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    Google Wave invites

    wooo yes me too [email protected] ty ty ty
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    Warm-ish? Toshiba T6500 3GB 16" Laptop $399

    Anyone else? I still havent seen a better deal in terms of upgradeability, price, processor, etc
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    Warm-ish? Toshiba T6500 3GB 16" Laptop $399

    lol does that really answer my question if this is a good buy or not?
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    Warm-ish? Toshiba T6500 3GB 16" Laptop $399 This is one of the laptops going on sale Black Friday at Best Buy. I was wondering if you all thought it was a good deal? Now i KNOW it only comes with 3GB of RAM and its $399 and i know you're all...
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    HP Pavilion 15.6" 3GB Celeron $298 Walmart!

    This is an IN-STORE only deal Saturday November 7th at 8:00am. I think i'm gunna bite
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    HP Pavilion 15.6" 3GB Celeron $298 Walmart!

    Walmart is hosting a pre-black friday sale this Saturday Nov 7 at 8:00am (In-Store ONLY)! This laptop is an HP 15.6" screen, 3GB of RAM (expandable up to 4GB), Celeron 2.2GHZ processor, 250GB HDD, Intel GMA 4500M Graphics, and Windows 7 Home Premium for $298!!!! I'm wondering if you all...
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    WEIRD Video Resolution problem w/ ATI 3850 1gb

    yes it shows my Samsung SyncMaster 2200wm. The weird thing is... i took out my graphics card, reseated it (although it was in there perfect and snug in the first place) and now the problem is gone and it works perfect again. I seriously straight up hate ATI cards i want to go back to nVidia...
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    WEIRD Video Resolution problem w/ ATI 3850 1gb

    I have an Intel DG33TL motherboard with PCI-E 2.0. Its the motherboard given at the 2007 intel retail edge deal. As far as im concerned - whatever the problem is - it sucks. I have also reformatted and reinstalled the OS a few times - still has issues. Card has a lifetime warranty on it -...
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    WEIRD Video Resolution problem w/ ATI 3850 1gb

    Hey guys whats up. The other day i ran into a really weird problem ive never seen before. Ive always had issues with Vista x64 for some reason. I originally had a GeForce 8800GT 512mb in my PC (with Q6600, 4GB Patriot extreme 6400, SATA 320GB 7200rpm, 700w PSU) and everytime my computer would...
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    Intel Retail Edge MoBo DG33TL 64-bit Audio problem!

    I cant seem to figure this one out! I got the Quad-Core mobo bundle from the Intel Retail Edge purchase program last year.... and its been working great. I had it running on 32 vista, then switched it up to the 64-bit Vista Ultimate. I had downloaded all the drivers for the 64-bit system...
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    Free Trojan Condoms!!!

    Yessss. I just sent a Trojan Magnum to my house under my sister's name who is 16 in Highschool and just got her first boyfriend. The parents are gunna be thrilled!
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    Warm: Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive now $119 at BestBuy incase you missed the Amazon Sale!

    from Circuit City's website, their cheapest one is $150 and that one only goes to 1080i, not the awesome 1080p that everyone wants. It is funny to see the price on their players.... next to each price it says stuff like "After $200 price drop". Its scary how cheap its all going now that its...
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    Warm: Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive now $119 at BestBuy incase you missed the Amazon Sale!

    Last night after we were closing our store we posted the new tags for the Xbox 360 HD Drives, which are now perminantly $119. Obviously Microsoft is preparing for the death of HD-DVD. Also on
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    i'll take one big boyyy!
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    Gateway P-6831FX gaming laptop $1249.99 + free game at bestbuy

    maybe our tag is just printed wrong ?? cuz on our card is says 8800GT. I havent actually gone into the Device Manager and pulled up the specific card. It could easily be a tagging error. We have a dell laptop that says it has 5 GB of Ram when its only 2 GB. Either way.... We're yet to see...
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    Gateway P-6831FX gaming laptop $1249.99 + free game at bestbuy

    all i can say is BE CAREFUL. We have the 8800GT version on display in our stores - it runs games AMAZINGLY and we have it hooked up to a 40" 1080p Samsung to show it off to our customers. Because most games are rated M, we have to play Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 to demo it, but it runs...
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    running 8X agp card on a 4X agp mobo?

    its (usually) totally okay to run an AGP 4x/8x on a Motherboard that is 2x/4x (basically meaning running an 8x on a 4x motherboard is fine) Ive done so 3 times when i had a Sony Vaio and kept upgrading graphics cards in order to play newer and newer games. once the 7 series hit tho... i...
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    The 8800 Hierarchy

    2 things... 1 how high is your budget? if its around 250 or so... looks like 8800gt 512mb is your best bet. I have it and i can run literally EVERY game out there on max settings on my 22" monitor at highest resolution (granted not a 24 inch) and they run amazing... mostly all 60fps+. Only...
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    3870 x2 review

    same here just got an 8800gt which im prolly gunna return. Anyone have any idea on a price-point for this bad-mother??
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    Review: Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 on 8800GT (dialup beware!)

    Very. Very. VERY nice job on the review! You'd think New Egg is payin you to make such a good review cuz that review alone made me wanna go out and order one. I love you. Very professional in your images and instructions. BOYOYOYONIINNKKGGGGGG
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    8800 GTS now or 9800 GT in a couple months?

    what i did.... cuz i was COMPLETELY lost like you ..... I went to Best Buy and bought an 8800GT and played the CRAP out of all the current games...... Bioshock, Crysis, COD4, Unreal Tournament 3, Guitar Hero PC, HL2 and Portal.... everything you can think of ... and now that i'm bored with...
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    8800 GTS c2q6600 proc.. Crysis?

    your system is dang near a clone of mine... sorta.... my monitor runs at the same Resolution, same processor, GPU, same Vista rating (i have 4gb of pc6400 i dont know what you have). Long story short once you get halfway through the game your frame-rate on High will be playable (between 22...
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    Crysis 1.1 patch released

    lmao this is so funny i dont even wanna get mad or type my whole story. Ill take screenshots and add later. LONG STORY SHORT. I updated to the new patch 1.1.... which took about 20 min to install on a q6600 machine with 4gb RAM and an 8800gt etc etc yadda yadda. I install the...
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    what modern games can a geforce ti4200 run?

    while you may think cuz the card is TERRIBLE even tho its old... you wont be able to play much of anything. Why? Not cuz the card isnt good enough... Its cuz almost any game with the exception of a few crappy crappy online games all require Pixel Shader 2.0 or higher on your card. It can...
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    Retail Edge 2007!

    Now that i got my replacement board things are working AWESOME. I play every game alive on max settings NO problem (except for sh*tty Crysis which makes me mad and is short and kinda boring and impossible without god mode cuz of the lag and bad framerate) My front USB ports are working... SORTA...
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    Retail Edge 2007!

    i got the 4gb of Patriot Ram that was on sale at Fry's for $90 with no rebate crap. They are 5-5-5-12 timings and work amazing.... so i dont think thats that bad
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    Western Digital My Book 500GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive @ ~ $87.97

    this deal is only OKAY.... we had this EXACT EXACT same external 500gb HDD on clearance at Best Buy for $74 in store. If you can find a store that has them left (cuz we had about 70 of them left a few weeks ago) then go for it and buy it there. Check local Best Buys
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    Fuji Finepix S700 $30 @ Dell

    lmao. from what i read... they handle price errors BADLY.... like as in .... you submit an order for $20.... and cuz its supposed to be $200.... they claim "orders are subject to change without prior notice" and charge you the full $200 without you knowing. Of coarse if you have your order...
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    Retail Edge 2007!

    wooooooooooo. So i got my replacement board today! Plugged it all in ... loaded the bad-boy... and it worked like a charm. My windows experience rating even went up an extra 0.3 points with this new mobo (i dont know why). SWEETNESS THOOO
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    Retail Edge 2007!

    I'd say it's really hit or miss on the whole "front-end mic or USB input" issue. Mine blew up on me the instant i plugged it in and it WAS connected properly (as assured by about 17 geek squad guys and myself). The other guy i work with has the SAME case, same Mobo, same RAM... only difference...
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    Aeropostale Goodness

    not tryin to sound like one of those Hollister freaks.... but ive had shirts from Hollister and Abercrombie that last me FOREVERRRRRRRR. Aeropostal i COMPLETELY agree with the 2nd post up there about how theres ALWAYS something wrong with their stuff. Or like you'll go to Aeropostal and buy 2...
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    Patriot 4Gb DDR2 kit, $90.00 + Free ship Today Only

    i hate DHL. i ordered these 7... coming on 8 days ago... and my package still isnt here. Pieces of crap. And i live in St Louis MO and they ship from the far west side of Ohio... its like a 300 mile trip and apparently that takes 8 days. Also my RAM got into St Louis 2 days ago but for NO reason...
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    Retail Edge 2007!

    sweet my intel board replacement just shipped today. weeeeeeeeee! also i hate DHL and USPS. DHL is late on shipping my RAM by like 5 days. and USPS i payed for 2 day delivery and it took 7 days just to get to intel. JESUS LORD FedEx and UPS are the only people who dont suck
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    Retail Edge 2007!

    dang well for you it took 5 days and you got it back. For me its been 6 days and i havent even gotten an email yet. I'm thinkin Intel hates me. :confused: But i'll just write back once i get it and let people know how it all worked out and if you guys should be worried about your boards too...
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    NavMan N40i NavPix 3.5" Touchscreen GPS

    we sold this GPS at Best Buy in St Louis, MO for a whole 2 weeks! it was then discontinued and before we even sold it, it was actually a "return to manufacturer" order and taken by our inventory never to be sold. So my guess is... WATCH OUT
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    Corona Beer Bucket Set $12 AC shipped free

    dude im ordering this ive been wantin somethin like this - i saw a Bud Select one but it was like $25 just for the bucket and nothing else
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    Retail Edge 2007!

    thank you for the update Fataldave. Yea it was a painful process. either way, i sent them my board finally last thursday with 2nd day air to them.... so im assuming they got it saturday.. Worst case scenario Monday. So therefor hopefully i'll have mine back sometime this week. Did they send you...
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    Patriot 4Gb DDR2 kit, $90.00 + Free ship Today Only

    yea i dont even know why DHL is alive still. From what i've been hearing... the RAM comes in an envelope too... lmao which is hilarious and retarded. When i went to track my order tho... it says mine is in a "package" size... dont know that means. Maybe they consider an envelope a "package"...
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    Patriot 4Gb DDR2 kit, $90.00 + Free ship Today Only

    bumppppp still good deal
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    Cheapest Card that can murder everything except Crysis

    wow... that was EXACTLY the answer i was looking for! Case closed ! I love you! you are awesome dude!