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    Best Buy has the 3080Ti FE on clearance for $719

    They're trying to model it in the likeness of a sports league--if I'm reading the situation correctly, anyway. And, while I agree that it sucks from the perspective of player choice, it *does* make sense from a business/strategic standpoint.
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    WTB: Z97 motherboard

    Still lookin'.
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    WTB: i7-4790s CPU

    Acquired. Thanks.
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    WTB: Z97 motherboard

    As above. Thanks.
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    WTB: i7-4790k

    As per thread title. Thanks.
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    WTB: i7 Haswell; 4790, 4771, 4770, etc.

    Looking to pick up an i7 Haswell chip. To be (probably unnecessarily) specific, any of the following would fit the bill: i7-4790k i7-4790 i7-4771 i7-4770k i7-4770 I'd also like to snag a couple 8GB DIMMS, either DDR3-1333, or DDR3-1600. This is all going in a low-end system running at stock...
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    I'm having some touble with an old Socket 939 board...

    Thanks for the thoughts everybody, but this puzzle has exceeded its capacity to amuse; the board is headed for the recycler.
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    I'm having some touble with an old Socket 939 board...

    I did. Correct. There was literally no change when I used a discreet video card. No offense taken; I think we've all done dumbass things like that once in a while. :) Thanks for your thoughts, though.
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    I'm having some touble with an old Socket 939 board...

    I've got a little home-automationy project I've been tinkering on, and a kind forum member gave me an old Asus A8V-VM socket 939 motherboard to use for the control system. Unfortunately the board is giving me some trouble (although it worked fine for the original owner), and I'm having...
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    WTB: 939 Opteron

    You're killing me, Smalls.
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    WTB: 939 Opteron

    Right on. Thanks man. Do you happen to recall what model it is? I seem to recall that 165s were pretty common around these parts because they were a really good value, but I'm really hoping to score a 175 or better... Thanks again!
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    WTB: 939 Opteron

    Yeah, I know; it's a bit of a longshot. But my need for a low-end system for a tinkering project just happens to coincide with me getting a bug up my butt to do some vintage high-end OCing (because, eh, why not?). If you've got an old, upper-end 939 Opty laying around (if somebody actually had...
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    100% Working repair for Gateway XHD3000 30" LCD monitor

    Necrothread! My monitor was strobing; no bands of color, no grids or distortion, et cetera, just a rapid on/off strobe effect. So, I opened her up and (after confirming all the caps were in good shape) I baked my board at 375 for 8 minutes as so many others here have. Unfortunately after...
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    FS/FT: 32 GB (4x8GB) Team Vulcan DDR4

    Somebody buy this man's crap. $130 delivered for brand new modules? That's at least $40 under retail!
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    FS/FT: 32 GB (4x8GB) Team Vulcan DDR4

    If swiftwind doesn't take 'em, I will. Nevermind; I'm an idiot.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Have: 1. Badass enthusiast DDR RAM straight outta 2007: 4x1GB matched set of G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS. claimed 2. Miscellaneous 2.5" HDDs, PATA and SATA, in the 60 to 120 GB range 3. PC2-5300 SODIMM, 1x4GB, Axiom brand Need: 1. Five or six standard expansion slot covers 2. A video card for a...
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    You mean you have a pair of 2GB, and a pair of 1GB? Or you have one of each?
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    edit: Got what I need. Thanks.
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    FS: Crucial M4 256gb SSD

    Payment incoming.
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    WTB: Cheap LGA1150 CPU/mobo combo

    Items acquired. Thanks!
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    H105 Problems and my Stupidity

    If you fess up and tell them about your blunder, they may just take care of you for free; it's happened before. Sometimes honesty really *is* the best policy.
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    The correct way of applying thermal paste

    And to think that doubtless there are unsuspecting newbies who watch this and have no idea the clusterfuck they're witnessing...
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    Do they still make the Feser Triebwerk V2 TK-123 120mm x 55mm?

    Coincidentally, I *may* have one stashed in a box somewhere. I had a two fan setup that got disassembled when one fan died. The other one might still be laying around somewhere. No guarantees, but if I can find it, it's yours.
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    SLI Air-cooling

    One step at a time. Just remember that there's multiple factors involved in cooling aside from the raw CFM ratings of your fans. Unobstructed airflow can be *huge*.
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    4930k overclocked temps?

    Hail, fellow old guy. I was the first kid on his block to crank his 386DX from 25 up to 33!
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Who is that?
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    GOG Games Summer Sale 700+ Titles

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up! I couldn't help myself, and grabbed a copy of Master of Magic! Oh, the nostalgia...
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    WTB: Inexpensive LGA 1150 motherboard

    Damn I love this place. Got what I need. Thanks! As per title. MicroATX is not not preferable. PS: Yes, I know this is a new platform, and yes, I know I can probably find a good deal on a new board if I shop around a bit. :) However, whenever possible, I like to try and help out other...
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    WTB: Old, OC-friendly mobo supporting DDR400/PC-3200. Also need a CPU.

    Thanks man, but that's a little more than I/he was hoping to spend.
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    WTB: Looking for a good deal on a SSD

    Searching the forum yields several.
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    Thermal paste.

    With respect, sir, a "few degrees" here, and a "few degrees" there can add up to a not-insignificant difference. I have always coated the entire mating surface of the chip/slug before installing the heatsink but after seeing that video, I believe I may need to reconsider my strategy...
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    WTB: Fanless video card.

    I'm building a system for somebody who is highly sensitive to fan noise, and - fortunately for them - won't be playing many games. Thus, I require a fanless video card. Thanks.
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    Full Custom Watercooled Mini-P180

    Somebody might want to know how much you want for the whole thing...
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    Is there a current GPU that has a particularly high performance/price ratio?

    Every once in a while an item hits the market that has a particularly high performance-to-price ratio. I have been out of the loop for a few years now, so the most recent example I am familiar with was the 8800GT which, when it was released, offered performance that equaled or exceeded GPUs that...
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    Your favorite monitor of all time

    I still have - and use! - the Iiyama Visionmaster Pro 510 (A201HT) that I purchased in 1999. Every once in a while, somebody will comment on how big and old it is, usually in a derisive manner. (That is often followed by a comment about my "antique" 1989 Model M.) I typically say something...
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    WTB: Passively-cooled video card, two optical drives.

    Shipping info added to OP. The only other thing I need is a couple of drive rails/adapters for mounting 2.5" drives in 3.5" bays. Maybe an SATA cable or two. I had planned on picking these up at a local shop, but if you've got 'em...
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    WTB: Passively-cooled video card, two optical drives.

    Building a new general-use desktop system for the folks, need a video card. Passive cooling is a must. Gaming will be infrequent at best; a high-end card is not needed. Cheaper is better. I also need a pair of optical drives; one must be a DVD burner capable of burning dual-layer discs. The...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 580 1.5GB

    Me. Are you local to the Monterey area? Oh, also: bump. (Apparently it's mandatory to use that word in one of these threads...?)
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    WIP, projekt 'Massive Passive'.

    Necrothread, yes yes, I know.... Mr. Radar, are you still using this system? Have you tinkered with it any more? Is it still stable and reliable, or...? I was pleased to find this thread; you've realized a notion I've been kicking around for years - ever since I saw the finned heating...