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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    Bought one of these Auria Eq276W monitors 2 weeks ago, First one had a ton of dead/stuck pixels so i swapped it out. This one doesn't seem to have any so I'm happy. Now I notice that every once in awhile when the computer turns the monitor back it shows only an out of range message and nothing...
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    Wii on Monitor?

    Well I'm not trying to play on my monitor hoping it would be better. I would much rather a TV but as I'm still in college I'm gonna be constantly moving from apt to dorm to apt etc in the next few months to year and the less things i carry around with me the better. since I also am not sure of...
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    Wii on Monitor?

    I wanna play Wii on my Computer monitor. Currently I have LG L227WTG So I was trying to get some cables to fit into my monitor. Is there any Would there even be any noticeable difference between getting the composite to DVI or Composite to VGA. I'm thinking instead to get the composite...