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    Mount kit for LGA 1151

    Does anyone know if I can find a mount kit for my Thermalright TRUE 120 that will fit a LGA 1151 socket? I checked their site and they don't have anything listed for 1151 sockets yet.
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    Caps And Bandwidth Limits Are 'Artificial and Contrived'

    Interesting. I'm a Network Engineer for an Telecom/ISP. We are working on getting 1G services to subscribers now. The think is the infrastructure equipment needed to transport and deliver such services can cost into the Millions. Even broken down, the costs can exceed $10,000 per subscriber.
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    Bloodrage GTI stuck on code AE

    I finally figured it out. Resetting it put the defaults back to the bus speed the same as the CPU. The memory I was using would not OC that high, at least at stock voltages. I had manually set all that with the previous CPU and RAM, then when I upgraded them I never noticed that they would...
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    Bloodrage GTI stuck on code AE

    Been running this board for over a year now, until today I thought it was awesome. I may have accidently bumped the CMOS Reset button on the back when I was plugging in a USB device. I'm not sure because it was still running fine until I rebooted. Now the board hangs on boot and I cant...
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    Google Retires Toolbar for Firefox

    That was the one thing I really liked. Every PC I used had the same bookmarks no matter where I was. If I'm doing it wrong and someone can tell me how I can do that using Chrome, then by all means, do tell.
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    Worst Company In America 2011

    There are seriously not enough financial company thieves on this list. As crappy as some of the big retail and tech companies are, they are amateurs compared to the scale of the corruption on Wall St.
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    Cisco Launches an Android Powered Tablet

    Might have to check that one out. Maybe I can get the company to get me one of these if it will help monitor our networks and IPTV systems.
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 4

    I like stuff, and things.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Realy need a new rig, got no $ though.
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    The Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread! - ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTS

    Finally got the build pics up on my site.
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    I really like my Centurion 590.
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    Microsoft Sets Windows 7 Pricing, Upgrade Programs

    I can't really do this because I dont know which one I need. An upgrade might not work because I use XP I got at the University. They didn't get a release for 64-bit Vista so I haven't upgraded yet and there is no info yet if there will be 64-bit Win 7 from the University yet.
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    Take Control of Your 4800 Video Card's Fan @ [H]

    I have a 4870 in the new rig I'm building and this is the first issue I worked on after the OS install. It seems to me the current loaded profile must be saved to a reg entry because it seems to come back to the last used profile after a reboot. I noticed this because I made a 50% fan speed...
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    BenQ G2400W

    I grabbed the G2400WD and ergotron bundle for $368 with the promo code and free shipping on Labor day. The ergotron stand ships separate and I got it in 2 days, the monitor arrived in 3. I only have a crappy 32MB video card to hook it to until I get my new rig built and I haven't setup the...
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    BenQ Store Labor Day Free Shipping

    I went ahead and grabbed the G2400WD with the stand bundle. The promo code worked fine for me. $368 shipped isn't bad with the stand. The newegg blowout sold out minutes before could order and I've already waited 3 months. I could grow old waiting for another sale like that.
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    Western Digital doesn't support 64bit OS

    Did you run their diagnostic tool? You need to run that and submit the diagnostic results to WD. In a way, they are right, they really dont support OS's 32-bit 64-bit or otherwise, they only support their hardware. I've dealt with a lot of hardware manufacturers. My advise; Never introduce...
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    Neverwinter Nights Dedicated Server Questions

    Yea, NWN is a predecessor to today's MMOs. A dedicated server can run a PW if someone build one, or it could just run any other module from the OG or added content and everyone in the play group could login and play at once.
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    Pounce or wait for Nehalem?

    Here's the thing. A new Nahalem CPU alone will cost me $400-$500 wen it comes out. Right now I can put together MB, 2GB DDR2, C2Q, and GPU for about that price with will get me off of my P4 and hold me over fine for 18 mos or so until Nahalem and X58 prices become reasonable. People that...
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    Benq G2400WD $289.99 at, 24 hours only!

    BenQ support says that the pixel policy is tied to the contract they have with the retailer. So any of their products purchased through Newegg have Newegg's pixel policy. Now I need to decide if I feel lucky enough to go with that deal.
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    Benq G2400WD $289.99 at, 24 hours only!

    I'll check with BenQ support when they open. They are on West Coast so that's about 11am EDT.
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    Benq G2400WD $289.99 at, 24 hours only!

    Man I want to do this so bad. The price is amazing and that is the monitor I want. I only have one concern...Newegg's pixel policy. I'm not sure it worth saving about $60 or so to have to deal with dead pixels. Someone convince me I'm wrong, and do it quick.
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    New Coolermaster Case : Centurion 590

    The power, LED, and I/O bay is not movable on the CM590. It is hard built above the bays. That is about the only thing you cant move around though. I have it and love it. I'm working on a few mods now this case offers a lot of flexibility and plenty of room.. Pics and such when its done...
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    DFI LP DK P45 Q9450 Overclock

    Is that really because of speed stepping enabled? I would have though it would drop in more at idle. My laptop drops the multiplier in half at idle. I'm interested in hearing how thei build turns out for you. I've been eying this board myself although I'm holding out for a price drop on...
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    Important Specs for dual monitors?

    Thanks. I'm probably going to get a HD4870 but wasn't sure it would be enough to handle 2 monitors if I was going to be doing video and gaming. I guess I don't need to worry about a second card or crossfire board which means all I need is a P45 board.
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    Important Specs for dual monitors?

    My use is about one third gaming: maybe about a third multimedia such as TV, video capture, and DVD encoding; and a third general use. I also intend on having 2-4 virtual machines running both Windows and Linux.
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    Important Specs for dual monitors?

    I've been searching for a concise explanation about what the important specifications for multiple monitors, but I can't seem to find testing or reviews of how different card specs impact using multiple monitors. Its generally accepted that you don't need to use crossfire for screen sizes...
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    ASUS Maximus II Formula @ [H]

    OK, I know this is a good board and all, I just don't think a P45 board should be in the same price range as the X48 boards.
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    Intel Cuts Chip Prices Up To 31 Percent

    Blah, I've been waiting for them to drop the price on the Q9550 and it doesn't appear they cut any of the better quads at all. Now the question is keep waiting or just build something cheap now and upgrade when Nehalem goes mainstream.
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    A bit frustrated

    I too am waiting on the release of the new DoubleSight H-IPS and the price drop on Q9550. It seems like the smart move. I don't really need to build a new rig until the end of summer anyhow.
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    Where To Get PC Window?

    I've been checking out I would appear that they wil try to combine shipping as well, so I'm just putting together my list before ordering.
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    any user ASUS Maximus II Formula users?

    Can anyone comment on whether they work with Raptor HDDs? I already have 2 for a RAID and am thinking about this board.
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    Best 24 inch PVA with lowest delay for gaming?

    I'm going to have to go check what is at my local stores. I have been looking for a good monitor that is a good ballance between low latency and image quality for several months now but haven't found a thing less than about $700 US. It would be nice to find a nice 22'-24' IPS but so far no...
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    Attempting to make a list of affordable 1920x1080

    Good Luck. I'm in the same boat as you. I have been researching for a few months now and it amazes me that even if you increase your base price from $300 even over 60% to $500 you still can't find anything that isn't TN.
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    How many people are planning on upgrading (to R700 or G200)?

    I'll build a new system at the end of the summer. By that time I'll have good info about how they preform. I will likely go ATI because of the NVIDIA chipsets, costs, and power consumption, but I'm not sure yet. I'm anther one that stays a year or so behind in games and such and it saves me...
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    Short ATX case?

    Cool, thanks. I hadn't really looked at Lian Li because they are typically too expensive, but that one isn't too bad.
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    Short ATX case?

    It seems I'm needing to find an ATX case that is a little shorter than normal. The computer shelf on my desk only has 16 1/4 inches of clearance, or about 410mm I think. All of the ATX cases I can find are too tall by about 1/2 inch. Anyone know of a case that would fit? I would prefer the...
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    The Official HP w2207/w2007 Thread

    I live in a small town so I'm left with few options for monitors. The nearest large city is an hour away. I did find the HP 2207h locally, although I can't get info on the panel rev. My guess is that it is a later rev so that would likely be the LG panel right? It seems that most with the...