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    Dell Alienware AW3423DW 34″ QD-OLED 175Hz (3440 x 1440)

    I've skimmed this entire thread because this seems to be the best place to speak to people who actually have this thing in hand to run tests with and give feedback, and most of us seem fairly knowledgeable about something as niche as monitor specs etc. I'm here to talk to you guys about our...
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    Fornite on Android Forgoes the Google Play Store for Increased Revenue

    This is the same bullshit that is happening today with Steam. These scumbag companies were happy to let the storefront owners build up their product and create a massive and reliable userbase for them, and now they swoop in for a kill and claim those same customers, without the tax of operating...
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    Latest Nvidia Drivers Break Quake HD Remix for Pascal Owners

    Manuel, I don't believe that's the issue. The problem is that along shadows, there are black squares where it seems a tile based rasterizer pattern is occuring causing parts of the shadow volumes not to draw properly. It looks checkerboard pattern like. Open the console and type in...
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    Latest Nvidia Drivers Break Quake HD Remix for Pascal Owners

    Darkplaces isn't the only place to show broken graphics on modern Nvidia hardware. Quake 2 also experiences corruption starting with Maxwell GPUs and continuing with Pascal. Check this video recording I made to show the artifacting: That's not all. F.E.A.R. also shows artifacting on modern...
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    Chrome Will Soon Prevent Irritating, Unwanted Website Redirects

    Amazing. Cannot wait until this happens. Admittedly it will only affect my phone as my desktop has uBlock Origin but it will still be nice when it comes.
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    More than 6,000 Games Released on Steam This Year

    And it's 90% indie trash. Freaking shovelware that has no place on the market. This is what happens when you pretty much let anyone put their crap on your storefront.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Announcement Coming Next Week

    It's really quite simple. They get people to double dip by pretending they have no intention of making a PC version. There are direct quotes from Rockstar saying at the time of last gen release, "we have no plans for the PC version." Then a month before the PC release when trying to build hype...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING Z Video Card Review

    I really feel silicon lottery is the only thing relevant to the performance of these high end 1080 Tis. My STRIX OC does 2076Mhz and 12Ghz memory at stock voltage. If I were to crank the fans to 100%, temps never go above like 43c. I use a custom fan curve which goes 0% fan speed up to 35c, then...
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    Don't Tell People to Turn off Windows Update, Just Don't

    @#$& Windows Update post 7. Forcing users to accept updates that they don't want or need (drivers, monitor color profiles, etc) without any options in the way is totally unacceptable. I disabled my Windows Update service months ago and am perfectly fine. I monitor my active processes regularly...
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    Remastered “Half-Life 2” Coming to Vive & Rift with VR Controller Support

    Not everyone has a weak stomach and gets sick from these types of games. Half Life 2 with the native Valve code was the best VR game I've played to date, and that was back on the DK2 without motion controls. I don't care for teleport gimmicks. I don't get sick. I want a REAL game with REAL...
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    ASRock Z170 Extreme 7+ Motherboard

    I will never buy another ASRock product after the disaster that was z77 Extreme4. They got caught red handed completely lying about CPU vcore readouts. Say I set a fixed voltage with LLC level 2 for my processor's vcore at 1.25v. It might read just about that same number in programs like CPUz...
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    Lawsuit Claims Microsoft Discriminated Against Women

    I love how she has the audacity to claim the men who were promoted were "lesser qualified" yet she's the one not getting the promotions. Sounds like an arrogance issue, one that management recognizes through and through.
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    AMD, Roy Taylor, the Nano, and the Press @ [H]

    2 things. 1) this write up does come off as really bitchy, prefacing with a claim that it isn't doesn't change the content. 2) I hate AMD, but without them the consumer will be in real trouble. We need them. They need to get their shit together and start getting back in the game. I do not...
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    Samsung to Buy OLED Maker Novaled for $347 Million

    Enjoy that terrible pixel burn out that OLED suffers from. Even in smartphones which have their screens on for short periods of time throughout the day, pixel burn out occurs quite noticeably over the course of a year or two tops. Now apply it to a PC or television environment where you...
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    Samsung Starts Mass Producing Industry’s First 3D Vertical NAND Flash

    Word. My 830 series 256GB SSD is holding up just fine :)
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    RC Battle Tank Cell Signal Jammer

    I know a guy who did exactly this on an Amtrak train in the quiet car. Stupid woman behind us was yapping away on her phone while everyone else was just trying to relax, so he activated it and within 10 seconds all we heard were "hello? hello??"s. It was nice to say the least. This is one of...
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    Judge: Video Game Lawsuit Can Proceed

    This. Which is absolute bullshit and doesn't bode well for Gamestop. But ya know, fucking idiots can just fail at reading comprehension and thought processes and miss that fine little point.
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    AMD: CUDA Is Doomed

    What a fucking scumbag. I like PhysX and I want PhysX. I also like CUDA because programs like 3DS Max and Sony Vegas take advantage of it quite nicely. Screw him and screw his shitty drivers. Fucking happiest day for me in recent years is when I made a move from the 5870 to my GTX 780 back in...
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    John Carmack Joins Oculus VR

    Good for him. I hope he helps make OR the great leap forward in virtual reality that it deserves to be. (also - wheres my freaking consumer version god damnit!)
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    Most Android Phones Are Crap

    I never thought I'd say this, but I have to agree with the Apple guy on this one. Verizon especially absolutely rapes every single Android device they get their hands on. I have never used an Apple phone, nor do I intend to, but I would be REALLY interested to see if the iPhone on Verizon has...
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    Saints Row IV E3 In-Game Walkthrough

    How did they get away with copy pasting the Prototype sprint and jump animations... it's all exactly the same lol.
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    Ten Years Ago Today: [H] Wedding

    I'll bet that grin on her face is her counting on him having that heart attack. "Heheheheheh money money money. Free house and car. Yessss yesss hug him and smile while he cuts our wedding cake. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
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    New drivers causing issues?

    Got my GTX 780 May 24th. Removed my old Radeon 5870 and uninstalled AMD drivers. Then proceeded to install Forceware 320.18. All is fucking well. Loving it.
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    780 GTX overclock results

    Actually about the offsets, Memory offsets are still worth posting. Memory doesn't get boosted in game, it only has it's 3 stats that it goes through.
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    Diablo III Coming to Current-Gen Consoles Sept 3

    Oh wow hahahaha Blizzard is really getting desperate for money. You can smell the Activision shareholders breath wafting around everything Blizzard does. Love it. Hope they crash and burn in the next couple years and just disappear. Before you say I'm some hater, I grew up on and love to this...
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    Nvidia Control Panel - Add Programs very slow

    Thanks very much for confirming this for me. I feel relieved :) I'm not going to lose sleep over it, since it's not a "just me" thing, and like you said how often do we really have to go in there. But if I could speed up this process it'd be awesome. When you say indexing, you aren't...
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    Nvidia Control Panel - Add Programs very slow

    In the Nvidia Control Panel under program settings you can add programs manually. The first thing you see in the popup window is a list of recently ran programs. This is what I was referring to, not the Windows recent documents and programs list. The only reason I think this is a particular...
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    Nvidia Control Panel - Add Programs very slow

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately CCleaner did not resolve my Add Programs lag problem. But it did free approximately 700MB off my SSD so I'm grateful for that. The list looks like the usual stuff. All my games and a few applications like Chrome, Photoshop, etc. There's some stuff in the...
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    Nvidia Control Panel - Add Programs very slow

    Greetings [H], I recently upgraded my video card from an old Radeon 5870 to a GTX 780 and loving it! Before I pulled my old card out I did a full uninstall of my old ATI drivers then did a driver sweeper and lastly I ran the AMD driver cleaner official utility from AMD themselves. Then I shut...
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    Haswell Hits 6.5GHz On LN2

    Too bad ASRock burned me (not a figure of speech) when it comes to the Z77 Extreme 4 and how it reports Vcore. Won't be supporting or buying any of their products again in the future. The motherboard says you're getting 1.20v when really with a DMM your CPU is being fed 1.25v. That's a huge...
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    How to backup and flash Evga 780 ACX bios?

    Thanks very much GoldenTiger! Hoping to figure out and solve my 1187mv cap problem with my 780 :( no matter what I apply to the core, the voltage never passes that mark. Frustrating, makes me feel like my card is inferior or something :/
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    How to backup and flash Evga 780 ACX bios?

    Any chance you guys can point me in the right direction for that BIOS? All my Google searching skills applied and I still can't find it for the life of me. This thread is about the closest I came to finding it :|
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    AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta Drivers

    Nice drivers there AMD. Not. I just upgraded a few days ago from my Radeon 5870 to this GTX 780, man I missed Nvidia drivers so badly. Their drivers need so much work it's kind of scary that it's 2013 Q2 and they're still as broken as they are. I like how it takes Nvidia going public on their...
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    Download NVIDIA's FaceWorks Demo

    Tell that to AMD, when they lock out Nvidia hardware from running their latest tech demos. This is nothing new. Stop being a fanboy crying because you don't have access to 309MB of uselessness.
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    New GTA V Screenshots

    I'm tired of the bad rap GTA 4's PC port got from the community. It really wasn't a bad port, it just had a shaky launch. All is well now though and it is still one of the best ports from this generation to date. The people who cry that the game lags and is a bad port, are the morons who can't...
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    Google Glass Not Fully Functional With iPhone

    Thissssssssssssssssssssss. And yet, I am betting right now that at some point in the future Apple will get butthurt and sue them for trying to be a monopoly lol "wahhh their device doesn't work with our competing product." Sad part is, they'll win. And Google will be forced to support iOS.
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    PC Specs for Metro: Last Light

    Given the way 2033 ran on top of the line graphics cards, even to this day, I'd say Optimum specs are quite fitting. If you want the best possible performance on the market, well, there it is.
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    PC Specs for Metro: Last Light

    This is exactly why I went with the 2GB variant of my 5870's when I bought them in 2010. I knew that 1GB wasn't going to be enough for 1080p+ resolutions (I play at 1200p) with graphics turned up. All my PC buddies mocked me back then "you only need 1GB man don't be a noob" but, here I am. lol
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    Watch Humans Harass And Bully This Poor Robot

    I'm sorry but even the most technically complex AI still can only operate within it's programming capacity. There is no such thing as a learning computer, yet. Maybe when that day comes, then will things like robots matter to me.
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    Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Trailer

    It's clear what happened here. Anyone who played AC3 can attest to the serious quality difference between the main game and the side Naval missions. I believe Ubisoft Thailand worked on the sea and jungle based gameplay and Ubisoft France worked on the rest. Well, those ship/jungle loot side...