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    FS: My Need Cash B4 weekend sale check it out!!! lots of new stuff!!

    :) you must be one of those who beat staples to death with those crazy deals "laughs" free bump
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    FS/FT - Stormlifter's Stuff

    :) nice easy to follow format.. if nobody grabs up that memory i may make an offer on it..
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    FS: Making way for new baby sale!!!

    ;) i am interested in that CPU 3.0 p4 NW if this chap bails out.. i have non cc paypal too ;) pm me & let me know if its retail or oem or just the sc on chip thanks
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    FS/T AverTV Studio, Hauppauge WinTV, burner, gamepad, network card

    ;) Bump sorry i get 10+ windows opened between several boards and lose where i am at :confused:
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    ;) bought one on eGay bump.. cmon guys these maxtors are old drives :confused:
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    FS: Laing D4 1/2" Water Cooling Pump WTB: SCSI Drives

    :( damn i got a pile & hadnt had time to make a list.. new maxtor atlas 15k II 147gb 68 pin with almost 5 yars warranty left on it, sealed.. new seagates 2 x ST373454LC 15k 73gb 80pin new 2 147gb 68 pin 10k damn forgot the manu, need to check :confused: i have a pile of smaller cheaper...
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    FS: Dual 800Mhz System $250 + Shipping

    :p im offering $2 free bump
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    FS: 512MB ECC PC133, Maxtor 40GB, Dual P3 server, 1GB DDR2

    :) bump for ya, whats the HDs you have?
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    FS:Everything must go! Leaving in 2 days!!!

    :) post warranty info on maxtor..
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    elfletcho's For Sale Thread!!

    :) bump for ya.. need a maxtor atlas III or newer 73g 80 pin HD, dig one up & pm me :) i may make an offer on that sc420 with several customers in mind, i have 2 new from dell scheduled for delivery on the 30th will see just how bad they are :confused:
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    Lots of stuff for sale.

    ;) BUMP
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    Gear FS: 1U Servers, SGI, SCSI, RAM, PSU etc.

    :) Bump you made me look
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    More KVM cables found

    ;) i have a Lyksys pro connect KVM i need cables for :confused: seems like i have Compaq units but the ones i have the cables are wrong for the monitor ? can ya post a pic?
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    [FS/FT] Smokey's Thread v2

    :) Bump DOA warranty on drives? i don't see where the HDs where tested / checked? or are they pulls you can'y verify good? your post is vague regarding that & it makes a difference, at least to me.
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    WTB/TF : Microsoft software

    4 X 147GB MAXTOR ATLAS V 80 PIN U320 HOTPLUG DRIVES, brand spanking new, ultra quiet and ultra fast.! Part number is 8D147JO, manafactured on 1/15/2005 and warranty untill same date 2010. i pm you on a price on these = no reply :confused:
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    FS: Xbox games, MP3 player, video capture, books...WTTF: PSU

    Wanting a Dark Tower 1st bump for books :)
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    [FS/FT] Smokey's Thread v2

    ;) bump for ya.
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    [FS/FT] Smokey's Thread v2

    ;) Bump for ya..
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    :confused: mods should delete this post.. while funny, others are trying to buy & sell stuff..
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    WTB: IDE Hard drives

    Just pulled 4 250g maxtors staples retail units from my server. don't know if they will help. bump for ya :)
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    :( still in need of 2 prefer with warranty others considered.. pm you on the 147 maxtors...
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    FS: 4gb of DDR2 Ram!! - cheap

    Thanks for reply bump
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    FS: 4gb of DDR2 Ram!! - cheap

    this REGISTERED ECC server stuff by any chance?
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    [FS/FT] Smokey's Thread v2

    :confused: which sleds do the compaq drives have? older two button style release (white) or the later single button on the left side of drive? and a free bump i would be interested in any bare single button style sleds if the price is decent..
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    FS: Seagate 146GB Ultra 320 SCSI HDD

    Im still waiting on your pm ;) what are you looking for to trade? i probably wont have any trick grfx cards or that type of stuff most here are looking for..
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    FS: P4c800e deluxe w/ 3.2E

    board & chip retail units? paypal acct? free bump
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    :) Thank the good lord im back here, one know it all over to storage reveiw would have everyone think peeps on eBay are paying folks to take these drives there is so many of them :confused: i will dig out that list & get it to you see if you you may want them, i like to see someone do...
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    :p ROFLMAO Vertigo checking my thread "laughs" for possible buys :p i have a bunch of drives im looking to get out of my way, see if i can find the list for you, sell them all one price shipped, like 30 - 50 units. ;) The WD i guess is cleared up, thanks for the offer & bump :)...
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    WTB P4 HSF...

    i have some new ones the CPU is only thing pulled from the intel plastic case. not sure what cpu was in them but they are new intel 478 units less CPU.
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    i been buying them on eBay fairly right, but these plain jane old maxtors seem to have dried up & 2 would finish off a compaq storageworks tower. had to try here couldnt hurt ;) Thanks Doug was a member there years ago, forgot that board :) Thanks guys for the bumps & have a great...
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    WTB: Pair of Slot PIII w/ 100MHz FSB, also Matrox card and SDRAM

    i have the CPU's 2 x 450/512/100 or 2 x 550/512/100 from Dell / Compaq Servers 650 & 700 singles also in the slots as well.. matrox graphics card i have one 16mb, dual monitor, old card by todays std's? scsi stuff i have drives controllers cables terms etc etc, dont know what "FW" is...
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    :confused: Bump help me out folks :confused:
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    :confused: looking through the posts seems like these are scarce here :confused: must be a bunch being pulled out of govt & bus upgrades?
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    FS: P4 3ghz 30 capper, vid card, hd's, ram, dvd drives

    :) Bump.. just window shopping
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    WTB / WTT 73gb & Larger SCSI Drives

    Need quickly, going new if i cant get them soon, at least 2 Maxtor Atlas 73gb "J" series drives. thats 80 pin sca configuration aka "hot swap" these must be atlas III or newer models as i need lo pro 1 inch units for external bay. price im willing to pay depends on warranty left if any, shoot...
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    FS: tons of servers and parts

    Damn you guys and the HUGE pic's, im not on 56k but they still take awhile to D/L them all. "comes with 12 36.4GB 10k rpm Ultra 3 SCSI" i may be interested in the disc's if the price was in my range.. sent you an offer on the 18's though. Bump for ya :)
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    WTB: SCSI Stuff - 4x SCA 80-to-68 adapters, 2x cables, 3-in-2 sca drive cage

    last batch i bought of these adaptors on eBay, the company was MC Price Breakers 619 476 9839 [email protected] or eBay Store these run at ultra320 on my adaptec 39320 card & ultra 160 on my other PC with an adaptec 39160 if you elect to go with a hotswap box i am pulling 2 intel units...
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    WTB/TRADE:Compaq:HP sleds

    :) 17 @ $5 a piece plus $20 to ship = DONE DEAL Big Thanks to posten for the support on these Mods please close or delete thread. Thanks