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    NewEgg Refurb

    My video card and motherboard are both Newegg refurbs. The motherboard even came in a box with all the cables and drivers. Never had a single problem.
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    Awsome cooling mod for the Arizona people

    ..lived here 18 years and never thought of this.
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    Proxy Help

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    Proxy Help

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    Proxy Help

    Alright, I've been working on this a while -- apparently I'm not too smart with setting up proxies. There's a MUD I've been playing, that doesn't allow more than one connection per IP address. The MUD also can't connect through telnet, because of encryption or somesuch. Anyways, I've recently...
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    Which 2600M to get

    The IQ. It's been known to overclock better.
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    Peltier?? yes/no?

    Playgirl: Best of Geeks
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    problems with zalman hsf

    They're supposed to be cool and quiet, and their tradeoff was size and weight.
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    Zalman HSF look alikes?

    I just don't like when people make such knockoffs. Like Thermaltake with their tower heatsinks, that they call new technology, that they ripped directly from Aerocool.
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    Vapochill worth it?

    Ah well, can't expect anyone else on the [H] to be from Yuma and stay for very long. Anyways -- all the power to ya. I'm an AMD fanboy, but whatever floats yer boat.
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    Vapochill worth it?

    Oh yeah, and I'd spring for an AthlonFX if I had that sort of cash.
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    What will you do if ?

    I'm just replying to the first post, I'm a semi-fanboy of ATi. XGI VOLARI DUO!
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    Vapochill worth it?

    I just noticed that you're in Yuma. You at the marine base? Sorry for going off topic.
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    Anyone tried the 256mb 9800p --> 9800XT ?

    Then let us hope that it does.
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    Anyone tried the 256mb 9800p --> 9800XT ?

    ..that's awful.
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    web site hosting

    I've used Apache, it's decently easy to use. You'll just have to read a bit, and generally know something about hosting.
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    Voodoo5 - Which Athlon motherboards support it?

    He's trying to build a 'vintage' system so he can play older games.
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    Hot Prescott

    Prescott's up north in Arizona, it's actually pretty cold. Southern Arizona is hot, I live in Yuma, smack dab in the middle of the desert.
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    This Is Killing Me lol

    The Athlon 3000+ and the XP-M 2500 should perform just about the same at the same frequency, considering that they're the same chip, basically. As far as motherboards go, I've got a good history with EPoX boards. I'm running an 8RDA3+ right now -- good overclock, for my chip (It's an "A"...
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    Voodoo5 - Which Athlon motherboards support it?

    And if you find an online retailer with an old EPoX mobo like these, lemme know. I'm in need of one.
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    Voodoo5 - Which Athlon motherboards support it?

    My ol' EPoX 8KTA3 ran a Voodoo 5 just fine. Supports 166 FSB, at least with an updated BIOS.
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    Need to find an older motherboard

    I know which motherboards support what I'm looking for -- the hard part is finding a vendor. And I'd like to buy it new, or near-new, simply because it has to last a while.
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    Newegg steppings-Mobile Bartons

    I got an AQ from California.
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    best HSF that you can use retention clips with?

    Just looked at a photo of that mainboard, there seems to be plenty of room for the DP-102 and two smaller 80mm fans.
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    BTX, who DOESN'T plan on changing

    Didn't get very far into this thread, been a while since I read it. But the ATX "underground" doesn't exist yet, and I wasn't shitting on this thread with my first post. I think you ATX "underground" fanboys are going a bit over the top with being asses to people who posted here. This is a...
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    Are referbs worth it?

    I bought my 9700 Pro refurbed from Newegg. No problems.
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    LCD All-In-One

    I'd recommend asking around in the Cool Cases forum.
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    best HSF that you can use retention clips with?

    Absolutely not. :D Got one running right here in my mid-tower. Depends more on the mobo than the case.
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    looking for a GOOD heatsink and fan for ABIT IC7-G

    Those tower heatsinks don't change much if you have them vertical or horizontal. I've got a DP-102 (which is compatible with P4s) that cools off my CPU just as well as an SP-97 (I'm assuming it's the AMD equivalent to the SP-94). Although I'm not a fan of thermaltake.
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    Need to find an older motherboard

    bump It's kinda to the point where I'll take any Socket-A Athlon mobo that supports PC133.
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    how to overclock using my INTEL D865PERL based system

    If it's an Intel brand board, you're out of luck.
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    best HSF that you can use retention clips with?

    I'd get an Aerocool DP-102 or HT-101 and strap two low-noise fans on them. Probably the best quiest cooling you can get for the price.
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    Best AMD XP Board

    I like the EPoX 8RDA3+, personally. But you already ordered yours .. so I'm not really talking to anyone but myself.
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    Need to find an older motherboard

    My trusty ol' EPoX 8KTA3 crapped out not long ago, and is no longer under warranty. I'm in search of an older motherboard, preferably with the KT133A chipset .. and preferably an EPoX, but it doesn't have to be. Just something that works. It needs to support PC133, since I have a bunch of...
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    R420, NV40 Get Names and Birthdates!!

    I'll upgrade my 9700 Pro when I can buy a new ATi card for the same price. Except I'm getting paid this summer, so I'm probably lying to myself and I'll buy the new damn card and then hate myself in 6 months.
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    Do I have to worry about having a overweight CPU cooler?

    I love my DP-102. It's been through 3 mobos and hasn't broken off the socket in a single one, even though I move 'em quite a bit. Dropped my temperature about the same as the other guy, 15-20C.
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    Building another system for a friend. Opinion?

    Yeah, bigger hard drive. pr0n is big.
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    hardware pet peeve.

    My main peeve is when people insist they know more than I do. Especially about networking. I'm a computer tech at my school, and we mostly fix network problems. I'll sometimes stand in back of a teacher, during their own class time, watching them fuck with their own connection, to the point...
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    BTX, who DOESN'T plan on changing

    Well, I'm not a case modder. I'll take any advantage that BTX will give me -- BUT, if they make ATX mobos with all of the newer technology, I will be buying another ATX mobo. Why? I have ATX cases laying around, decent ones, even.
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    Here is my OC Rig, help me check it over before i order!

    I'm not sure on whether the Zalman HS will fit on the Infinity, but it loooks good to me.