trailer looks beasty, but i haven't played other warhammer games...any comments on the series?
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    just now getting into WoW.....

    yeah, figuring it out alone is the best experience, especially when with a friend
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    Valve's Surprise?

    the surprise was it will be released for PS3..a big letdown