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    PS3 Controller with Windows

    Not really possible without downloading something that's basically spywareand/or malware. (Motioninjoy) If you've got a PS4 controller on hand those just work without anything special.
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    Don't know much about the PSU game. How much power do I need for 8 SATA drives?

    I rather doubt it was overloaded. I've got a 550W PSU in a machine with 1x SSD and 8x HDD's. Never sees more than ~300W at the wall according to the UPS. (that's full cpu load with the drives being written to, rather rare)
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    Chromecast, Monitor and HDMI Audio Extractor

    HDMI audio extractors are a bit of a mixed bag. I've used a couple in the past (one built into the switch, currently have a standalone one) and in both cases the Cromecast just plain wouldn't work. Not sure if that's the audio extractor or the odd setup i've got going on though. my setup...
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    M.2 SSD from laptop to desktop?

    Define: M.2 There's two main types of m.2 drives, one that speaks SATA and one that speaks PCIe, that adapter only works on the ones that speak SATA (and it's keyed for either sata or PCIe... very naughty)
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    Is there a way for me to fit a 2280 M.2 in MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC (Supports 2242 and 2260)?

    Slight necrobump here but the part arrived today, I can confirm that it will fit on the motherboard fine. I don't (yet) have a m.2 drive to put in there though.
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    Why are Android phones so unreliable?

    That has NOTHING to do with android or the Pixel hardware. That could have just as easily happend to just about any other phone by the looks of it as it was a software screwup. (*not* the phone's software either)
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    Is there a way for me to fit a 2280 M.2 in MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC (Supports 2242 and 2260)?

    1: Re-read what I said, those terms aren't mutually exclusive. 2: So what? Try and find somewhere to buy that, it doesn't exist as far as google shopping is concerned, I already ran into that one.
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    Leave BluRay as MKV or convert to MP4

    Plex doesn't care at all about the container provided it can read it fine. I would personally run it out as MKV that way you could include subtitles should one need them in the future.
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    Is there a way for me to fit a 2280 M.2 in MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC (Supports 2242 and 2260)?

    I have one of these on order from China (via Amazon) as I have the same board and the same problem. It may do the trick given there isn't any chips on the bottom but I haven't gotten the part yet. (it won't get here until next month sometime) The problem with that is that PCIe 2260 m.2 drives...
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    Image backup

    There's also fsarchiver if you're running one of the supported filesystems. It can be run from a running system but that's in the very much so not recommended department. (files changing underneath the thing running and all that) That one's more partition imaging than drive imaging though.
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    Recommendations Needed - HTPC - Micro/Mini ATX - Low Profile Case/Mobo/PSU Combo

    ITX boards only come with one PCIe slot, period. Size restrictions and all of that. Agreed, with no games being played then onboard will be plenty. Heck, it'll also expose QuickSync to the OS wherein running any kind of video card shuts that off. (quicksync is on the onboard gpu, takes...
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    Why are Android phones so unreliable?

    Yeah.. there's reasons I haven't sold or given away my old LG G2 and have been dragging it out and re-flashing it every once in a while to keep it up to date. (been getting hard to find roms given it's the sprint spec version) Though that wouldn't be a sim swap but same diff. Keeping a backup...
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    Updated 4 computers in my house to Win10 1703

    I'm just going to wait until it's pushed down on me. I remember reading something about how your privacy settings get reset if you manually update. Having said that, one of my three machines has been updated, the Dell Venue 11 Pro (7140), sucked down the update after last week after doing the...
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    Need a PCIe wireless card for gaming

    Seconded.. Gaming and wifi are mutually exclusive terms just about. Wifi is extra latency and a bunch of other fun stuff like interference causing dropped packets.
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    Windows 10 Blu-Ray playback

    Doesn't crack the encryption and like Domingo said menus are non-functional. (kind of understandable given they use BD-J which is a java stack)
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    Stepped UPS compatible PSU recommendation

    Not so much for anything modern. I've had a UPS for 20+ years and have had active PFC for at least 15 of those yars without issues.
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    Power consumption of gaming laptops?

    Have you actually measured your desktop? My "gaming pc" only sucks down ~60W at the wall and that's inclusive of an older monitor (~20W), a second PC (Atom based, takes bugger all for power at idle) and a network switch. Any lower power replacement for that would cost orders of magnitude more...
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    PCIe or SATA III for new build?

    None of the above? The linked motherboard has a m.2 slot, why use a bulky, expensive PCIe card when you can get a much smaller m.2 drive and still have it be PCIe? The 250Gig 960 Evo can be gotten for about the same price as the plextor you linked.
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    Virtual Desktop/GPU Passthough, Not for Valve Games

    There's always clues, some show a cpu to be something fixed. Others will show a network card being a particular thing. Doubly so if you're using paravirtualized networking for performance. (VirtIO) One other thing comes to mind is a particular "hardware" signature as large pieces will always be...
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    No, tablet, I don't want to activate. Ever.

    Top current post in the "android development" section: Lineage OS for the sprint version. (SMT217S shows as the sprint version according to google)
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    building home NAS - which raid card?

    *cough* heh, well you kinda can and without a Drobo. Though I forget which software does it. Three choices come to mind, one of which will do that: Stablebit Drivepool, Flexraid and Drive Bender.
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    PLEX DVR > MCEBUDDY > Roku direct stream?

    Weeel... The problem there is that the Roku doesn't support MPEG-2. OP doesn't mention whereabouts he is but all of ATSC and a lot of cable channnels come across as MPEG-2 so Plex will have to transcode.
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    building home NAS - which raid card?

    Personally i'd say either no raid card or something like the IBM M1015 or the aforementioned M1115 - something you can throw in "IT Mode" so you can use software raid. Why software RAID? You aren't stuck with the one controller, if it fails you just throw any old thing in there to keep going.
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    Should I sign arbitration agreement with law firm for LG G4 bootloop?

    Take a look at /r/nexus5x on reddit, it's turned into the bootloop whine subreddit.
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    Brother MFC-9840CDW (circa 2008) taking ages before printing

    The BRScript will do it, PostScript can be a rather complicated language to parse for cheaply made printers with underpowerd processors. (mine included) There's a very good chance the windows driver is using PCL6 mode which is much faster. Have you tried the official drivers from brother?
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    Should I sign arbitration agreement with law firm for LG G4 bootloop?

    You missed one: The Nexus 5x, also made by LG, almost identical hardware to the G4 with the same bootloop problem.
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    What add-in cards do you have in your computer (besides a video card)?

    Depends on the computer. The desktop? Only has video, only have the one x16 slot as it's a Mini-ITX board. The fileserver box? It's got a Dell Perc H200 (x8 card in the x16 slot, flashed to IT mode), an Intel Pro1000 PCIe x1 equivalent network card (I think, shows up as an Intel 82574L) and of...
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    The best basic external 2.5" USB enclosure

    Realistically it doesn't matter a whole bunch anymore, they're just about commodity items. Having said that, Inateck is a brand i've used in the past. Look for one with USB attached SCSI. (UASP or UAS) Those perform better than your traditional ones.
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    HyperThreading on Windows 98

    Dosbox can also happily run Win 95 or 98 as well, guides avaliable here.
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    Need new phone...Replace HTC M8

    Could you grab a screenshot from your phone? On my Nexus 5x (pure android - 7.1.1) i've got a little edit button on the top next to the settings gear icon on the top where I can edit the "quick settings" dropdown.
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    Stupid idea to get a UPS? If not, what would cover me?

    Replacement batteries (2x 12V SLA) for my older Back-UPS XS 1300 were less than US$40 from a local place. Sure they "only" last 3-4 years instead of 4-5 like the factory ones but the price more than makes up for it. That's FAR from "$$$", the biggest cost on replacement batteries online is shipping.
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    help recommend oem pc for plex streaming

    Nvidia's had full HEVC decode support since the GTX 960. (note: not the 970 or 980, those are only partial) Far as Intel goes, I think it goes back to most 6000 series but you'll have to check with intel for that.
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    Leave BluRay as MKV or convert to MP4

    Nope, sortof. "Transcode" means it's re-encoding the video. Plex won't do this if the target device supports the video and audio inside the mkv container. In that scenario it'll just pass along the two streams untouched, just changing the container format (if that even, it may just pass along...
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    Need new phone...Replace HTC M8

    I'd further clarify that by saying avoid LG, period. After the bootloop fiasco affecting the G4, Nexus 5x and to a slightly lesser degree the G5 they don't deserve a second chance.
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    Plex Server Chokes on 4K Video

    Agreed, I regularly hit ~100-110Mbits/sec transferring data from my phone to my desktop over 11n. (access point is only 1x1 capable, not sure about the phone)
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    Bad graphics on a brand new Intel i5-7500

    Same here, i've had memory make 2-4 passes fine and utterly fail on an overnight test.
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    Is my PSU sufficient?

    All of the above really. That and rather inaccurate "PSU calculators". The one from coolermaster is too high by a good 30%. (or more)
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    Is my PSU sufficient?

    Should be fine, provided it hasn't lost too much capacity with age. (no way of actually telling that) FYI: My desktop (6600k, overclocked to 4.3Ghz and a GTX970, 2x SSD) only sucks down like ~250W max at the wall and that's with everything artificially loaded down to 100%. Almost forgot to...
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    Plex Server Chokes on 4K Video

    Odd, because the i5-760 in my plex box can transcode 1080p HEVC down to ~3Mbit 720p without any stuttering. Granted it pegs all four cores at like 90-95% or so...
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    How old is the software on that? There's a couple of nasty remote code execution vulnerabilities in dropbear ssh. One Two