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  1. J

    Black and White + Windows XP

    My original B&W worked fine with XP.... but I didn't have SP1
  2. J

    What kind of people go to your LAN parties?

    lol, that is a great read
  3. J

    bf1942 text problems

    Yea sounds like AA and AF. It really shows in BF1942
  4. J

    Highend Videocards for what games?

    Oh my... :eek: I can't get enough of Battlefield:Vietnam, all I play right now
  5. J

    To Prime or not to Prime

    I always use prime95 just as others have said, because of distributed computing projects I can see how some people say "screw prime", but lets just hope they don't do distributed computing
  6. J

    post your OC

  7. J

    What Video Card(s) You Currently Own

    9600 Pro and a Ti4200 I want a high end card soon
  8. J

    my best BFV parking job

    Haha, nice. You can blow them up many ways... bombing them with planes, c4, expacks, mortar's It takes quite a bit to take them down, around 15-16 c4's
  9. J

    BF:V Slow Load Times

    Wow 35!? Yeah please post them.
  10. J

    BF : Viet can't turn on music

    You are pushing 0 as in zero right? Not O, as in Ohhh.
  11. J

    So who hates their Intellimouse

    I've had mine for a little over 2 years and I love it. Although just recently the side button is wearing out. 75% of the time I click it for browsing webpages, it skips and goes back 2 pages.
  12. J

    Barton 2500 @ 2.5 1st attempt

    That's CPU-Z
  13. J

    9600xt and low 3dmark?

    That's strange I'd check for a BIOS setting, double check anything that has to do with AGP, I'm not familiar with ABIT's BIOS though
  14. J

    9600xt and low 3dmark?

    Chipset drivers would be on the CD that came with your motherboard. I'd get newer ones though, they can be found here
  15. J

    2500+ owners, what are you getting?

    I was able to hit 11x200 at stock voltage I need 1.75v for 11x215 and 1.85v for 11x220 But ever since I changed my PSU I have to run at 1.875v for 11x220
  16. J

    Need to quiet down 9600pro

    Do you have an old stock CPU heatsink/fan lying around? Those are usually pretty quiet
  17. J

    A question about cooling

    Blowing in or out? Best idea would to have it blow in, your CPU temp would drop a bit
  18. J

    Windows doesnt see processor speed

    Mine did the exact same when I went to 2500mhz. When I'm past 220 FSB it just says AMD and the speed it's at. But yea, it's common.
  19. J

    Am I the only one that will break my computer when frustrated at it?

    I've done countless things to my computer and desk. I used to hit my desk so much. One time it finally broke on me. The monitor stand disconnected and my monitor fell down, a few scrapes, nothing serious (to the monitor) but the desk was trash. A friend and I completely destroyed an old 486...
  20. J

    How the heck?

    Yea my computer still works. I tried powering up and it didn't POST, only my CPU fan was working. Chipset and AGP fans were not. Right now I'm running on an old 300watt and everything seems to be fine. Still weirded out
  21. J

    Computer Freezing

    It might be the PSU. What do your voltage rails look like?
  22. J

    How the heck?

    I just recently took my computer out of my case, and I noticed this. My motherboard is fine. Although there is some burnt plastic, but I can still plug in a different PSU and it works fine. I'm completely clueless to how this happened... :confused: Any ideas? It was a Antec SmartBlue...
  23. J

    Your 3D mark?

    Woohoo just broke 4000 with my 9600 Pro 4009
  24. J

    9.9 ghz overclock