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    Unimpressed with my XFX 6870 crossfire... something wrong here?

    Just a suggestion, I did read OP, I formerly ran CF 6970's and my first driver install was corrupted, and i cleaned it out with driver sweeper and re installed and they ran fine.
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    Unimpressed with my XFX 6870 crossfire... something wrong here?

    Wrong, I have seen it many many times online, usually has to do with user error when installing or driver issues. First thing you try is uninstall,driver sweeper in safe mode, then re install latest drivers.
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    Best 2-slot non-rear vent aftermarket cooling for 580GTX 3-SLI

    Only cure is an air conditioner, getting better coolers for your 580's is going to add even more heat to your room, the better your pc's coolers are, the hotter your room gets.
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    Best 2-slot non-rear vent aftermarket cooling for 580GTX 3-SLI

    Twin frozr cards, or waterblocks.
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    WTB GTX 480 full cover copper WB

    Last bump, then I mangle the stock cooler, and toss a universal GPU block onto it.
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    WTB GTX 480 full cover copper WB

    midnight bump.
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    WTB GTX 480 full cover copper WB

    190 views and not one PM?
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    How much RAM is too much, then?

    8 is more then enough, I run 12GB, and have never seen it over 6GB usage once ever. As for BF3 load times, SSD makes the difference, has nothing to do with RAM amounts/speeds.
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    Crysis 3 revealed

    Going to grab it, own all the others and enjoyed every SP mission, crysis 2 sucks on MP they can see you when stealthed and it ruins the game totally.
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    cheap dual 9600 gt sli replacement card

    Why not just snag a used 460 1GB, when overclocked there within 2FPS of a 560Ti, and way cheaper, and in SLI, as fast as a 580.
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    WTB GTX 480 full cover copper WB

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    WTB GTX 480 full cover copper WB

    TTT come on guy's I know someone has one collecting dust, or just grabbed a 680.
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    WTB GTX 480 full cover copper WB

    As the title states, looking for a copper full cover waterblock, for reference GTX 480, PM me a price shipped to Canada S4H0K1, thanks for looking.
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    High temperature in SLI with Arctic Cooling Accelero cooler

    Put a couple good 120mm's on the side panel, also mount one at the end of your cards, you have to force air into that few mm gap, or it is a lost cause(I used to run SLI 460's before adding 3 120mm's top card was over 90C gaming, after fans stayed below 65C.
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    The second worst thing inside a computer....

    Good god man, I started itching about 3 seconds into the first vid, but the second, with 2500 bugs flying around, I think I need a shower to wash the filth of watching the videos away.
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    Why do you hate Apple? (intelligent discussion)

    Looks are, well feminine to say it nicely, cost is 3X anyone else, heat issues, get viruses (come on apple is impenetrable!) resale value is comical, I could go on for a long long time.
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    Boot/Application SSD

    I grabbed an agility 3 when they were under $70, no problems yet, super fast boots and my fave games load faster then ever before.
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    Recommendation for 23/24" LCD

    For $200 or under, look into HANNspree,Hanns.G, and BenQ, I have bought many of all brands and never had a failure/dead pixels yet.
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    WTB: Noctua D14 or Thermalright Silver Arrow

    I have a silver arrow, all pieces and packaging, I live in canada though so shipping could be lots, PM me if interested.
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    Is Firefox Doomed?

    It has been dead to me for 3 years or so now, kept crashing on me one day so it got tossed for chrome, now I have used SRWare Iron for almost 2 years and have never once had any problem.
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    Your Nominees for 2011 Most Disappointing Game Award

    BF3 without question, at least DNF was playable to me, didn't have to download this and that from origin, see I was the kid that, if he got demanded to do something it was just never going to happen, guess some things will never change.
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    Good fans for H100.

    Good fans? do you want more performance, or quieter operation then the stock fans? The fans that come with the cooler are plenty good enough and move quite a bit of air, now if noise isn't a problem grab some delta 3300RPM. If you want close to the same performance with less noise, then grab a...
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    Need new card(s)

    EVGA 560 Ti 448 core classified.
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    Something isn't right (Corsair H100)

    Someone is out of the loop, many coolers beat the true 120/140, phanteks ph-tc14pe just beats out the thermalright silver arrow, and silver arrow just beats the noctua nh-d14.
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    4ghz i7 920, worth it to upgrade now

    If you live near a microcenter grab a mobo, if not wit until January, hopefully the new socket will help lower 1155 prices.
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    my hdd are getting slow..

    Yep something is going on, my 5 year old 320GB seagate OS drive averages over 100MB/s, max 130, min 60.
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    Begining of a dead PSU?

    unhook and reconnect all PSU connections , sounds like a loose connection not a failing PSU.
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    Most cost effective aftermarket coolers for 69xx

    Doesn't exist sadly, either you crank up the stock coolers, or pay a ton or after market air coolers that dump all the heat into your case, or go water but that is a real PITA. My friend bought a bunch of WC crap and made me install it, now it is cut down to a 360 rad and CPU,and stock radeon...
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    CPU Headsink FAN becoming noisy had this cooler on a C2D for years, still going in my aunt's PC on a 2.2 duel oc'ed o 3.2. Fan is still going, but if it fails you can swap it with a regular 120mm.
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    Pc fans works even when pc off help !

    Well ignore me then and throw some money out, not mine I don't care.
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    Pc fans works even when pc off help !

    RMA that board before it takes something out, could be still powering RAM, or processor.
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    Advice on RAM configuration

    Ripjaws X, the other set will not work, it is 1.65v not 1.5v.
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    Silent PC build

    Same price, but a little quieter and way better cooling Also this PSU is much much better, and is fanless until 20% load, then fan turns on but is near silent (slow san ace)...
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    Keep 6850 or buy 560ti

    I went from CF 5870 to CF 460 and honestly at 1080P I prefer the 460's , way less heat and noise and can max any game (of course not metro 2033,crysis)I payed $200 for two lightly used 460's.
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    My seagate OS drive is over 4 years old and I am currently unemployed and fighting ulcers.