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  1. J

    Faster setup for a mac based office

    If you go with a Synology NAS they have a sync client called "Cloud Station". I use it to sync my profile from my MacBook to my NAS, but you can sync any folder you wish.
  2. J

    Anyone used CrashPlan?

    My understanding is that CrashPlan does not backup other CrashPlan backups. Meaning your family's and friends backups are only on your NAS and don't go to the CrashPlan cloud at all.
  3. J

    Network pics thread

    What's the run time with only those two switches? I'm guessing a couple hours or more.
  4. J

    open source backup server?

    Don't forget about Backuppc uses rysnc and has a web interface.
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    Official Red's server room thread

    Don't forget to put a big red button that say's do not touch or something like that.
  6. J

    Network pics thread

    Same here. Some of the customer's where I work have some very sexy gear.
  7. J

    Network pics thread

    Indeed it is. Waiting for more parts to arrive and then I will be adding another Pi and another 5 sensors split between the 2 Pi's(separate rooms and I don't own my place and don't want to run cables between the two rooms) Took me a little trial and error so once I got it working I put...
  8. J

    Network pics thread

    I paid $1,565.99 Canadian for it back when I bought it in April of 2012. They no longer make the DS2411+ it's been replaced with the DS2413+.
  9. J

    Network pics thread

    I know it's a little messy but here is my "poor man's rack" From top to bottom left to right(each shelve) - Raspberry Pi SNMP Temperature Sensor - Virtual machine host running Proxmox 2.3 - 6 Core AMD, 16GB of RAM, 3 x 300GB 10K in RAID5 - UniFi AP Long Range - HP 1810-24G v1 - TekSavvy DSL...
  10. J

    Managed switch for home network??

    HP 1810-24G or any higher model. The 1810-24G doesn't have CLI but I think the next model line above it does. Either way you can't beat a lifetime warranty.
  11. J

    Network pics thread

    You wouldn't happen to work for Bell would you? I think I saw a thread where you said you did. I work for Q9 which just bought itself back from Abry along with help from Bell and other's. Most ISP's don't like pictures floating around of their infrastructure. We have a strict zero tolerance...
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    pfSense question

    Sounds like all you may need is a "allow all" rule on the WAN rules table to allow the you are using /24) subnet through.
  13. J

    Free Backup Solution

    If I recall correctly the answer is no. CrashPlan will not "re-backup" backed up files from other machines.
  14. J

    Network pics thread

    Makes me happy that I live in a condo and my heat, water, and power are all include in my rent :) $1295/month for a 1000sqft 2 bed, 2 bath, and a underground parking spot. Guess one of these day's I should post a picture of my gear.
  15. J

    Something easier than openvpn?

    I used this how to on all my pfsense 2.0+ installs and had no issues. Just thought I'd share it in case it helps :)
  16. J

    Website monitoring service?

    I use :)
  17. J

    Post Your Connection Speed

    My 25/2 TekSavvy VDSL Unlimited connection. I'm actually in Calgary but all TekSavvy DSL customers on the Telus infrastructure pop out in Vancouver. Hope TekSavvy starts offering the 50/10 soon that Telus is currently offering.
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    Network pics thread

    Posted in the wrong forum. Post can be deleted by Mod.
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    Upgrading pfsense

    Yup that's normal. Glad you got it working.
  20. J

    Upgrading pfsense

    I use a Atom G530 with 2GB of RAM and it had no problems with me saturating a 100/10 connection but I've downgraded now to a unlimited 25/3 DSL connection to save some money. I also have two other boxes I manage, a P3 with 1GB of RAM with a 10/10 connection and a P4 with 512MB of RAM with a 50/3...
  21. J

    Network pics thread

    Nah the offices look much better than this ;)
  22. J

    Network pics thread

    Here's a shot of the NOC where I work. The wall on the left of the image is actually a different layout now. Had the pleasure of seeing it in person last month. I work in Calgary and the NOC is in Toronto.
  23. J

    Where to get cable ducts in Canada

    We have a few customers who use cable organizers like that and they came from Anixter.
  24. J

    Labeling fiber/copper

    +1 This is pretty much the way we do it on all power/copper/fiber cables at all our data centres. We just don't use the sleeves, we simply wrap the label around the cable. "Flags" just look stupid in my mind and make the cabling look messy.
  25. J

    Cacti Weathermap - Post Yours

    Awesome! Thanks. I shall give this a try over the weekend.
  26. J

    Cacti Weathermap - Post Yours

    I've always been interested in doing this with my weathermaps at home. Is it easy to do?
  27. J

    Cacti Weathermap - Post Yours

    Not much, but here is one of my weathermaps from home.
  28. J

    Virtualbox Down for the Last Few Days ?

    It could be hosted in one of the data centres on the east coast that was affected by Sandy and is having trouble getting power systems up and running. EDIT: Nope that's not it. Just did a report on and the site points to a facility in Denver. So I'm not sure why it's down.
  29. J

    Network pics thread

    If they are the 400ft version it is the standard model. I have the Long Range model and it does 600ft. Hope that helps.
  30. J

    Hardware Solution for Hiding My IP - In Plain English Please!

    I use Hide My Ass with a pfSense firewall and use that to force all traffic over my VPN to Hide My Ass. I do this by having LAN rules that force the traffic I want to use the gateway of the VPN tunnel. Works great for watching BBC iPlayer while sitting on my sofa in Calgary, Alberta :)
  31. J

    [H] opinion on Synology NAS?

    I own a DS2411+ and a DS1812+ love them both! Haven't had a single problem with either of them. Especially love the fact that you can install the CrashPlan client on them.
  32. J

    Shutdown all networked machines due to Power Outage

    I use NUTS ( and love it! :p
  33. J

    Online backup

    Just in case anyone finds this thread and is looking for info on the CrashPlan package for the Synology DSM Platform, here is a link.
  34. J

    Online backup

    Yup. That's the plan I am using. Works great for my needs. Also if you have a Synology NAS you can actually install the CrashPlan client on it :)
  35. J

    Online backup

    I have been using CrashPlan for over 6 months now and I have not had a single issue.
  36. J

    Drobo Storage Systems... Are they headaches for anyone else?

    I had a 4 bay Drobo and the network share device a couple years ago. It caused nothing but problems. I am very happy with my Synology DS2411+, haven't had a single problem with it!
  37. J

    Can someone help me setup a VPN? Noob here

    I would look at setting up a VPN server on a VPS. I have a couple VPS around the world running Ubuntu with OpenVPN Access Server installed on them. They work great. I can now watch BBC content and Hulu from anywhere in the world :) OpenVPN would work for your laptop but you'd also need to setup...
  38. J

    Network pics thread

    Holy crap! LOVE your cabling job! So clean. What did that whole setup cost you? If you don't mind me asking.
  39. J

    weird patch panel punchdown question

    From what I can see on the top row on the left, the top most set are for port 23 and the ones below are for port 24. I assume those small numbers are different near each set of 8?
  40. J

    Anyone used CrashPlan?

    Good to hear. I had a couple friends who assumed you could set all your machines to backup to one machine and then just back the one machine up to CrashPlan. Thankfully they corrected that before anything failed.