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    TDP question

    How stupid of me for not thinking about that. Sorry if I wasted your time it was a really dumb question.
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    TDP question

    Hi, So I bought a cheap compaq evo desktop d51u system to use it as an always on low performance/power server or as a box for running untangle. after I received it i cracked open the case to checkout the power supply and it says it outputs 50W max on the power supply. This can be...
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    Who is tracking me and how do I stop it?

    Okay thanks, I will disable third party cookies. I will have to try ff4 is this privacy feature automatic or do I enable it ? Thanks for the answer.
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    Who is tracking me and how do I stop it?

    This maybe the wrong forum for this so please move it if that is the case, I just posted in there because it is a security related topic. I have been researching atom based systems on newegg over the weekend. Then I go to one of my favorite basketball websites which has no relation to newegg...
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    1st time builder questions + advice needed.

    Hi, I am building my first atom based system and have a couple of questions. I want to use this as a desktop system. I will add one 2.5 laptop drive and have maybe a few usb peripherals attached. I am planning on using this mobo + cpu combo from newegg: Mobo + cpu combo I settled on...
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    Need advice on home security

    Thanks for the tip, putting the server in a dmz maybe the way to go. However, I also wanted astaro because of the other features it provides including vpn, virus scanning and web filtering. I am not opposed to choosing something else other than astaro that provides similar functionality. I...
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    Need advice on home security

    hi, So I am a developer who is learning django. I have setup a django server on my home server(laptop) to test my code. I ssh into the server and start and stop the server as needed. I also opened up port 80 to allow friends to checkout my web app. Last weekend I forgot to turn of the...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Thanks so much for creating this thread, it will be very helpful. Maybe it is just me but, this link isn't working for me? -based on NexentaStor, there is a free Community-Edition (=NexentaStor without Service, without some add-ons, limited to 18 TB and storage-only use ) download at...
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    Need help to build a green & fast home file server with serious data protection

    Honestly it really seems like you want to pick ZFS and it is undoubtedly a great choice for the things that you are trying to do. now the question what is best/reliable/future proof way to implement ZFS? OpenSolaris - Questionable future so out FreeBSD - Solid future but, I hear...
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    Android development question

    Thanks for the recommendation. It seems just the type of book that would work for me.
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    hope I am not too late *crosses fingers* Corsair is awesome because of their reliability and low failure rates.
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    Pinguy OS(Linux) for my father's computer

    I say go with ubuntu mint. I am sure pinguy os is great however, I am wary of small distros mainly because the smaller they are the less people involved which increases the risk of the project dying out and probably less support and slower updates. Mint is fairly complete and easy to use plus...
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    MSE 2.0

    I have the original version and I am wondering if I should upgrade. Is there any difference in performance between the new one and the old one?
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    Android development question

    Hi, I want to develop an android app as a hobby. I downloaded the sdk and tried doing some of the tutorials online. I was able to accomplish everything but, feel like I don't have a good grasp on how to develop my own app. I haven't programmed in java for some time and when I did it was...
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    I have $2200 for a new me choose..

    I can't deal with anything larger than 15" so I am going to suggest that you go with a thinkpad T510. IMO thinkpads are best laptops I have ever used. They are very robust and sturdy. I like all black + silver hinges styling. You can do the 2 hd setup by replacing the removable cd rom bay.
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    this is just what I was looking gonna have to try it out in a vm.
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    Win7 backup options to replace WHS

    Is there any harm in sticking with WHS? I bet those HP home servers will start dropping in price. I love the form factor of those servers.