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    Crypto Miners, Not Gamers, Were The Primary Buyers of Graphics Cards Since 2021, Almost $15 Billion Worth of GPU Sales Reported

    "demand right now" - that was last year. As seen in this article from 2021: And this official from 10K from Jan 2021 that contains the exact word for word quote...
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    Can't download drivers from Nvidia site, does the Game Ready driver make a difference for kid's pc?

    Looks like a direct link to the EXE
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    GTX 1070 enough for FS 2020?

    I am no MS FS 2020 expert but put in about 6 hours so far. I've run MS FS 2020 at ultra settings at 1440p on amd ryzen 7 5800x & rtx 3080 fe and seen between 40 - 80 fps on the regular Another (brother's PC) system is i7 11700KF & rtx 3060 ti running MS FS 2020 with high settings at 1080p and...
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    Destiny 2

    I play Destiny 2 and have reached 1330 cap on 2 characters, and this guide seems to be a good source of accurate info on leveling up.
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    How to update motherboard bios without windows? New AMD PC

    Gigabyte's "Q-Flash" the BIOS flashing utility is built in to the BIOS as per the PDF manual for that motherboard. Follow the advice from the other forum members above.
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    Worst possible microphone

    lol that should do it as I had the same 💩 thought
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    Motherboard re-work, SMD work. CPU holder soldier joints fractured. Handled by CPU cooler fan.

    Place the motherboard in the kitchen microwave oven for full 15 minutes and use the "Defrost" setting so that the motherboard isn't damaged by the normal usage setting. It may begin to spark but that means it is starting to reflow. Soon some smoke will be seen because the prefabulated amulite...
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    Need software to distribute email

    This sounds like place where a LISTSERV or mailing list software would be the right thing. Imagine multiple email mailing lists. And each email list has its own membership. Each list would only allow specific member to post which would send email to the members in the list. You would have to...
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    Windows 10 Calculator broken, crashes right as is opens.

    I use opensource SpeedCrunch for calculator on Win10 and Linux for years now, and it looks like it is still getting code commits too.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    For what its worth both AMD's and Nvidia's back-end retail selling to end-point customer is through Digital River. And Yes, AMD seems to not care about negative image and PR at all. And I imagine their web team is probably only involved with it as...
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    Dying video card?

    Assuming Windows 10 you might start with the Windows 10 Reliability Monitor which should log some crash data This you should be snapping a photo of the blue screen. With out knowing/seeing any real logged...
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    Why would my desktop suddenly stop recognizing my second monitor and how do I fix it?

    You will likely need to post up more details about your PC setup before people can suggest things to examine. Ideally details like: Graphics Card Model Number GPU Driver version Monitor 1 model number and how it is connected to your Graphics Card (Display port? DVI? HDMI?) Specifications of...
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    How to be sure what disk is ssd during installation Windows 10. Disk 1 or Disk 2?

    ⬆️ this here is the good stuff that I didn't know.
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    How to be sure what disk is ssd during installation Windows 10. Disk 1 or Disk 2?

    Hmmm unsure if you can get that disk name/metadata from within the Win 10 installer. I would do the following. Its a bit annoying but should work. Power off PC. Unplug the "hdd 1tb WD BLUE". Power on PC. Boot from Win 10 installer USB/ISO. Installer should only see Crucial ssd 1tb. Finish...
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    Nvidia Posts Record Q3 Earnings, Sales of GPUs to Crypto Miners Reach $175 Million

    The bitcoin .com and barrons .com articles posit an interesting theory but looking for the originating source, RBC analyst Mtich Steves, does not turn much other than other news outfits summarizing the opinions of the market analysts. However there is a summary of analysts, including Steves, and...
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    I found a twitter account that had tweet bragging about using a bot to snag lots of cards. Twitter account is now private but tweet was "danieL @siichotic thanks for the private bot @BounceAlerts"
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    How do you install a program from a tar?

    Yes, if you can run firefox from the extracted contents then it was a TAR of pre-compiled software. Hmmmm. A default browser (or any default application) is usually handled by the graphical desktop environment. The desktop environment watches for file types and links and then launches the...
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    How do you install a program from a tar?

    Well it depends on what is _inside_ the TAR file: uncompiled source code or compiled software binaries. A) If the TAR contains just source code like C/C++, then it needs to be compiled and running the ./configure script is a way for it to detect the code compilers and tools already installed...
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    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull “Kill Switch”

    Its possible this is exactly what either 4chan or the activists want. Maybe if people read their tweets and rant and react by spewing invective, perhaps it only reinforces the need for a Code of Conduct. In other news, now TechPowerUp in the last 6 hours and uses the and
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    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull “Kill Switch”

    The linked 'article' itself could be spun as an timely opinion piece at best, but in reality is a dumpster fire of investigation & reporting. Article author is anonymous. "Activists from the feminist and LGBTQIA+ communities have been trying to force the Linux project to join the Contributor...
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    Bill Would Make It Illegal to Sell Electronics without Easily Replaceable Batteries

    Yup. in regards to smart phones, manufacturers have decided that water resistance is more important than user replaceable battery. As per the other poster, I would "vote with your wallet" but there are a handful Android phones left that have replaceable batteries. LG and Samsung make a couple...
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    Epic Games’ Paragon to Close on April 26

    It is sad to hear. MOBAs aren't my thing, so I tried the tutorial and then uninstalled. But like you I did love the graphics and the art dept really stepped up for this. I'm hoping that they keep the Paragon team on payroll and roll them into other projects since I practically live next door to...