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    Netflix for Ubuntu Is Now Available

    Done already, where have you been? :p
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    Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1

    For all you guys thinking about switching to arch, really just do it! I have it running on a few computers, but my 5 year old laptop with arch is damn near just as responsive as my gaming desktop with windows and and i7-2500K. It's great that you can customize it for your needs with no extra...
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    Firefall MMO

    Put my name in the hat if anyone has some extra keys, I would love one!
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    Gabe has an interesting set of Knives

    Damnit Gabe, you better use one of those knives to put me out of my poor heart can't take this trolling any longer....
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    Steam Inventory Trading Thread

    Steam: Arality Has: 50% off Call of Duty Black Ops 50% off Killing Floor Altitude Portal wants: Mafia 2 Witcher 2 Rage Serious Sam 3:BFE Batman: AC Trine 1/2
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    Skyrim Modding Megathread

    Wow came across this today: From what I understand you become your own faction. Able to build a city, hire guards, wage war on other factions. Still in the early stages but looks to be a ton of fun!
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    X-Plane 10 Available They have a demo available right now also on the site, if you wanna try it. I'm hoping this is an improvement over 9, I never really cared much for it.
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    Tribes Ascend Keys

    Sorry I can't read, how do I delete this?
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    Humble Bundle again

    I know in the previous humble bundles, they gave away two bundles towards the end. If I purchase this now, when they give away the previous bundle will that be credited to my account? Or should I just wait till the end to get everything?
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    October Nexus Prime rumors

    Quick notes from release, looks awesome: Galaxy Nexus [Screen] Super Amoled 4.65" Screen 1280*720 [Processor] 1.2Ghz Dual Core [Camera] 5mp LTE and HSPA+ Barometer Capability November World Wide Release Date ICS Roboto font Core Navigation included in UI App\Widget tab in App Drawer Widgets...
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    October Nexus Prime rumors

    No mention of swype, hdmi, or battery yet.
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    Monster Hunter Tri Pro Controller Bundle at Amazon for 16.99?!

    Yea seems that way to me. The one with the controller is $30. Bit confusing how they laid that out though :confused:
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    A Wii Nunchuck like device for the pc?

    I just use my wii controller on my pc. Get a bluetooth adapter and connect it.
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    Terraria - Redirecting save files?

    1. Ok so first move the file C:\Users\(my username)\My Documents\My Games\Terraria into your F:\Documents\My Games\Terraria 2. mklink /j D:Terraria C:\Users\(User)\Documents\My Games\Terraria 3. Check here for some examples, might be a better explanation than I am giving...
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    Terraria - Redirecting save files?

    Sorry I have that backwards, you need to move your Terraria files out of your documents folder and into your new save location then run the command the other way... mklink /j D:Terraria C:\Users\(User)\Documents\My Games\Terraria
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    Terraria - Redirecting save files?

    mklink /j <storage drive folder> <target> ex : mklink /j D:\Terraria C:\Users\(User)\Documents\My Games\Terraria edit: was backwards
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    AMD has some of the best video cards, and great value on their processors!
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    DCS:- Warthog (A-10C)

    1. There is a game mode, which makes it a bit easier, although if you have any experience flying sims at all the a-10 is a fairly easy bird to handle. 2. Netcode is great I have never had any problems at all. 3. Back in the beta I had a Phenom II 550 and 5850 and I could run mostly...
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    Bastion - indie action/RPG

    There's a demo up for it on steam.
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    Croteam/Digital Devolver cancels plans for digital download service....SS3 on steam!

    First Encounter Second Encounter:
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    PC games piracy survey

    Survey taken. With how easy steam makes my gaming life, no reason to not to use it. Well it also helps that I've grown up a bit since my teen years, and feel like *some* developers should earn my money ya know the ones who put out a great game. The ones who don't I just don't play easy.
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    Duke Nukem Forever Early Access Demo is coming!

    If you left click on the game it to open it's "page" in the library, the menu on the right will also have a cd key button
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    Bin Laden News Spikes Internet Traffic

    Just what we need ANOTHER COD game :( Although I am stoked about BF3 :D
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    Harmattan's Excelsior! Sale Thread

    PM sent on 6950.
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    Deus Ex: HR

    So I found these two new videos for Deus Ex:HR I was a huge fan of the original Deus Ex. Needless to say I'm skeptical about this from all the videos I have seen so far, with the glowing and the...
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    Portal 2: How Not To Be A Douche

    My brother and I played just like that, seeing who would get killed first. Was a blast!
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    Anyone still playing EVE?

    I'm playing just got into it recently. I'm most likely heading back to empire for now, from 0.0 Our corp is heading out to drone space, and I'm not really to fond of it. Been looking into wormholes for a while now, maybe it's time to find a nice one since I have nothing on my plate at the moment.
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    The Official HardCraft Thread

    Would you mind whitelisting me? I have watched you guys building since the old server, and there seems to be some really amazing stuff, I really wanna check it out for myself. Username is the same as my forum name,
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    Portal 2 console ported, Crysis 2 console ported....

    Really? I agree with you Crysis 2 was a crappy console port, but Portal 2? So far it has been an amazing game, just because they left a warning message in (which does apply to your computer, granted who would turn it off in the middle of a game?) your mad about it?
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    X: Rebirth is Coming! Yay!

    If their new engine can handle more than one cpu core there will be some freakin amazingly huge battles. After putting 100's of hours into the X universe I'm stoked about this game!
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    Bulletstorm demo is out on steam

    I was on the fence with this game, seemed like a pretty fun game, as long as you don't take it seriously. I am soooo glad they put out a demo, I might have wasted $5 on this trash. Seriously the effort cliffy b. is going through to screw us pc gamers (encrypting ini files :rolleyes:) fuck you...
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    New Deus Ex 3 gameplay vid: thoughts?

    Yea, same here. What's up with the glowing? And health regen he better have some augs turned on...
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    Magicka: Vietnam

    Wow I was sad about how so many devs are kicking us PC gamers to the curb after playing the crysis demo, but if stuff like this is going to take it's place, I can't wait for what is next! So many *AMAZING* indie games out/coming it's going to be a great year for PC gamers!
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    Arizona Host State for New Intel Factory

    Yea I hate trying to find my balls in the snow....:D
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    Life's too short for rebates

    I've been wanting to get a few OCZ SSD's for raid 0 for about a year now (because they have garbage collection) but every damn time there is a sale on them it's a rebate (that's only valid for *1* product. Because of this OCZ has seen 0 of my SSD money, and it's been so long I'm thinking about...
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    Game cost vs DLC cost (with some math)

    Meh let them separate the games into as much DLC as they want, I'll just wait till the whole game *AND* DLC is $10 on steam. Good job loosing out on a day one purchase because you wanted to be greedy... Note: I was a big fan of expansions, and have purchased many because it was extra content...
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    [Steam] Global Agenda 75% off $7.50

    Does it support eyefinity yet?
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    Nintendo 3DS Price and Release Date Announced

    Same here, I am wondering though if we can play it on the older DS models, such as my lite?
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    Will you get Crysis 2?

    +1....or maybe $5 depending on reviews, but I'm not really holding my breath. The original crysis was kinda meh cool tech, boring that they (crytek) have gotten consolitis the only direction the games can go are down....