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    sweet news
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    Oculus Quest

    ive tried the quest with ALVR streaming games to it. racing games are bit meh. but others including skyrim, lone echo doom vfr its actually pretty damn good. even the quest version of robo recall is a pretty conversion.
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    Oculus Quest

    anyone streaming steam and rift vr games to the quest with ALVR? im strongly thinking of selling my cv1 and switching to the quest because of it
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    DOOM Co-creator John Romero Teases New Game

    im still pissed they canceled my beastbox order for some reason
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    Logitech M185 and Other Mice are Vulnerable to Keystroke Injection

    is there a list somewhere of all the peripherals affected?
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    Epic Games Denies Client Spying Accusations

    tencent is taking more than ten cents
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    awesome move by microsoft. great thing is 343 Ind has been improving the MCC since its release rather than forget about it after a year or so this should be a nor brainer for most peeps as online play is pretty decent. as for the sp games be sure to check our ODST when it gets added for pc
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC Might Be Announced Next Week

    i already have this on xbone, and its one of the games my kids play the most. wonder if i could play deathmatch on pc vs them on xbone. im fine on single player fps games, on a pad i am rubbish
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    George Lucas Is Reportedly Fixing Luke Skywalker for "Star Wars: Episode IX"

    this is very much part of disney blame deflection plan. if the die hards hate they can just duck and point to lucas and say well he also fucked up the prequels blame him. damn shame he decided to sell to disney he shoulda kept it and let a group of star wars die hards over see the project and...
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    Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox to Be Revealed at E3, Releasing 2020 alongside Halo Infinite

    ms has made the right moves since xboneX came out. i'll defo be getting the next one due to thier backwards compatibility alone.
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    EA Forecasts 6M Sales for Anthem in Six Weeks

    woulda thought EA would not be much bothered about this considering how well apex legends is doing
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    Adobe Considers Using Custom ARM Chips

    they are prolly looking at something like a wacom type lcd stylus that ties in with their software and prolly thier own app store for various add-ons etc
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    Machinima Is Shutting Down, With 81 Staffers Laid Off

    it all started of with quake engine movies/shorts, think the first major one was quad god. those were the good ole days
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    A Free-to-Play Titanfall Battle Royale Game Will Be Out Soon

    shame titanfall 2 tanked sales wise, the overlooked single player campaign was really good, mp was not so bad either
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    PlayStation 5 Could Emulate All Previous Generations of PS Consoles

    i doubt sony greed will let them include this. they know they can make money on "reMasters" of thie games they own. 4k remasters of god of war series, uncartered series, last of us, ico, sotc, last guardian, spiderman and wipeout will bring in the money. they will prolly do a 8k and beyond...
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    Metro Exodus Is an Epic Store Exclusive

    honestly review shit bomb the previous games of devs that are going exlusives only on epic store.
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    Anthem Demo a "Clusterf*ck": Connection Errors, Loading Issues, and More

    oh boy the demo runs like dog shite on consoles, while on pc looks stunning you spend good amount of time doing things and stuff just disappears so you cant complete anything.
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    Companies Turn to Exoskeletons to Assist Factory Workers

    although these are cool and will help certain peeps carry out thier jobs. most regular folk would be better of on a good strength (not muscle building) building program.
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    Microsoft Wants to Know How It Can Improve Windows 10 PC Gaming

    allow lan co-op for games like gow4/forza/hcc etc. right now i can play either on xbonex or pc but not the same time against my kids unless i buy an extra copy
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    there still a market for usb pocket dac/amp which is why there arnt any usb c cabled head/earphones
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    Slightly Mad Studios Reveals the Final Design of the Mad Box

    looks like an alienware designer was given lsd while designing it. either way its gonna tank harder than the 3DO or the badly advised "steam machines"
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    What Remains of Edith Finch Is Free on the Epic Games Store

    well no one would have an issue if the exclusives epic store games were available on the other stores. the cut they are giving the devs is good but tieing games to their store is wrong. they way epic are going about it is wrong
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    Ubisoft Creates Exclusive Partnership with Epic Games to Sell The Division 2

    i get the hate peeps have for steam and valve but pc games as exclusives for a single store front is just not on. just dont buy these games end of its the only way they will listen.
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    Harley Davidson Reveals the Pricing and Specs of Its "Livewire" Electric Motorcycles

    my only gripe with E-motorcycles is the noise they make there must be a way to make bikes make a sound similar to gas based bikes rather than the " wurring" of motors
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    Anthem: 15 Minutes of Lost Arcanist Gameplay

    had a go at the recent alpha and all i can say is it was meh , very much like destiny 2/warframe but alot more bland
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    Square Enix President Says Streaming Is the Future

    just a way for them to make more money. but they would need to be "in bed" with various isp's to make it work properly. even then it wont be perfect. they are looking at tv/movies and music streaming services but when it comes to games and more specifically mp games its a different ball game...
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Made Close to $10 Million Last Year

    he has done well for him self, but paying to watch someone game? wouldnt that time be better spent playing any game even fortnite?
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    Kansas Wants to Unload $10 Million in Unused Computer Equipment

    why not just dont they justdonate most of the hardware which could be used for schools or other community projects
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    Halo Infinite Might Feature RPG Like Mechanics

    not liking this move. even for kids halo is the goto game when they just cant be arsed with faff of the other games. MCC along with perhaps minecraft and rocket league are the most pld games in my library. the franchise is based on an inter galatic war and blowing shite up you dont need any...
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    Mass Effect Andromeda 1 Year Later

    still gotta finish masseffect 2 and 3. not sure i want to any more
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    The Walking Dead: The Final Season Is Now an Epic Store Exclusive

    dick move by skybound. also hearing it wont end up on google play, bt on something epic is working on for android. tencent is baaaad for gaming
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    Discord Store Announces 90/10 Developer Revenue Split

    i have a nasty feeling this digital store price war will come and bit the devs in the arse some how. valve/epic/ea etc wont be able to keep dropping the the cut they take.
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    Some Epic Store Games Are Pushing Back or Scrapping Steam Releases

    valve needs to match epic when dealing with devs. but at the same time games like meatboy have had a steam page for a while and its crap move when doing a delayed release. also with epic you also get tencent.
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    DOOM Co-creator John Romero Teases New Game

    i hope its a simple back to basics death match game with decent maps. alot of fps games these are just too much of an arse grind, i miss the simple games you could hit for 5-10 mins then drop it.
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    The Steam Link App Is Now in Beta on Raspberry Pi

    you know just had a thought, pi zero inside a steam controller or any other controller should make for a fun steam link project
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    The Steam Link App Is Now in Beta on Raspberry Pi

    there was a guide not long ago in an issue of magpi back issues are free to down load, if you find the issue helpful support them by buying an current issue or to via the app
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    The Steam Link App Is Now in Beta on Raspberry Pi

    perfect now that the link hrdware is no more. also guys with nvidia cards should seriously check out moonlight for the pi
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    Netflix Cancels Marvel's Daredevil

    enjoyed Daredevil alot, and iron fist kinda reddemed itself in s2. damn shame they wont be continuing any of the series it was clear they were heading towards another big defenders series. i guess disney wernt to keen on the mature side of things, just too much pointless sex at various points...
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    You Can Kill Sean Bean in Hitman 2 Now

    was on my shopping list due to the sean bean inclusion but i am not going to buy now as i am still playing playing rdr2 and spiderman atm.
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    NVIDIA Gives the Bird to All RTX Early Adopters

    i dont own a rtx card yet, but nvidia needs to wake the fuck up