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    AMD, Where Are You?

    The glory days of AMD are over, but I have a shred of hope for them in 2017 to be considered an enthusiast/performance option again. Competition is a good thing and leads to price breaks.
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    H100i GTX Water Temp v. Core Temps

    My 6800k (stock, no OC yet) hits 66C with Prime95's default test, and pretty much the same in all cores. My H100i GTX is set to Performance in Corsair's software, however for me this means about 2450RPM on the pump and 1600 on the fans.. I tested this remotely while my house is set to 78, so...
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    Logged into SKYNET.

    Logged into SKYNET.
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    iPhone 7: Why Do We Even Care?

    Of course you'll need one once Apple pushes out the usual "grind all last gen devices to a halt" updates.
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    The 2016 Post Pics of your Rig Thread!

    New rig after a very long but completely stable and uninterrupted run of my Q6600 PC (10 years running 24/7). Specs in my sig.
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    Looking for X99 Mobo Suggestions

    If you can afford it, the Rampage V Edition 10 :)
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    Video Card Latch replacement?

    Grab a pack of these: Then thread into the GPU and somewhere on the case for support. My latch is not broken however I don't care to see the sag.
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    I got kicked out mid-game and was told I'm offline with EA, and unable to get back online. Sounds like they're at it again.
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    Battlefield 1 Open Beta now live

    I stand corrected then. Everything I read online told me otherwise.
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    Battlefield 1 Open Beta now live

    I put in about 2 hours last night. Very fun on the new rig, everything set to Ultra and never dipped below 75 fps. Mostly averaging 100-130 fps. My friend watched me via twitch and questioned the historical accuracy of the weapons. I'm pretty sure they took gross liberties with a lot of these...
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    Flickr weirdness

    I think it's crappy human spam/marketing in an attempt to exchange likes/faves/following. The comment on it seems canned. I've had the same thing a few years ago when I was a more active user.
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    Work involved switching from Rampage V Extreme to Rampage V Edition 10?

    The free upgrade is tied to the original board from what I've read. So while Windows may handle the hardware change and still function, it will want a new key.
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    Please for the love of god.....can i go back

    Might have been said before, but please make the Report button smaller and off to the right.
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    Wireless audio options for my turntable

    I should have asked here first before purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter, but has anyone successfully setup a turntable with wireless audio? I am aware of SQ loss, but due to my setup in a new house, my turntable has no place to live on the TV/Receiver wall. I also have no way of running low...
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    Weird Resolution issue with Windows 10

    Yes. My workaround before switching over to a Fire TV was to set a 30 minute idle timeout that closes Kodi completely. You'll need to launch Kodi each time you turn on the TV.
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    I've decided to dump my Windows Phone

    I did the same with my Palm Pre after seeing where Palm/HP were headed. Palm was in the PDA (remember those?) business years before smart phones, but they couldn't stay relevant and were associated with old tech. MS has the same problem since they've been around so long. Blackberry is next...
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    Blue Origin: Amazon Successfully Launches, Returns Rocket

    Restocking fees were waived I presume.
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    Network pics thread

    Only reason I asked is because at my last job would get crazy low RH in the Winter months, like in the low teens. It was only a two rack server room, not a data center with spark emitting humans roaming around. Never had issues but I was always concerned after walking in from a carpeted floor...
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    Network pics thread

    How low can humidity get before static electricity becomes a big problem?
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    Introducing The New Google+

    Hopefully that wasn't a personal attack. Social Media is great for organizing meetups. Judging by your disdain, it sounds like you avoid Social Media just as bad as someone who avoids human interaction.
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    Fallout 4

    Haven't played a single one in the franchise, except for the android version :) I will wait until this sees it's first price discount, thanks!
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    Fallout 4

    TL, DR. This is SP only? The story is that you're in a post-nuke Boston and have to find stuff to create a base and survive? You get raided/attacked on occasion. Is there an end-game or will this go on forever?
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    How do you organize your data?

    You need a server if you've got so many machines and scattered data.Take one spare machine and stuff a bunch of drives in it, and turn on software raid. Media drive: MEDIA MOVIES HD 720 1080 SD TV MUSIC PHOTOS Personal Drive: Docs Photos Misc
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    Introducing The New Google+

    I do like Google+ for various technical.hobby groups. It's like an educated Facebook.
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    How Your Facebook Profile Can Affect Your Credit

    I know the message is a hoax. I was being sarcastic.
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    How Your Facebook Profile Can Affect Your Credit

    Time for this to start spreading again, but with a new date.
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    How Your Facebook Profile Can Affect Your Credit

    Who leaves their profile fully visible to the public?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    They are built like tanks. You can buy a $129 chair every 12-24 months, or you can buy one $1000 chair every 15-20 years. You choose!
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    What is your favorite piece of hardware to go along with your PC?

    Herman Miller chair and RGB led strip from Ikea behind the monitors to ease eye strain.
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    Sharepoint Ideas

    It was used for logging support tickets, but that was probably the 03 version. It was not fun, don't do this.
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    NASA Confirms Signs Of Water Flowing On Mars

    I made this yesterday.Topical.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Does this server happen to allow ark dino transfers? The server I'm on is about to shut down.
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    Source for Shielded Cat6?

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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    I will check this out tonight/over the weekend. Getting a little bored with the server I'm on now. Running a tribe solo is starting to get boring, and none of my friends play this game.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Does that same taming method apply to bigfoot? I know it works on dolphins (Ichys). Moving this thread along, anyone excited about the penguin, millipede, and other soon to be seen creatures?
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Motion to stop de-railing thread with graphics BS. All in favor say aye. AYE Motion carried.
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    Microsoft Is Downloading Windows 10 To Your Machine "Just In Case”

    I see the error of my ways, not refreshing WU and blocking the update that I just uninstalled. Of course MS would push it right back down my throat.
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    Verizon Wireless accessory promotion

    It's funny how Radio Shack turned into a cell phone store, and failed.. Visit a Best Buy recently? It's 50% cases and tablet accessories. Cell phone stores are turning into shitty overpriced accessory stores. I was in a Sprint store upgrading two phones and heard relentless attempts at selling...
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    Microsoft Is Downloading Windows 10 To Your Machine "Just In Case”

    I uninstalled the update that brought this down, and it's back already.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Points on the vintage KERR CHUNG KERR CHUNG keyboard amidst a mostly modern setup. Is that thing using a AT>PS2>USB adapter?